I always knew that my recent run-in with the law would make some headlines once it was revealed to the masses. I must say, though, I never thought it would be featured in The Washington Post. But, today it was. A journalist who works for their site contacted me today and asked if I was willing to talk about the recent controversy I’ve found myself embroiled in. I then decided that I would go ahead and talk to the guy. Of course, I recorded everything that was said, although I’m not sure if I will release it or not. The article itself was sort of fair, minus a couple things I take issue with.

First off, here’s the post (archive in case of paywall) from Justin Wm. Moyer

Gamergate activist charged with assault on officers, public intoxication in Virginia

A Virginia man known for his association with the alt-right movement and the Gamergate scandal has been charged with assault on law enforcement and public intoxication.

Loudoun County deputies responded at 6:45 a.m. Aug. 27 to the Hampton Inn in the 22700 block of Holiday Park Drive for the report of an intoxicated man asleep on a couch in the lobby, a spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said. The hotel is near Dulles International Airport.

Deputies approached the man, later identified as Ethan O. Ralph, 30, of Richmond, and tried to wake him, but the man became combative and tried to walk away before resisting arrest and taking a swing at a deputy, the spokesman said.

Ralph, editor-in-chief of the Ralph Retort, a conservative news website, was charged with public intoxication, obstruction of justice and two counts of assault on law enforcement. He remained in jail until Wednesday, when he was released on $3,500 bond.

In a telephone interview, Ralph declined to discuss the incident but said he was resuming his duties at the Ralph Retort, which publishes articles such as “DESPARATE: Google Gmail Automatically Sending Emails from Trump Campaign to SPAM Folder” and “Jewish Overlords Pull The Plug On #BLM Broadway Show After Blacks Declare War on Israel.”

“If you want to call me alt-right, that’s probably fair,” Ralph said.

The alt-right, known for its white nationalism and anti-government sentiment, was denounced by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a high-profile speech last month.

Ralph is also known for his role in Gamergate — a vitriolic culture war that erupted online in 2014 between those who say there should be more room for women in gaming and those who aren’t concerned with inclusiveness.

“Some people really hate me, and for good reason,” Ralph wrote last month. “I have wrecked countless SJWs [social-justice warriors] and other assorted progressives/regressives over my last two years. Am I the biggest? No. Am I the baddest? No. I have put in some solid work, though.”

Ralph was also accused of “doxxing” game designer Brianna Wu — publishing documents containing her personal information online. Wu fled her home in 2014 after receiving death threats.

“After he published the information . . . the posts [were] truly terrifying,” Wu said in an interview. “It puts so much information out there in one place, it puts a target on my back.” She added: “I think he attacks women in the gaming industry because it’s trying to fill some hole in his heart.”

Ralph denied wrongdoing.

“Anything that was posted was public information,” he said.

As some on social media criticized Ralph for his arrest, Ralph described it as “a personal issue that I got myself into.” He said he hoped his case wouldn’t be turned into “an alt-right or a Gamergate issue,” but thought it inevitable.

“If one of my adversaries or critics had gotten arrested, there’s a good chance I would have written about it, too,” he said.

Ralph is due back in court on Oct. 25.

Like I said, this is about as good as you can expect from an outlet like The Washington Post. But there are a couple things I take issue with. For one, I did say it’s probably fair to call me alt-right, given my affiliations and the things I speak about and cover here on the site. Moyer left out the very next thing I said, though, which was I personally consider myself an independent. The quote is accurate, I just think it’s a little misleading. It’s nothing I’m up in arms over, but it shows you how these things go. Again, I did say it was fair to call me alt-right, so it’s not like I can very well rage about it now. However, that’s not what I personally identify as. Holy shit, I sound like a Tumblr retard now. Perhaps it’s time to move on.

