While I only caught the last 45 minutes of tonight’s vice presidential debate, it’s pretty clear that Mike Pence absoultely beat the hell out of Tim Kaine. Even most Democrats are admitting that, either through direct statements, or more indirect ones. For instance, many of them are complaining about Pence deftly dodging Kaine’s attempts to whack him over the head with Trump’s past comments. Part of winning a debate is engaging on your own terms, so of course they’re complaining about Pence in this regard. Plus, they have to say something since they can’t claim Kaine actually won.





People from all over the political spectrum saw the obvious: Tim Kaine got stomped. Honestly, I still don’t know why Hillary picked him at all, other than a desire to play it safe. There can be such a thing as playing it too safe, though. By the way, I usually don’t think VP debates mean much, but some of the (very) early polling following this contest seems to be saying otherwise. Only time will tell, but it’s always better to win that it is to lose. Unless you’re CNN, then Pence did so well that it was “too good.”

Nothing like that Clinton News Network spin.