For the past year now, Gamergate has thrived on many different levels as far as gaming is concerned. Recently Brianna Wu, the head of Giant Spacekat studios, and creator of the game Revolution 60 co-wrote an article titled: Metroid’s Samus Aran is a Transgender Woman. Deal With It. Now if you’re like me and you can smell an agenda a mile away, you’ll be sure to know that’s what this article was—an agenda—that she intended to capitalize on drastically. In the article, Brianna elects to say that Samus Aran of Nintendo’s Metroid series is a transgendered woman, and that was that.

In the body of the post, she states that when J.K. Rowling said that Dumbledore of the Harry Potter was gay that was the end of the discussion. Honestly? We can accept that because J.K. Rowling wrote the character and the story. Brianna Wu did not write Metroid, or work at Nintendo, ever. Of course the article was met with harsh criticism, and even more come when Wu published the follow up piece: Well, that escalated quickly: A Samus follow up was launched two days later.

This time Wu was on the defensive, and she came out guns blazing at her critics she labeled “Geeks.” I should tell you it comes as no surprise to hear Wu lecture her audience as if she’s a wise cricket giving great wisdom from the mountain peak. She says that gamer’s reactions about the possibility that Samus could be Transgendered is very important.

Wait a second, didn’t you confirm in the article just 24 hours prior to your follow up that Samus is transgendered? Hmm…strange.
She begins to unravel early in the piece by stating that:

I Google searched the arguments, saw that there was no mainstream periodical written about them, and decided to write Ellen Mcgrody to see if she wanted to compile her best argument for it.

She passed me a 1,200-word document with impeccable sourcing, and did a rewrite pass on it framing it in emotional, accessible terms so lots of people would read it.

And lots of people did. Unfortunately, many of them proceeded to aggressively attack the two of us.

She claims that the blowback she and Ellen Mcgrody received weren’t about the merits of the arguments they were making, but rather it was about “geeks” not being able to accept the idea that Samus could be transgender. This was not, and still is not true. The blowback was because she was disingenuous to people.
Let’s clear a few things up about this section really fast folks. I’m going to call this:

Debunking Brianna’s Bravado on Samus

Let’s start at the beginning, with the byline. Brianna Wu’s name is first on both pieces concerning the debate gamers have with this issue. She didn’t do anything other than tighen up the story, and dress it up to look more presentable. She said it herself:

I did a rewrite pass on it framing it in emotional accessible terms so lots of people would read it

She was only ever interested in the clicks and ad revenue that was generated from the article. She never cared about the opinions that would be come during the backlash, or the sincere confusion that it would generate for fans of Metroid. Moving right along, she used two sources for the article that she calls impeccable: A copy of Nintendo Power, and that guy’s statement on New Half for Samus. That’s it. I don’t know about you, but I’d have more than two sources before I came out with something about a franchise character everyone knows about globally. But the article did its job, and very well. It got over 10K views, shares, likes, RT’s etc. Ellen Mcgrody and Brianna Wu became transgender and feminist heroes…for about 5 hours.

Once the article went south, Brianna Wu did what she does best: Bail with the only parachute. Ellen Mcgrody was left to defend herself alone, while Brianna Wu claimed in her follow up piece that she only assisted in the creation of the article. She didn’t actually involve herself beyond touching it up and presenting it to The Mary Sue. Now obviously, because The Mary Sue is a crap outlet, and wouldn’t dare let one of their own (fellow feminists) be harassed, they moderated the comments so you’ll never see what people had to say in protest.

Ellen McGrody is left to the firing squad

Once Brianna Wu realized that she needed to play damage control, she left Ellen McGrody to be shot alone. Fans weren’t nice to her, at all. She was up for over 15 hours dealing with the trolls and harassment the entire time, and Brianna refused to acknowledge that she was having a hard time.

It was so bad that at one point, Ellen ranted saying that everyone’s fav characters were trans and that was that! It’s quite understandable that she was upset, more so at Brianna than anyone else. Honestly I’d never work with her again.11951200_819506228148789_8903100793341350928_n

We get thrown into the Samus situation

Honestly I didn’t even see myself getting involved in the dog fight over Samus with The Gaming Ground, since we reached out to Brianna Wu and Nintendo for comment on the situation. Nintendo responded within 24 hours, Brianna Wu didn’t. I found myself reading an article by Jef Rouner of the Houston Press about Samus titled: Why Entitled Male Gamers Can’t Stand Critiques of Samus Aran.