The other thing that I thought was amusing is the way the alt-right was described as a white nationalist movement. The post seems to be indirectly calling me a white nationalist, which is pretty funny. I do think we’re missing a healthy dose of nationalism among our elites, and I am white. However, when people hear the term white nationalist they think of Nazis and skinheads. I am neither. That’s one reason I made sure to get this picture put into the article, which was probably my best move in a long while…



This particular article didn’t call me a woman-hater, but several this week have done just that. The accusation is laughable on the face of it. GamerGate was never about hating women or singling them out for criticism. In fact, many of the people I criticized were men. Jonathan McIntosh, Arthur Chu, Ian Miles Cheong, David Gallant, Wil Wheaton, Chris Kluwe…the list goes on and one. Saying GamerGate was about targeting women is just not true. I love women and in fact my favorite person on earth is a woman. Oh, and I put her in charge of this site during one of the darkest periods I’ve ever been through. Saying I hate woman, or minorities, or anything else like that is just garbage.

Of course, you see Wu co-signing the garbage, which says all that needs to be said about her character. I also talked about how Wu wanting to have me do time because of anger about what was written online shows what a trash person they are, but that was also left out. I may do a full post on that, so that may be for the best.

Like I said, though, the article is not horrendous. He did reach out to me, we talked, and although I feel like he left out some key bits, it’s still a semi-fair write-up. That’s more than I can say for most of the shit I’ve read about my situation since I’ve been out, and for that reason I’m fine with the post.

  1. Even after two years the media can’t accept their defeat at the hands of GamerGate and are trying to smear Ralph.

    1. *sigh* What defeat? Oh, don’t get me wrong, the media’s been shown as patsies dozens of times, not just by Ralph either. But it doesn’t matter to them because they don’t give a shit. As long as they can push their narrative, they still win.

          1. Not pessimism at all. More like realistic.

            Mainstream media and mainstream games media are still fully on the side of SJWs and feminists, and continue to peddle and push their bullshit ideology using whatever means possible.

            They’ll make sure that men (especially straight white ones) and GamerGate are demonized and slandered as much as possible whenever the opportunity comes up. And they’ll do it by lying through their fucking teeth.

            Once these bastards start writing positively about GamerGate, then you can consider it a win. Until then, it’s Sisyphus.

          2. Pretty much. Oh, make no mistake, this is a fight worth the fighting — but it’s the same uphill battle non-leftists have been dealing with for decades. Don’t get your hopes up that the edifices of socjus statism will crumble tomorrow. This is almost a generational fight — which means we HAVE to educate the younger generations so they can pick up our swords eventually.

          1. GG did help raise public awareness for Gawker’s shittyness.

            Plus my argument is that they are not invincible. Claiming otherwise is a pathetic and defeatist way of thinking.

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  2. Ralph, you need to embrace your gamergate leadership title and run with that alt-right shit. Should have started singing “We’re taking down the zog machine” to the guy and then yelled out “Cobraaaa”.

    Better yet you should have hit him with that Training Day scene…But instead of king kong you use Harambe. All you motherfuckers be playing basketball in Pelican Bay, SHU program nigga, 23 hour lock down.

  3. Speaking of nut job Wu I just had a look on Steam and Retardation 60 is still doing badly and even worse who ever brought the game had the option to get a refund if they were not to happy with it

    1. The best review I’ve seen was the one who commented ‘This game is proof of gender equality, in that it shows that women can make a pile of garbage game just as easily as men can.’

  4. What a loudmouth fatso, believe me folks, I know fat loudmouths, and this guy is BIG, okay?! Lose some weight and put down the cakes! What is it with fat people thinking they no best about anything? LOSE SOME WEIGHT AND I’LL LISTEN! You can’t even control your weight never mind the counter culture war, okay?!

    Find a treadmill and prepare for jail wideload, you assaulted police! You’re going to prison, and remember at the moment your asshole is smaller than your mouth, but when you’re done with jail, it wont be!


