I There’s about 5 things I want to cover, and I will get to them all today, cause I feel like putting in some work. First off, let’s talk about the bullshit coming from Rami Ismail’s (Vlambeer) mouth and Twitter account lately. Some screens came out from a recent conference he’d done, and they didn’t paint him in a very flattering light. So, today he came out on Twitter and basically doubled down on what he said at the conference. All I could think about the whole time was how this anti-consumer, “devs don’t need to be gamers” viewpoint went against everything Satoru Iwata had preached over the years. I wasn’t alone. Many others made the comparison as well, and it’s illustrated well by this juxtaposition:1 2

Here’s some more of Rami’s conference work and reaction:



1 2

You don’t have to pander or treat your audience? I can see why so many of your friends are rapidly joining the ranks of the unemployed, Rami. It’s talks like your that are sending them there. I guess you have a small amount on talent, so you’re able to stay afloat. Like I read on Twitter, “Rami’s the best dev out of the anti-gamers, make of that what you will.” So, he’s able to make a decent living. Big fucking deal. Your compatriots are failing left and right. They will continue to do so just as long as they spit in the face of the paying consumer.

I will say one thing for Rami, though. At least he doesn’t use the blockbot, and he usually engages in debate. That’s a lot more than can be said for 99% of our detractors, so I would be an asshole if I didn’t point it out. That doesn’t mean he’s not dead fucking wrong, but still, tip of the cap for that bit. He’s right in one way: if he can stay in business, he can say and do whatever he wants. But he will always be some niche hipster pseudo-intellectual phony…not that there’s anything wrong with that if you’re Rami Ismail. He seems to be doing OK. But all those friends I mentioned are going belly-up, and his drunken friend Leigh Alexander has been exiled to obscurity. We’ll see how long you last, buddy.


UPDATE: Here’s the full presentation:

  1. Curious, were those Tale of Tales tweets from before or after they tanked? Makes sense either way; I suppose.

    1. Those tweets were made after Sunset failed spectacularly and they announced they were leaving game development. Even the hipster assholes that game was aimed at couldn’t be bothered to buy it. A massive 4000 units sold, what a spectacular failure.

  2. I would be very reluctant to give any money to the maker of a product who didn’t have any interest in the product themselves. Would you hire a plumber who has an outhouse at his home?

  3. The tipping of the hat for Rami not using the blockbot is like tipping your hat at a cannibal for no eating babies…







  5. “I sincerely doubt there is, but I’m dying to know, because he cant
    literally be that fucking stupid and that obtuse, can he? I mean…can

    1. He actually hasn’t made any; he’s just the mouthpiece for Vlambeer. The only game of theirs I’m familiar with is Luftrausers.

  6. Don’t make games for people who play games. Make games for people who blog about how evil games are.

  7. “Anyone of those people have the potential to ruin the great community of our games”

    What an ASS-HAT.

  8. Another one for the boycott list then. Vlambeer will soon find that the “Fuck customers” business strategy is not very profitable.

    Even EA at least has the audacity to lie to you that they value their players. This is why high level corruption is much harder to uncover – the big publishers are not that stupid and we’re left to deal with these hipster twats.

  9. He said one true thing:

    “The customer is not always right”

    But that statement should ALWAYS be followed immediately by this:

    “But your customer is always a customer.”

    Thinking the 1st without without thinking the 2nd is pretty damn stupid.

    SAYING the 1st in public and in front of your peers and/or customers is so fucking arrogant and spiteful that I’m at a loss for an appropriate term to describe him….

    1. I remember someone telling me this: That frequently, not only is the customer wrong, he’s also an ass. However, he has money, and you want his money. So until the point where it starts to -cost- you money, you put up with him.

  10. Most developers put up with sh!t pay, frequent firings/layoffs, and stressful work hours/overtime just to have the opportunity to work on video games. They could very easily find MUCH better/safer work in other industries, but no they stick to game design because they are FUCKING passionate about gaming.

    These wonderful motherfuckers are the reason the industry still has a few gems every now and then sprinkled in with the direct from the factory AAA games, and hell, even in those AAA games you’ll still find most people very much identify with gamers.

    It’s odd how he seems proud that he is NOT a gamer. Someone who is passionate about their work will be able to push the medium forward with new or innovative ideas (something their types like to claim they are doing) in ways that someone who can give two sh!ts about it never could.