For those of you who don’t know, Jef Rouner is a hack journalist. He went after or Editor in Chief Robin for his piece on Tifa Reinhart in Final Fantasy Vll. It was a blatant attack on his opinon and nothing else, if you read that piece you’ll see. And just as it was then, this was an attack for clicks on his article.

(He also sent a picture of his young child to the notorious pedo Sarah Nyberg in order to “cheer her up.”)

I’m deeply ashamed to say I fell for it, and commented on the article, which led to many others commenting and allowing him to have more shares on it as a result. Brianna Wu actually got involved and commented on the article as well, and that’s when things went from bad to worse.

I sent a private email to Wu stating that she should apologize to McGrody, to us the fans, and the rest of the world for fabricating a story with no ground to stand on. She didn’t like that, at all. She had her system admin contact Robin (at The Gaming Ground) and state that she wouldn’t comment on his question he’d asked her over a week ago about. It doesn’t matter, we don’t care.

Now if you go read that article, you’ll notice how it’s a polished version of Brianna Wu’s article, including some of the same screen captures as well. Coincidence? Of course not. You see, after Brianna had the massive backlash she fell back onto what she always has: Screaming harassment and pointing at her Patreon button like it’s a life alert badge. Unfortunately, it worked. No one would have had a problem with Wu’s statement about Samus, if Samus was her intellectual property like Dumbledore is J.K. Rowling’s. Or if Wu was the creator of Samus or designed her—fine—no problem! But she isn’t the owner of Samus, so yes—we had issue with it. Guess what? We still do! And no, it’s not transphobic because we can’t imagine her as transgender.

Brianna Wu has had a wakeup call finally and it’s not necessarily the good kind. I’ve never backed down from a challenge. She lives on Twitter and constantly libels people. All you have to do is search her archives and you’ll see it’s all there.  Follow the money, and it all becomes clear as a bell. And that bell is resonating in our hearts, ready for fans to strike it until it lets freedom ring, and destroys the bullshit Brianna Wu fills the ether with

Give us your thoughts in the comments, and share this article if you believe in it.

  1. First step : Stop calling him she. He’s John Sykes, “changed” genders when he got into gaming and uses that card to get attention.

    1. Like Mr Garrison said in South Park “I’m not really a woman, I’m just a guy with a mutilated penis.” And every time I hear about wacky Wu or dog botherer Butts I can’t help but think of that line.

      Next thing you know people will be saying it’s ok to have a negroplasty or a dolpinplasty and that it’s a perfectly normal state of affairs.

      1. It will definitely be that way. Like the anti-racist leftards need racism for not becoming irrelevent these folks need discrimination to stay relevent. Without it all these “freedom fighters” would be useless and once the trans issue is solved, what do they do next? They have no other choice but to find something else.

        No discrimination = No attention
        No Attention = No $$$

        Lets ask a famous man about discrimination:

        1. Morgan Freeman just talked more sense in that short clip than the whole of Hollywood has in decades. I knew I liked they guy and that just made me like him more.

          1. Morgan Freeman always did. That is why so many people love the guy, he always spoke his mind no matter what.

          2. humanity needs a level of cloning where we can perfectly replicate people, the world needs a few extra morgan freeman’s, einstein’s, and hitchen’s just to name a few.

          1. The best quote: “stop talking about it”.
            Why is the titanic disaster not so shocking anymore? Cause people stopped talking about it. Same goes to racism bu tax I said these motherfuckers (see shaun king) need racism to not be swept into obscurity (where they belong.)

  2. Since I was blocked (for whatever reason) on breitbart I will place my comment here:

    This Jef Rouner nugget is your typical SOCJUS-moron. This guy is so bad he makes Luke McKinney (another cracked writer. if you don’t know who he is: be glad!) look like Joseph Pulitzer.

    He was the one responsible for that smear piece that said there where only 14 playable black women thorugh all of VG-history. He purposely ignored fighting games, sport games and licensed games. We called him out on twitter. What did he do? Called us racists and blocked us like the coward he is.

    Thank god this nugget doesn’t have any power. Fullmcintosh is dumb but this guy is a completely braindead shitstain.

    The idiot would have sent a picture of his daughter to Ian Watkins too because “a rockstar can’t be a criminal”. #SJWLogic

  3. The whole trans Samus situation pissed me off. And how stupid is Ellen to think that she has any sort of creative control over characters that don’t belong to her? This is why we have established canon with every series, so retards can’t change shit because they say so.