  5. a prominent figure of the terrorist organization known as gamergate gets arrested and of course it makes the news
    and funny how getting drunk is pretty much the worst thing they can dig out of them
    meanwhile sjw get caught up in all sorts of nastiest things like the con leaks, corruption, scams, etc and they get free passes

    1. You seem surprised. The MSM is controlled by SJWs and caters to them and expects us all to “listen and believe.”

  6. That WaPo scumbag needs a beating – Gamergate should not be conflated with the alt right – the alt right coalesced at least a year after Gamergate. And I am SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of the scumbag mainstream media defining Gamergate and misrepresenting it. It was ALWAYS about SJWs infesting our hobby and a corrupt games press pushing their ideology and fucking with how we spend our money. It had NOTHING to do with women in tech or inclusiveness. The community already was diverse and the opposition, Anti-Gamergate, has never once provided any proof to the contrary (aside from a crazy tranny and a cavalcade of women and minorities who claim to be “progressive leftists” but who act like religious conservatives when it comes to sexuality, violence in media and freedom of expression).

    1. I’ll beg to differ on one point. The alt right existed well before Gamergate but was mostly a bunch of blogs and websites.

      I guess it comes down to a very semantic debate around the word “coalesced.”

      To me there was a distinctive flavor to what those blogs were doing, but I’m not really sure when people outside of Richard Spencer’s orbit started calling themselves alt right. Heartiste was doing it pretty early, but I can’t remember if it was before Gamergate. Anyway, the flavor was there, most of the ideas were there, but was it really a coalescence? They didn’t even start making manifestos to define themselves until Hillary Clinton’s upcoming speech was going make lots of people Google them.

      One thing is for sure, the alt right would not have taken off were it not for Gamergate. The mass meme warfare it used and leaderlessness of it made it the model of resistance. The alt right definitely learned from gamergates success in that regard.

      And then Trump.

      1. Spencer and people like him are a bit of a problem and while he likes to cite the formation of the alt right, I’d like to think it happened prior to him and independently from him. Legitimate bigotry, racism, white nationalism and anti-Constitution/Declaration of Independence is not remotely a good thing. >_> Then again we live in a crazy world where the left has been co-opted by anarcho-fascist/communists, so, strange bed fellows.

        1. I hear you. Honestly I don’t really know what to think anymore. It bears the qurstion though, if, and that’s the question, if, all were left now is shitty identity politics, how long before white people see themselves their first priority?

          1. To be perfectly honest I see myself as the first priority in my life independent of any self-identifiers simply because that’s how nature and a healthy psyche functions. Meet your needs and value your well being above all else. It’s why people who are so fantastically wealthy and power keep seeking more wealth and power despite needing it – their natural prerogative is to keep better their situation, even to the detriment of others.

          2. Well sure, but I’m talking about tribalism. If it’s back in style I’d hate to be the last guy without a tribe.

    2. ” And I am SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of the scumbag mainstream media defining Gamergate and misrepresenting it.”

      Exactly what they do with MRAs, Alt-Right, Donald Trump, Trump supporters, etc… basically anything that is “pro-men” or beneficial to men they’ll completely shit on it.

      Because you know, gotta protect the holy sacred religion that is feminism.

  7. I like how the WaPo repeated, and gave Literally Wu the opportunity to repeat, the debunked LIE that she fled her home when we know for a fucking fact that she NEVER left her home.

  8. “Alt-right” is getting thrown around so much it’s already at risk of losing meaning. The “alt-right” itself hasn’t really finished figuring itself out and the title just isn’t going to work long-term when it’s probably the future of western conservatism, Trump can’t be president and remain “alternative” for instance because at that point he’s the new normal whether you like it or not.

    At the same time it’s become the new buzzword for the “progressive” set, two years ago everyone who disagreed with them was a “MRA” and now anyone who disagrees with them is “alt-right”. For fuck’s sake these people think Sargon of Akkad is “alt right”.

    1. Of course. What easier way to dismiss/ignore facts and reason by simply discrediting their detractors via labelling them a buzzword that they’ve stigmatized?

      When facts, reason and logic are brought up, simply scream sexist/racist/homophobe/transphobic/misogynist/etc. to avoid having to answer for their outright bigotry, hypocrisy and authoritarianism.

      A hallmark of these SJW/feminist parasites.

      1. That’s why as far as I’m concerned, the words, sexism and racism have lost all meaning. If an SJW calls me that stuff, I won’t give a damn.

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