Vocativ has spent the entire day blaming 4chan and GamerGate for Social Autopsy’s Kickstarter shutdown, but as it turns out, it was Hamburger Harper and her goon squad who did the reporting. I guess we shouldn’t expect much out of the media anymore, but this was a particularly shameful piece of reporting by Vocativ.


Big Randi Harper put out a cry piece over on Medium a few hours ago and took responsibility for the shutdown while also skewering Candace Owens, the Social Autopsy founder…

You blamed your Kickstarter getting shut down on trolls. You’re wrong. That was us. As long as you’re willfully harming other people by creating shitty uninformed products while kicking the shit out of anyone that tries to help you, we’re going to keep getting you shut down. You have created more work for me in the past 3 days, but I’d rather invest this time now, because if this bullshit doesn’t get nipped in the bud early, it’s just another fucking platform that I’m going to have to try to help protect people from in the future.

I left out all the shit she talked, because honestly who cares?

Well, OK, I guess this part is noteworthy…

My primary focus was systems, but I’ve had a pretty broad career and have filled most tech roles at some point, so I can speak to many aspects of the tech industry. I left my career to focus on online harassment after a domestic violence incident targeting my friend Zoe Quinn (yes, the woman you spoke to on the phone) escalated into the most publicly discussed online harassment campaign to date. I spoke out about this harassment, and in return, I was targeted as well. I wrote some code that blocked most of those people on Twitter, and in return, someone tried to kill me in an attempted SWATing. I’ve had to go into hiding. My own mother doesn’t know my home address. I know a little about what it’s like to be harassed online and how that harassment can escalate.

Apparently, thezoepost is now a “domestic violence incident.” To be fair, this nasty piece of work is hardly the first person I’ve seen claim that. After all, Randi Harper has never had an original thought during her time on this earth, unless you count dipping Kentucky Fried Chicken into her ice cream bowl as an original thought. Then again, I’m sure that had been done before too. Anyway, be careful, lads! Outing your ex-girlfriend for the serial cheater she truly is might get you labeled a domestic abuser in the future.

Oh, and someone tried to kill you, Randi? Give me a break. I’m still not even certain you really were swatted, but by your own account the officers didn’t pose any real threat to you at any time. So this is another unwarranted rhetorical flourish, i.e. a lie. That’s nothing new for you, of course. I’m just pointing it out for the record.

At the end of the day, we have a lying scumbag publication in Vocativ and a lying scumbag “online harassment expert” in Randi Harper. Two peas in a pod, indeed.

  1. LOL. Of course Harper wanted to nip this in the bud.

    1) It would cut into the profits that she and her friends Quinn and Scamkessian make as Professional Victims.

    2) It would expose Harper as the hypocritical bully she really is. Her page would probably take up half the site’s bandwith.

    1. Oh, she’s just pissed because she didn’t think of this first. Do you not think if she was behind this that she’d be any more determined to keep this going?

    2. Yeah, the conveniently ignored truth is that most of the people doing all the bad stuff are the ones that act as the good ones, that’s what happens when you have a corrupt media that treats you as their darling that can do no wrong and spins it all in your favour.

      I still don’t think this plan would have actually worked though, it would have just been like twitter or facebook “moderation”.
      They supposedly have rules in place to stop “abuse” and all that, but they apply them arbitrarily, they don’t apply them to people of the “right” opinions, while those with the “wrong” opinions get censored or banned just for sneezing.

      But the thought alone that someone could actually dig into their dirty business is probably scaring a lot of SJW.

  2. “A domestic violence issue” … someone needs to gouge the fucking cunts eyes out. I’ve had my absolute FILL of her bald faced lying. Quinn abused GJONI, not the other way around. This is all documented and she fucking admitted to it! And then she abused the legal system to have him gagged so he couldn’t defend himself while she ran hit after hit against him and then had to WITHDRAW her gag order because she was going to lose the case and was terrified of the precedent it would set (not to mention it would demolish her victim narrative). /sigh These people are evil.

    1. BTW, how has the Gjoni/Quinn issue been going lately? I don’t think I’ve heard anything out of it since she withdrew the gag order (which, as I recall, she mainly did because she knew she’d end up in even deeper shit if she didn’t).

    2. These people are fucking cretins, and the blind support they get is scary! Though it does seem that they are beginning to eat one another, something which I would PAY to see. I am surprised they don;t have real domestic violence groups after them, watering down that that awful experience is like, but then again, nobody flinched when they made the word rape meaningless did they? All their one-up victimhood will be their downfall. They will accuse the wrong person, and all their bullshit will come tumbling out of that packed tight and barricaded closet!

      1. They’re all too busy uncritically supporting one another to be concerned about whether or not the claims made by someone in their little world are actually true. Remember, these people are so ideologically motivated that they think a handful of false accusations are okay because so many accusations are real and that defending against false accusations hurts real victims (they can’t blame the false accusers because that looks like victim blaming to their warped world view).

  3. That fucking hacker 4chan is at it again!

    “someone tried to kill me in an attempted SWATing”
    hahahahahahah…..hahahahahahahahahaha gets me every time

    The only reason the hamburgler harper is a mad broAD about this is because she knows her pathetic name would be one of the first ones on the site AND it would be crowded with the very best of her hate filled quotes.

    I want to say I’m shocked that she didn’t let this ride on us, but taking credit for taking people or things down is right up her alley…

  4. She’s either foolish or arrogant (or both) to admit responsibility for what they’d call harassment, and then brag about it.

  5. I need popcorn! But if I eat too much I’d be as fat.
    One plus for the SJW crowd is you can gawk at the trainwreck with all the schadenfreude and not feel guilty.
    Look up Harper’s OAPI which typhoid Zoe was supposed to support with ASian yet only had one annoying open letter to ICANN (which I actually agreed with – DNS registrations ought not to require detail).

  6. Media lies, doesn’t care about facts, and ignorantly or intentionally missreports stuff as long as it gets to blame their favorite boogeymen?

    I’m shocked, just shocked.

    But jokes aside this is something fun to watch from afar, the ridiculousness is reaching new levels and any chance the SJW can show their true colors and their crazyness is a good show.

  7. SocJus appears to be going into remission, they always ate their own but now they seem to spend the vast majority of their time and energy eating their own. They’re in an internal drama feedback loop.

  8. Candace didn’t accuse quinn of “leading gamergate” she said she was “in the gamergate world” and “a victim of their abuse”. The phrase “gamergate world” translates to “she is one of those weird people who argue about gamergate, whatever the fuck that is, on twitter and are relevant because of it”

  9. Hahahahahahaha…somebody tried to kill her….bwahahahahahaha…

    The Borderline Personality Disorder is strong with this one.

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