    Speaking of Wu, I can’t fucking stand that fucking emaciated zombie looking mother fucker. Every time her name comes up, it’s always some god damn drama and her getting money for it. I realize those of SocJus are brain dead fucks, but how have they not caught on to her schemes yet? She comes out like clockwork every couple months with new drama, new claims of harassment and always gets money for it.

    Anyways, yeah follow the money. Isn’t that what IA said in his final message to GamerGate? Money is power and power corrupts, follow the money and you’ll find the corrupted and the source.

    1. And McGrody didn’t even have the guts to publish that shitpiece alone. But I’m glad she chose the famous backstabber Wu (of all people) to be her partner in crime.

      She must have thought: “if I write it, people will believe it”. Yeah, because we all saw how believable the media is over the last year. Haven’t we?
      What did she expect? E-Fame? She is already an unknown again while Wu is still the infamous turd she always was.

      Also even if the designer was meaning trans when he used the term “newhalf”. He was just a background designer. The person that have a say in that are the creators.

      1. It wasn’t just that, these idiots are interpreting his usage of “newhalf” completely out of context. I forget what the exact quote was, but wasn’t he merely saying that Samus has better odds of being a newhalf than an even more ridiculous idea which was proposed to him? But apparently, Wu and her cronies took this to mean absolute confirmation that she is a newhalf. It’s like taking the term “I’d rather gouge my eyes out than have to look at Wu’s ugly mug” and using that to determine that the speaker already gouged their eyes out when their eyes are fully intact.

        1. Yeah, it was something like that. Yoshio Yakamoto was also asked if Metroid would ever come to PS2 and he answered: “thats as likely as samus being a transvestite”.

          They are also too dumb too realize that the term “newhalf” didn’t even mean trans in the 90’s. Especially not in japan. I think it still doesn’t stand for being trans over there but I’m not sure.

          These hipsters are the kind of people that think japan looks like in anime and everyone is an otaku. I once found a great article written by an american who lives in japan for over 10 years and tells how it really is.
          For once japanese people are not much different then we are. The culture is different but this “KAWAII!!!” bullshit is not everywhere as they believe. Also not everyone in japan likes anime and DDR. No wonder the phrase “Gaijin” exists.

          It’s people like Wu and the other SJ-asshats thinking they know shit yet they know nothing outside of the US. GG has a lot of german supporters even its own GG website yet these idiots think its US only.

          1. Oh yeah, Metroid being on the PS2. That’s what it was…. and yeah, to be fair, Samus being a trans actually would be more likely than expecting one of Nintendo’s oldest and well-renowned franchises ending up on their rival’s console (not that Samus actually is trans, in case some retard SJW wants to take my statement out of context).

            I’ve been to Japan myself. People aren’t kidding when they say that anime isn’t a mainstream thing even over there. Outside of Akihabara and the Comic Market convention site, the majority of public advertisements and public service announcements and whatnot featured pictures of Disney and Peanuts characters. The most “nerdy” thing I probably saw were some subways featuring posters of the then-upcoming release of Pokemon Black and White (and a Manaphy giveaway at McDonald’s).

            Though, I wouldn’t get on the SJWs’ case for thinking Japan is a land where passion towards anime is freely expressed everywhere. After all, a lot of people seem to have that misinterpretation. If anything, I’d like it if SJWs had such a misconception; it’s actually a step up from their current misconception of Japan being this ass-backwards country where rape is allowed and women have no place in society if they’re not subservient to an abusive man.

          2. The good thing is that Karma does exist and in 2015 they got a big load of it. Social “Justice” is dying and in 10 years we laugh at them, to be fair we already do. Most damage to society has been done in america but it recovers.

          3. “These hipsters are the kind of people that think japan looks like in anime and everyone is an otaku.”

            You mean they aren’t at risk of getting tentacle raped or stomped into a two dimensional object by some ridiculously oversized lizard?

            Dammit, you had to go and ruin everything for me… 😛

            (Of course, even if it were like that they’d have to actually go somewhere other than for the next bag of cheesy poofs to be at risk for it in the first place…)

    2. Like I’ve said elsewhere, it’s not the first time this shit’s happened. They’ve tried it with Zelda/Sheik too and even when Nintendo came out and said she’s a woman disguised as a man they were still screeching transphobia. It shouldn’t have even needed to be said, because a Sheika Stone in the original N64 game states a rumor that she’s a Tomboy, which is a girl that dresses like a man.

