Back in the fall, we used to see more interaction from figures who had made a name for themselves outside of the gaming industry or the journo rags.  Sometimes, these even included real celebrities like Josh Wheedon or Seth Rogen. They were still wrong as fuck, but at least you knew who they were. Today, some washed up hack named Graham Linehan trashed GamerGate. I realize some of you know who he is, but I called him a second tier international for a reason. I watch a lot of foreign television, and I’ve never heard of the fucker.

I had heard Father Ted was decent in the past, though I still had no idea who Graham Linehan was. So I think I’ll pick that up and sample it later tonight, after I catch up on NJPW.


Mr. Linehan’s antics on Twitter have at least been highly amusing. Shoe0nhead has been blowing him out repeatedly, as many others. What’s really funny in her case is, dumbass Graham had the nerve to repeat the anti-GamerGate line that our women supporters are fake. Most of them have even stopped using it, since we’ve proven it wrong thousands of times. But you still have special idiots like Graham Linehan who come along every so often and dust the mothballs off that totally discredited talking point.

Here’s some more select cuts. It’s still happening as we speak haha. Gotta love Twitter (OK, you don’t have to. I’m hooked). Also, note the absolute hypocrisy of this clown. Our enemies are repeatedly done in by their own inconsistencies. The man appears to be a virulent misogynist, for fuck’s sake:

Yea, that does have a nice ring to it, Cao.  Linehan has some deep-seated issue with the fairer sex. Perhaps that’s why he’s so angry all the time? He spends his days spreading lies about consumer revolts rather than trying to get his career out of the massive slump it’s in. I can’t imagine he’s going to turn it around, at this rate. He’s definitely not going to turn this Twitter debacle around. The hits are still coming in on the lying piece of shit. He’s taken to blocking people now lol. Maybe he should reach out to Big Randi Harper for some guidance.

Welcome to GamerGate, Graham. We hit back.