  11. You don’t have to pander or treat your audience? I can see why so many of your friends are rapidly joining the ranks of the unemployed, Rami. It’s talks like your that are sending them there. I guess you have a small amount on talent, so you’re able to stay afloat. Like I read on Twitter, “Rami’s the best dev out of the anti-gamers, make of that what you will.” So, he’s able to make a decent living. Big fucking deal. Your compatriots are failing left and right. They will continue to do so just as long as they spit in the face of the paying consumer.

    Vlambeer stays afloat because Rami has exactly 0 real influence over their games. Despite being a co-founder he’s a PR talking head, nothing more.

    Programing, art, concepts, all handled by other people.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sent to all these hipster circle-jerks because that means he’s far away from any sort of decision making.

    1. I know this would be unfair to the people working for him, but I say it’s high time we crash this fuckers boat. I think causing his business to crash because of him and him alone would make a great deal of people mad at him.

      Let his arrogance be his undoing.

  12. It should be noted that well no, you don’t HAVE to be a gamer to make games, it certainly helps to know where your fucking audience is coming from. Non-Gamers making games is why we have piles of trash like Sunsent and Gone Home that are hated by gamers and loved by brain dead slacktivists who hate gamers and don’t play games.

    Games like the two mentioned above are based solely around a heavy handed and terribly forced political message and while it’s true that you can put in a political message into your games if you want, you gotta realize you can’t sacrifice the most important elements in doing so: Fun/entertainment and mechanics. I’d argue you don’t NEED a story to make a game, but it helps. Gone Home lacks any sort of real mechanic or entertainment value and on top of that, every account I’ve heard that isn’t from an SJW says the story was terribly written as well. The “game” has no redeeming qualities. THAT is the result of non-gamers and SJWs making games.

    It’s insane that these people, who hate games and gamers, would try to get into the gaming industry to make games, but not for gamers, while they trash gamers and gaming. This isn’t shooting yourself in the foot, it’s amputating both legs and expecting to win a race.

    1. The target audience for Sunset, the brain dead slacktivists as you put it couldn’t even be bothered to buy or play the game. It makes you wonder what deludes these people into believing they could ever be game developers.

      1. Exactly! “I hate gamers, but I’m going to make games with political agendas and messages for other non-gamers to play, which they won’t, so I’ll bitch and moan about how much gaming and gamers suck because they like fun and my game wasn’t fun.” These people really need to get over themselves. It’s their arrogant, smug “I’m better than you because I CARE about stuff” attitude I hate the most.

        It’s like those people who think they’re better than you and act all smug because “you just don’t get it.” I fucking hate that shit, I even got that from a friend because I didn’t like Bioshock Infinite.

    2. Gone Home’s problems were compounded by a Steam blurb that was, bluntly put, extremely misleading. It tried to play itself up as a supernatural puzzle/exploration mystery (I guess, akin to Myst), but as people have commented, it was a walking simulator.

      Then you get into the whole bait and switch where it goes from ‘woo woo supernatural horror’ to a story about a lesbian love affair. Hooray. (/sarc) Again, the problem isn’t the subject matter — it’s that you’ve completely misrepresented what the hell the game WAS. No wonder these hipster indie types were throwing fits over the new Steam refund policy.

      1. Exactly right. The only way they can get people to purchase their games is by tricking the consumer into purchasing them.

    3. It should be noted that, in particular with Sunset, they could have make something truly special… if they had two protagonists. The black cleaning lady and someone in the rebellion, maybe her boss Gabriel I think his name was. That would have given a really nice story and a game well worth playing, in my opinion.

  13. I had to look these assholes up because I have never heard of them. What a shock to learn they are Dutch developers who make nothing but shitty low budget mobile games. Never gave these twats a penny of my money and I never will.

  14. You know, I can understand the idea of game developers being too busy to spare any time to actually play games. However, if they’re a gamer at heart, to paraphrase Iwata, then they should be able to understand perfectly well what makes a game fun and what target audiences might expect in a game. Needless to say, it’s something these SJW assholes fail to do on a regular basis.