      Samus has always been one of my favorite female characters. So what if zero suit has sex appeal, she’s tough, intelligent and just an all around badass. Anyone who’s a hardcore fan knows her connection with the Chozo, only people who don’t know shit about it would think that reference was about being trans and not about her infusion with Chozo blood.

    3. It’s funny to me because they say gender is a construct and we should tear down gender roles, but then want to rigidly enforce all manner of arbitrary genders, gender identifiers and if a female character is even REMOTELY “boyish” they demand she her transgender…. because no woman could ever just be a bit boyish, right?

      Add to that how easy it is to find fanfic/fanart that “isn’t canon”
      Female Link? You’ll find it in spades.
      Sexy female characters sporting MASSIVE erections? Fairly sure there’s a sizeable chunk of shitposters that will spam a feed with that all day.
      But unless you use the appropriate gender specific language, you’re a bigot. Because gender is a social construct…yeah…..

      1. This exactly, I always wanted to get an answer from any trans person to: “what is so intrinsically different about a man and a woman that you have to change your gender, what makes a man a man and a woman a woman besides the genitals?”. To this day, every trans person I asked didn’t gave me an answer. We all know there are effeminate men and boyish girls. I too was often called boyish, yet I never saw myself as not a woman, I simply acted and did the way it felt natural to me and if I were to get a sex change I would not be drastically different beyond the physical. It seems to me like a lot of trans people want to play the most rigid, basic stereotype, without realizing that what you enjoy and do, doesn’t have much to do with your gender. I mean ok, it’s more likely for a woman to end up being a school teacher then tech support but hell, we know that there are genders in both fields and you don’t really need to change to do what you like. Even if you are a man and you want to wear pretty dresses that’s cool, hell I love drag queens.

        If I was born a dude, with a brain that I have now, my life would be different in some aspects sure, but I would still be happy and content. While I do support trans people (like I would any other person) to live the way they want if they don’t harm anyone, I will probably never understand them.

        1. what is so intrinsically different about a man and a woman that you have to change your gender, what makes a man a man and a woman a woman besides the genitals?

          The brain:

          The stria terminalis has a segment that is massively sexually dimorphic.

          There’s a lot more sex differences in humans then most are comfortable admitting, some of them are in the brain.

          And when you have the brain & body conflicting on what biological sex they’re supposed to be then problems will show up.

          The best solution that doesn’t involve toughing it out is surgery to change the body to match the brain. It’s a crude solution but tech is advancing at an accelerating pace, so transitions will of course improve over time.

          And this is nowhere near how bad things can go wrong with people’s bodies.

          Look at fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva for example.

          1. The physical appearance of a brain does not relate to it’s function, that’s why phrenology isn’t in anymore. From what I have read, there are some general differences (like I’ve said) but it’s impossible to say which of those and in what measure are they truly innate. I have no issues with accepting that fact. There are some things that we can generally add to a certain gender (men being more physically agressive while women being more passive aggressive- which considering the adaptation because of the body difference makes sense), however despite these general difference we know that there are people who operate outside of that (effeminate men, butch women), and it’s not that small of a number. Despite that, those people have no wish to change their gender.
            I see no problem in admitting that men and women are generally different in some aspects, brain included. This however varies from person to person and is also generally subtle enough that it doesn’t drastically affect and changes ones life/personality. I’ve spend far more time with the opposite gender then my own and it gave me an insight into the fact that I do not feel out of place despite possible differences. Now, honesty time: I am feminine, dresses and heels and an ungodly amount of korean dramas, but I also cross-dress (lol), despite that, I never wanted to be a guy and I do not feel uncomfortable in my own gender.
            I fully realize trans people have a shitty problem to deal with, and I full realize it is hard for them, I often spoke in defense of them, and I support transitioning, but I do not think there is still a definite answer as to why the brain and body come in conflict and it seems to me it’s more that the mind and the body come in conflict. They want their bodies to look different, but hell how is that different from someone who wishes dearly to have a plastic operation unrelated to gender? Overweight people often too feel trapped in their bodies. I too have a “napoleon complex” and have even considered leg lengthening surgery ( but it would still leave the rest of my body small. I sometimes feel “trapped” in my tiny body, but in the end I realize that it doesn’t matter, I’m not gonna be a pro wrestler, and even if I wanted to be there is much more to life then being an Amazon. It seems to me that what trans people want, is a product of their perception of how society and people around them treat the genders, and that if we lived in the world where people are “blind to gender” they would feel at peace with the body they have. But what that means is that their wishes are not a product of the clash of brain and body but mind and society and body.
            From what I have read there is simply no deep answer connected to the human nature that regards trans people, most things mentioned are things regarding how they want to be seen physically and that they want to be able to wear dresses and make up (this is a gross simplification but it captures the root of what I’m trying to say). It’s hard to talk about this when neither you nor I are trans. The last time I talked to a trans person about this and asked the question the response was qoute:
            “Well it was a shot in the dark for me. I was drifting through life and I couldn’t picture myself as a woman, I remember having fantasies of being a guy and thought of many social situations that reflected that. Being male just being comfortable in my own body and I definitely am now” and it confirms what I’m saying that a lot of this wish to change comes from the society, not the person itself, they have this image of what dude behavior is and what girl behavior is and want to fit a basic example of what they learned a certain gender is even tho people are so much more then that basic example and vary in so much ways, they with their own transition actually confirm that gender identity is far more complex then simply being born or changing a certain way. But hell, maybe I am completely wrong or half wrong, another possibility is that the brain simply registers you as a different gender, the same way it registers that a phantom limb is still there and you can “feel it”, maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the mind and this doesn’t seem an unlikely possibility, but I’ve never seen a trans person who said that and all definitions include a word society in it.
            Sorry for the wall of text, I really love a good discussion and especially if I can learn something new trough it.

