Let’s do some weekend housekeeping. I would have just let this stuff slide, but I figured that since I have most of the other Brianna Wu antics chronicled here, that these were big enough to warrant coverage as well. Also, they’re kinda funny, especially the GamerGhazi one. I smile even thinking about that shit. She was modded there awhile back, but yesterday she decided to talk shit to the other mods for participating in the blackout protest as part of the Reddit Revolt.  After Wu Patrol, we also have Peter Coffin saying some interesting shit for once. I know, I’m just as amazed as you are.

Let’s start with Wu getting bounced. You’ll notice that she has a nasty habit of getting turned on by her own allies. I draw flack as well, but it’s usually for sticking to my guns. She gets heat because of her wild variations. I’ve been pissed off at KotakuInAction before, but I didn’t go on there and denounce the board and the people that run it. Keep in mind, Brianna herself was a mod, so it was even more of a backstabber move. She has to keep the histrionics up one way or the other, I suppose:Screenshot (183)

LOL, they changed her tag from blue to green, and added “Fake Ghazi Girl” to it. I have to say, the mods there are fascist as fuck, btu they do seem to have a sense of humor. Still, fuck ’em. I almost have sympathy for Wu here. But not quite. She also had another ace troll move up her sleeve, just in case you thought she was done. Here she is with the next play:1 2


Here’s some quick reaction on Wu wasting $75:



Wu continues to try to insert herself into the conversation, just like she’s always done. Hell, I’m laughing, though. If she wants to waste money, go right ahead. If she had any balls, she would show up to the Airplay event itself, but we all know that won’t happen. I would love to be proven wrong, though.


Next on the agenda, we have the complete failure of a Kickstarter to talk about. These SJW hipsters tried to raise $50,000 dollars for a hit piece film on GamerGate. They came up way, way short:


I won’t shed too many tears over this development, and I doubt any of you will either. Good luck to Mr. Haines in his future endeavors. Maybe he needs to come up with a better victimhood pitch for his next project? I think Anita & McIntosh can help, for a small fee, of course.


It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about King Cow Coffin, but he’s back in the news for a good reason. It seems like he’s finally getting fed up with social justice warriors himself. Here’s some of his recent commentary:3


I won’t say it’s a complete surprise, since I had been handed messages where he trashed people like Brianna Wu. But it’s still surprising to see him come out and criticize his cash cow. I guess maybe he doesn’t care now that he extracted his $15,000+. Look for him to act like this shit never even happened before long and move right along to the next con. That’s how grifters like Coffin work.


Oh, and here some other late-breaking news. It looks like Tech Raptor may be under attack, possibly from the Lizard Squad:

It looks like they have it under control for the time being. I’m about to go get control of dinner myself, but I’ll be back with a few more posts this evening. Check back for those if you’re bored lol.

  1. Fuck, Ralph. At least when you get turned on, you don’t turn into a whimpering simp. I can respect that about you. Hell, it’s part of the reason why I’m here.

  2. I just learned one of the sods from Lizard Squad who got caught is only getting a 2 year sentence from performing 50,700 different engagements meant to harm, and then is going to get hired by the FBI afterwards. I’d dunk the fucker in boiling oil because he was just doing kiddie-script bullshit out of malice. Anyone going that far to destroy shit should be locked up and forgotten.

    As for Wu, that stupid fuck claiming anyone can join and that it shouldn’t be taken seriously really doesn’t understand the irony of such a statement seeing that… thing barely has a functioning brain to talk their way out of a nutsack. Well, other than it’s own nutsuck. These people need to be selected for the fucking Darwin award.

    1. To be fair, those “50,700” are fucking stupid. It’s like saying that because someone used nmpa to check the ports on five servers that they committed 200,000 hacking attempts.

    2. In my honest opinion, i think it was foolish of them to give him an FBI job. There are many people (including me) that believe quite a few of them were aiming for the “skilled hacker turned agent” ploy. If that is indeed their goal, they will increase their efforts in hopes of landing that same slap on the wrist and a cozy government job.

      I’m good with computers, but I’m not really a hacker so I’m just going off what I’ve read around the net. Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t the attacks been mostly DDoS? And aren’t DDoS attacks one of the easiest forms of hacking? If that’s truly the case, he sure as hell hasn’t proven skilled enough to fight security attacks on a national security level.