    I also gotta lol at his quote about making games “for nice people”. As usual, the anti-GG side implying that gamers are not nice people, but furthermore, these “nice people” he talks about are likely self-absorbed hipsters who are the least likely to actually buy his game. Not to mention, these “nice people” are anything but.

  15. So that’s why Leigh Alexander was putting “Ridiculous Fishing” in her list of best games of the year.

    Super Crate Box (2010)
    Karate (2011)
    Serious Sam: The Random Encounter (2011)
    Gun Godz (2012)
    Yeti Hunter (2012)
    Ridiculous Fishing (2013)
    Nuclear Throne (in development/ early access)
    Luftrausers (2014)
    Space Murder (in development)

    I got Super Crate Box and Luftrausers for free and couldn’t play them for more than 5 minutes. No wonder this guy doesn’t want to appeal to gamers. He’s literally not making any games good enough to compete with anything we’re playing. This guy is barely even significant enough to be mad at lol. These games are all terrible.

    1. What list was this? Most hipster indie games of the year? I know it’s foolish to always chase after triple-A productions, but did she miss Shovel Knight?

  16. The only reason I own any of Rami’s shit games is because they came in bundles. I would never pay full price for his drek and if they come up again on the Humble Bundle he won’t be getting a share of the profits thanks to the sliders *winks in Sunset’s direction*. His company made the lowest rated Serious Sam game to date and from the looks of it, the least played. I hope he keeps talking like this because it will just put him right into the trash bin of gaming history, next to Tale of Tales.

  17. Glad to see we are a small group of loud assholes? How many people chat up here in support? Let alone the rest of the interwebs?

  18. As I have been saying since August: Games are a CONSUMER COMMODITY. If you expect to make MONEY in games and have a CAREER making them, then you NEED the CONSUMERS. This isn’t fucking rocket science. These disgusting hipster ideologues think they can redefine and take control of an industry which was never theirs in the first place and somehow people will magically just buy their NOT FUN games because… that’s all that will be allowed to be produced? Um… no. If these anti-consumer journos/devs/assholes got their way, the gaming industry would simply DIE, plain and simple. Which I secretly suspect is their overall intention since gaming is a bastion of freedom of expression, speech and thought and is a purely joyful exercise in escapism, which if Comrade Stalin and Comrade Marx taught these ideologues anything in their liberal arts studies, it’s that those values are BAD when you’re trying to establish control.

  19. Okay so a company that has made a handful of mobile games and was nearly sunk by someone cloning their 2 year old game. Yeah, thats a dev that has mastered the industry, Not Nintendo, not the Japanese company that without them there would be no gaming industry fuck them, we have two dutchmen who make high end versions of newgrounds games, they are the ones to ask

  20. It wont take long before he also joins the unemployment as the devs of Sunset. Who later complained that gamers didnt want to buy their game, even when their “friends” told them what kind of “game” gamers would like. They dont WANT our money.. they DEMAND it… like some fucking entitled spoiled brat wanting others to give them things they dont deserve. Ever had a spoiled litle brat walk up to you whille you eat icecream and demanding you give it to them…… and then starts to scream over and over for you to give it to them untill you raise your voice and they run away and come back with a parent. Thats how they are. they demand you to pay for their games, you refuse, they start talking shit, you shout at them back and then they run and come back with their sjw journo friends slandering you and all your friends for NOT wanting to buy their games… As if they deserve my money. They need to prove it first by making a game that will apeal to me. It doesnt have to be violent, it doesnt have to be bloody… it needs to be interesting to ME, not to them. Im NOT interested in playing a MAID, i dont care if she is black, asian, hispanic or trans… but i dont want to play a maid to some rich person. Or even play something where you walk around the apartmant of a rich person… looking at all his gold statues, pictures, books laying around. I dont want to do chores to some fictional rich person, i dont want to clean his big apartment…. If i wanted to do something like that… i would clean my OWN room. I do NOT want to play some excuse for a game where you do… regular things….. I dont want a booring reality of my own house… I want unrealistic adventures. I want to be in the shoes of someone doing something important. Not cleaning. I want to play a cop, i want to play a firefighter, a soldier, a criminal, a hero, a villain. Not a maid cleaning someones apartment 1 hour, once a week and snooping among his private stuff. If people wanted to play a game like that. we would have seen ALOT of those games out. Maid simulator. Hobbo simulator… Hipster wanabe sjw talentless indie dev simulator needs to be made. Or one about sjw using victimhood to get to the top and take over the world and turn people into pussified wimps.

