Late last night, a column from CNNMoney was shown to me. It was yet another puff piece for Brianna Wu, although maybe it would be more accurate to call it a cry piece. She goes on and on about how Twitter and Reddit have failed, recites some death threat stats, and generally spews raw sewage everywhere, as usual. Why do people keep giving a platform to this deranged individual? Well, she’s telling a story they want to hear, for one. It doesn’t matter if it’s true. I’ve had a couple death threats myself, but I don’t use it to pump myself up. Shit happens to every public figure on the Internet.

Anyway, here’s some actual quotes from the article:

In the past nine months, Brianna Wu has received no fewer than 108 death threats. The majority of these have come through Twitter.

That’s why Wu, a video game developer, is calling for websites and law enforcement to starting taking action so the Internet becomes a safer place for women.

Wu heads up Boston-based gaming startup Giant Spacekat and has been targeted by a group known as Gamergate. Gamergate’s vitriol is typically aimed at women like Wu who are seen as disrupting the traditionally male gaming industry…

“If you run a website where people can congregate, you have a moral responsibility to make sure that community is not harassed,” Wu said in a keynote at the BlogHer conference in New York City on Saturday. “Twitter has completely failed. Reddit has completely failed.”

“They’ve really reached a point where their users are just so toxic. I’m unsure they can change that without destroying the entire company,” Wu told CNNMoney.

Wu is an expert in toxicity, but I will have to reject her findings here. Rarely do you see a more slanted article, even considering all the lies that have been told about us. They mention death threats and then go right into GamerGate discussion, thereby linking the two in the reader’s mind…even though there has been zero evidence to show GamerGate is behind any sort of violent threats. As far as “targeting” goes? Well, she made herself and her background a reasonable topic of discussion once she started trashing gamers and the gaming industry. Don’t want people to go through your shit and highlight the inaccuracies and your shady past? Then keep your lies and slander to yourself. It really is that simple.

They did get one thing right, though:

I guess Brianna needs some more Patreon dollars. I’m sick of the media treating Wu like a valid spokesperson. She makes Anita look like a legitimate figure, and that’s hard to do. Although, to be fair, at least she has made a shitty game before. So, I’m not sure. I’ll leave it to the people. Who is more relevant between Anita & Wu? This is just a discussion starter, since they’re both awful and full of shit. But I’m curious to see what everyone thinks.

I’ll be back with more in a flash, cause I got a lot to say today.


UPDATE: Couple more follow-ups on Wu. Now I’m done…