Vocativ has spent the entire day blaming 4chan and GamerGate for Social Autopsy’s Kickstarter shutdown, but as it turns out, it was Hamburger Harper and her goon squad who did the reporting. I guess we shouldn’t expect much out of the media anymore, but this was a particularly shameful piece of reporting by Vocativ.


Big Randi Harper put out a cry piece over on Medium a few hours ago and took responsibility for the shutdown while also skewering Candace Owens, the Social Autopsy founder…

You blamed your Kickstarter getting shut down on trolls. You’re wrong. That was us. As long as you’re willfully harming other people by creating shitty uninformed products while kicking the shit out of anyone that tries to help you, we’re going to keep getting you shut down. You have created more work for me in the past 3 days, but I’d rather invest this time now, because if this bullshit doesn’t get nipped in the bud early, it’s just another fucking platform that I’m going to have to try to help protect people from in the future.

I left out all the shit she talked, because honestly who cares?

Well, OK, I guess this part is noteworthy…

My primary focus was systems, but I’ve had a pretty broad career and have filled most tech roles at some point, so I can speak to many aspects of the tech industry. I left my career to focus on online harassment after a domestic violence incident targeting my friend Zoe Quinn (yes, the woman you spoke to on the phone) escalated into the most publicly discussed online harassment campaign to date. I spoke out about this harassment, and in return, I was targeted as well. I wrote some code that blocked most of those people on Twitter, and in return, someone tried to kill me in an attempted SWATing. I’ve had to go into hiding. My own mother doesn’t know my home address. I know a little about what it’s like to be harassed online and how that harassment can escalate.

Apparently, thezoepost is now a “domestic violence incident.” To be fair, this nasty piece of work is hardly the first person I’ve seen claim that. After all, Randi Harper has never had an original thought during her time on this earth, unless you count dipping Kentucky Fried Chicken into her ice cream bowl as an original thought. Then again, I’m sure that had been done before too. Anyway, be careful, lads! Outing your ex-girlfriend for the serial cheater she truly is might get you labeled a domestic abuser in the future.

Oh, and someone tried to kill you, Randi? Give me a break. I’m still not even certain you really were swatted, but by your own account the officers didn’t pose any real threat to you at any time. So this is another unwarranted rhetorical flourish, i.e. a lie. That’s nothing new for you, of course. I’m just pointing it out for the record.

At the end of the day, we have a lying scumbag publication in Vocativ and a lying scumbag “online harassment expert” in Randi Harper. Two peas in a pod, indeed.