  21. Just a minor devil’s advocate here. His slide that says “The customer is (not) always right (nor are you)” is a valid statement which you learn working in retail. It stems from this idea that regardless of what the customer says, they’re always in the right, even when they’re wrong. His statement there brings this clear, saying that while the customer isn’t always right, by the same token, the developer as well isn’t always right. (We only need look at “Infestation Survivor Stories” to see a dev that thinks they’re always right and the customer is always wrong. So while the guy may be a total kneebiter, it doesn’t change the fact that yes, he’s right in some of what he’s saying there.

  22. hmmm… on one hand there is Satoru Iwata (knowns and respected as Iwata-san, the 2nd President and CEO of nintendo one of the 3 biggest game companies on the planet who’s recent death was pretty much mourned by all gamers world wide) and on the other Rami Ismail (umm, who? oh, so pretty much a nobody in the industry in charge of a small indie studio) both are giving advice on game development however the advice conflicts, who’s advice do you follow?
    Helpful hint: Its Iwata-san

  23. I urge all people to boycott all current and future Vlambeer products! This disrespect to Iwata can not be forgiven. Iwata will live on as legend, this guy Ismail is shit on shoe.

  24. Yes, Ismail you need to do like Sunset devs: make games no one want to play, go bankrupt and fuck off!

  25. Fucking Rami. I thought Luftrausers was actually a damned fun game. Wasn’t that one made by Vlambeer?

    At least the asshole knows how to make a game, but I won’t shed any tears when he has Vlambeer pull a Tale of Tales and make some bullshit “art piece” like Sunset and cause the whole god damn company to go belly up.

    1. Already a minute in and it might be that I’m fucking exhausted from work today, but this making as much sense as kicking oneself in the balls.

  26. “make games for nice people”
    He’s really going to stand there and shit talk people he doesn’t know, has never met and has antagonised for a year and suggest *he* is the nice person/on the nice person’s side?

    There are PLENTY of good people that have remained ENTIRELY silent on gamergate.
    They are not dumb or ignorant, they cant possibly not see what has happened, and yet they remain silent and make content for all.
    A few of those were FORCED into an anti-sjw position by constant attacks from anti-gamers, but even they try to remain above it all.
    That I can respect, even if I would prefer them to pick “my” side.

    Rami, however, is a detestable little turd who I hope gets back all the karma he has sent out into the world times 3

  27. I removed nuclear throne of my wishlist. Never was on sale and I can see why. Fuck you Rami.

  28. Saying that you’re a developer and NOT a gamer is like saying you practice high-caliber medicine without a certificate or a day of medical practice. You don’t know your job, you shouldn’t be able to have one.

    Good-fucking-bye and may FSM have mercy on your soulless husk.

  29. Im pretty sure he isnt even a developer. He is part of a two man studio: Vlambeer.
    Ismail handles marketing and business, the other guy, Willem Nijman, is the developer.

    Willem does the game design and actual develoment, whilst Ismail handles business and marketing. Mostly paper pushing and industry networking I presume.

    There are two types of people in the dev world it seems: technical minded or creative types (programmers, artists, designers), and bussinesmen (corporate types). Ismail strikes me as the latter. It sems to me he has the kind of success he does because he has attached himself to someone who has talent and who is happy to take the backseat when it comes to taking credit.

    TLDR: Vlambeer´s games are good thanks to Willem Nijman, the guy who actually develops the games. Ismail is a businessman and marketer, not a game developer (and not a gamer either, judging by his recent statements). Maybe the games are successful thanks to Ismail´s marketing, but they are fun thanks to Willem.

    I might be wrong however. Maybe he does part of the development, but as far as I know its Willem who is in charge of that.

    1. Yeah, to be very successful you need Suits to keep the business running. But a good Suit will recognize that they don’t make games, they aren’t qualified to say how to make games, and that their job is to set the Devs up for success.

      A great game company is a partnership between creative types (Art, Writing, etc.), technical types (Programming, Mechanics, etc.) and business types (Accounting, Marketing, etc.)

      Of course, people can be more then one, but it’s rare to find someone who’s great at more then one.

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