          2. The physical appearance of a brain does not relate to it’s function, that’s why phrenology isn’t in anymore.

            Actually the reason phrenology is dead is because A. The structure of the brain is far more complex & intertwined then the “here is the smart part of the brain, here is the dumb part” model that phrenologists were attempting to work off, and B. The structure of the brain doesn’t show up as bumps on the skull.

            another possibility is that the brain simply registers you as a different gender, the same way it registers that a phantom limb is still there and you can “feel it”

            There’s actually something like that, body integrity identity disorder.

            It seems like the most efficient solution is to remove the limb otherwise the patient will try to do it themselves.

            Because feeling like you have a corpses limb sewn onto your skin is not comfortable.

  4. “Tifa Reinhart”

    Lockhart. Her name’s Tifa Lockhart. Just pointing that out.

    Don’t really have much to comment on the article itself… really, it’s more or less the same stuff we already knew, that Wu’s a fucking mental patient and she had absolutely no ground to stand on in trying to make this radical claim and present it as fact. The fact that she left Ellen McGrody for dead is news to me, though it’s yet another thing we’ve sorta come to expect from these type of despicable people. I guess it is nice to know that when she authoritatively declared all our favorite characters to be trans and “that’s it”, she was probably doing so more out of frustration towards Wu than anything else… though, it still doesn’t make me look at McGrody in a better light, as she’s still partially responsible for starting this inane bullshit in the first place. McGrody, you’re not getting queer representation in gaming just because you say it to be so. Deal with it.

    Also, she brings up Vivian (likely the one from Paper Mario, assuming she’s not suddenly declaring Vivian James to be trans as well). Yet another sad example of SJWs not being satisfied with what they got.

  5. All this lesbian ideology is ever looking for is the “reactions.” In truth they are merely trying to confirm what they already “know”: that straight white men are innately racist, homophobic and misogynist. That is the default position of gay third wave feminism.

    McGrody lets the mask slip with her lunatic phrase “colonial binary.” That’s a pretty damn accurate summation of the fusion of race and gender which the third wave (intersectionality) is. They are obsessed with sexuality to the exclusion of all else except race. They firmly believe heterosexuality is a fake ideology created by men to oppress women and that if you take that fake “binary” away, more lesbians would pop up. That is what crazy queer theory feminists like Judith Butler and Adrienne Rich mean by “compulsory heterosexuality.” To say this entire hateful sociopathic ideology is fit only for a lunatic asylum is an understatement. They mean to undermine everything they can. That is what Anita Sarkeesian meant when she said in Sydney that her feminism doesn’t want equality in these “systems.”

    1. What’s wrong with Lesbians? Sometimes it can be fun to play with another girl, its not about an ideology, its about fucking. And most lesbians don’t care about men peroid, straight, gay, cis or whatever.

      You are refering to intersectional feminism, where I choose to put my tongue has nothing to do with political ideology.

