The more I learn about Women, Action, & the Media (WAM), the less I like it. GamerGate was having free and open debate on Twitter for months. All of a sudden, the speech police from WAM showed up, and people like RogueStar start getting banned left and right. When you see the ties WAM has, it becomes less surprising why this is happening. Anna Holmes being on the board doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Her creation, Jezebel, is one of the most disgraceful sites on the entire Internet.

Sites like Jezebel have been at the forefront of pushing the radical feminist agenda. Listen and believe might as well be their motto. This is a place that pushed the Duke lacrosse fantasy. Woody Allen has been a target. Hell, ALL men are their targets, to be honest with you. Besides their man-hate, they also routinely push harmful notions of censorship. And perhaps worst of all, they’re massive hypocrites:

A friend of mine—a fabulous lady who is a published writer, teacher, and mental health advocate—had a personal experience with Jezebel a few years ago. Gawker posted a picture of her along with an explanation of her suicide attempt. Since she likes to work and have jobs and crazy unfeminist stuff like that, she wrote to Gawker and asked them to please take the harmful video down. She called and called; they ignored and ignored. Finally, she just went into the office to speak to them face-to-face.

Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“Just in case anyone is wondering just how evil Jezebel is, when Gawker bullied me for my suicide attempt, I wrote to Jezebel to tell them that I was going to the office to speak with the (female) editor about bullying the mentally ill. I told them that as feminists, I thought they’d be interested in seeing a woman stand up for other women with mental illnesses. They forwarded my email to the Gawker editor, and she printed it out and waved it in my face when I came in.”

To recap: My friend is an unapologetic rocking feminist with balls of steel. Jezebel is a gossip rag run by snarling, hypocritical shrews. They do not care about women, they care about themselves. So why are we paying attention to them? Why are we sharing their links?

This is only the very tip of the proverbial iceberg. You could literally write a book on the evil that Jezebel has propagated (my own compilation starts today, with this article). They’re still doing it right now, and will continue to do so for as long as Gawker Media is standing. All we can do is attack the sponsors of these hate sites, while simultaneously building up our media, and shining a light on their activities. When WAM shows up out of nowhere, and starts to silence people like RogueStar, it’s not an accident. I wouldn’t be surprised if this attack on speech wasn’t coordinated in the Jezebel offices. Seems like a nice way to get the Cayman Crook‘s attention, perhaps for a future promotion (or Christmas bonus).

I know one thing: these bastards aren’t going to silence me. I’ve had a slow couple of days, but it has nothing to do with this SJW campaign. My uncle passed last week, and I’m in Memphis with my aunt. It’s only further strengthened my resolve. These lunatics can only win if we let them win. Never stop fighting. Keep the emails rolling. I plan to keep my GamerGate flag flying as high as I possibly can. Jezebel-backed WAM, or not, we won’t stop bringing you stories and commentary about these losers. It’s too important to stop now.

I’m just getting started, and so is GamerGate.