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  6. And pieces like this makes me not like Wu more and more, good job Wu… keep writing boogus shit, it’s all about the money, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see the “Oh, and Quiet from Metal Gear is trans as well!” article! -_-

  7. I don’t think ellen understands that “I don’t care about cannon, I don’t care about authorial intent, I demand queer representation and I will subvert and try to take away your spaces” will have the exact opposite effect, oh wait SJW I forgot. seriously they just need to go and make their own G.D. spaces but if wu is the most creative one in the group I can see why they that doesn’t happen.
    yeah “X” is “Y” because I said so totally a valid point, totally not something from kindergarten, how in the name of the 7 sins and 7 virtues does a person like this get published?

  8. The first time I heard the name ‘Brianna Wu’ I immediately imagine some cute, tight little Asian nerd chick.

    Then I saw a picture of this monstrosity and couldn’t get an erection for three days.

  9. When you hear B. Wu”s name you can’t help yourself from thinking *Not this dumbass again*.

    It’s people like Wu that gives a bad picture of trans people indeed.

  10. Wu is just a terrible person all around. She emotionally abuses her employees and takes credit for their work as mentioned previously by former employees that were relieved to be out from under her complete dictatorship and authoritative regime.

    She considers every challenge of her opinions no matter how credible, polite or rational as harassment. She cries wolf so often that nobody really pays any serious attention to it. The most hilarious part of it all is the fact she’s the laughing stock on the entire gamergate movement to both sides. Even to Anti-gamergate, she has the lowest ratio of favorites and RT’s based on total followers out of the most prominent Anti GGers. I’m pretty good friends with someone that is very AntiGG and we agree to disagree on most the topics but one thing she’s very clear on is the fact that many of them greatly dislike Brianna Wu and consider her a terrible figurehead for their side. Apparently they even have a Skype group with dozens of people that completely ignore/block her on social media and just pretend she doesn’t exist (who wouldn’t want to pretend that – lol)

    Physically, well I think her appearance speaks for itself so I’ll reserve comment out of general respect for humanity. She does seem to tower over just about everyone I’ve seen her pictured with, and hopefully Ralph will see this comment because I know he’s seen her in person, Ralph how tall would you estimate she is? I’d guess a good 6’3″ or so. To me that’s the easiest way to 100% conclude from afar that she is trans. Please anyone let me know if you know the answer to this.

    Lastly, I work with a transgendered woman who is an awesome person all around and is a pleasure to see on a regular basis. We were working together on a project a few weeks ago and we were at a dining establishment waiting for a client for a dinner meeting and we were killing time, I had her read a few of Wu’s articles and several of her controversial tweets. She spent about 20 minutes reviewing everything and she jaw dropped and snickered several times. Her response, nearly word for word:
    “Wow, I’m utterly confused and mostly disgusted. I’ve identified as a woman for 8 years now and I’ve encountered several trans people like this (Wu). I attend support group meetings twice a month as I still have some difficult times as a trans person and the support group helps me work through that. Often times these types of people advocating for trans people are really setting us back, this is how I would label this person. She assumes she’s doing so much good but she’s really just pushing more people against us and making more of us feel lonely and secluded. Her alpha personality is a huge turn off and her “I’m speaking up for trans and women everywhere because they have been silenced” is just so problematic in many ways. I’m sure a few people have thrown in a few words of support towards her and her cause but I can’t help but think this is a classic case of ‘throw enough mud at the wall and it’s bound to stick in a few spots’.

    I saw a few of her tweets regarding trans statements, I facepalmed pretty hard. It gave this whole crooked politician soapboxing to a minority group pandering for votes vibe. Many of us are completely content with just explaining to our co-workers and friends about our own situations and just want to be treated like anyone else, that’s why I don’t have any push back and I’ve never been shamed or harassed by my friends and colleagues. There is no blanket right way to handle trans people because we’re not robots all set to one setting. Brianna Wu is expecting everyone to just take her opinion as the one and only right way. That’s absolutely the worst way to go about getting opposed people to start considering a different thought on the topic. Forcefulness has never gone over well in the history of the world, yet she’s so delusional, she thinks she’s moving mountains and doing so much good when in reality she’s digging valleys and burning bridges. It makes me wonder how much she’s actually delayed progress and respect towards the trans community.

    This makes me really sad but I try not to let people like this hurt me, I believe in educating people my way, and that’s on a personal level and one by one. Sadly, we’re always going to have people like this that have a false platform and speak for all of us when we’re fully capable of speaking up for ourselves. We just do it on our way which yields better results, not pushing the general public further away.”

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