      1. The Lizard Squad’s shtick has been simple attacks, but insanely overpowered.

        It’s very effective, but the problem is they’re not very adaptable, and a genuine hacker can work around them using the fact they’re operating off a guidebook rather then making their own tools/plans.

  3. she should contribute to OAPI and then she and Randi can wrestle…
    Oh wait, they won’t be able to decide regular v. Sumo.

  4. >Wu
    It’s weird that Ghazi would have taken part in hiding their subreddit during Ellen Pao’s reign of terror. I understand Brianna’s point of view here, though of course I don’t agree with it. I thought the SJW crazy train would be in full support of Chairman Pao.

    What was her play with the SPJ? To prove it can be joined by anyone or as a test to see if that can be infected by SJW scum too?

    >they wanted $50,000
    >to make a smear piece on gamers and GamerGate
    >they made less than $2500
    Oh, but I thought they deeply cared about this industry? You know, making it grow up. I thought GamerGate was just a small minority? I mean, for something that’s supposedly a small group they sure do put a lot of time and effort into fighting against us and making propaganda and they can’t even do that right!

    Well it’s nice to see him denouncing social justice as it is, it still seems to me as if he still holds that corrupted SJW mindset. Just look at how he still views “ally,” as if just being associated with military makes it a horrible, evil word that shouldn’t be used.

    1. What was her play with the SPJ? To prove it can be joined by anyone or as a test to see if that can be infected by SJW scum too?

      Presumably so she can leave just before Airplay and scream “Help! Teh ebil Gators hurtassed me out of the the SJP! Boo-Hoo! Won’t somebody please think of me!”

      1. That sounds about right if she plans to use AirPlay as a pity ploy.

        Wu could claim she’s been threatened by GG and too scared to attend for “fear of her life”.
        (That’s what she did for PAX even though the actual threats were aimed at GG IIRC)

        Then just prior to AirPlay she can announce that she’s “standing up for oppressed women in tech” and “putting her life at risk” by going.

        I can certainly see her just continuing to say that the SPJ is just a joke of an organization because they let her join for $75 without and journalistic credentials whatsoever…

        Either way she will cry for Patreon victim bucks while all this is going on, as she’s down to a measly $2997/month from donations…

        1. I wouldn’t be too surprised if she tried:

          1. “I’m too scared for my life to attend!”
          2. Attends anyway.
          3. Spends the entire time telling everyone that GamerGate is soggy knees in such a manner that they turn on her.
          4. Doesn’t go to the debate.
          5. Lies blatantly about attending the debate.
          6. Resigns from the SPJ with a cluelessly insulting public message.
          7. Keeps calling the SPJ a joke all the while.

    2. Wu has said on many a notable occasion that she’s considers herself a “media person” (paraphrasing) so it’s certainly odd she’d be surprised at being accepted by an Org that caters to those very types.

    3. I know I shouldn’t laugh at the failures of others, but that kickstarter had it coming. Given the names on it, you would know that nobody but the SJW crowd would support it. Then again, their funds are not infinite, so it also makes sense why it did so poorly.

      All in all I’d say this is a victory, since we’ll see less propaganda films coming out of corporate victim club.

      1. It’s not even that their funds aren’t infinite. It’s more the fact that I can’t imagine them putting money down when it comes to their beliefs. Unless it’s a patreon for their favourite professional victim.

        1. There might be that too. Maybe they would’ve took the bait should the trailer (…somehow?) achieve bigger bias? We’ll (Hopefully!) never know.

  5. Slowly but surely, a lot of GG’s opponents are starting to see that most SJWs are in it for attention and/or money, not for any actual social justice. A lot have already noticed that Wu is off her rocker and will do anything to stay in the spotlight and keep the victim bucks rolling in. IMC stepped away from the clique, then washed his hands of them completely after they smeared him merely for daring to treat GamerGaters like human beings. After Josh & Anita spilled their spaghetti at E3, a lot of her supporters started to realize that Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum were a few ants short of a picnic. Finally, Milo’s article exposed what a hypocritical piece of garbage Randi Harper is to the general public. The tide has really turned in the nearly one year time span since GamerGate started – at this rate, by the second anniversary, most of the aGGros will either been exposed as con-men and demagogues, or have quit in disgust for what they’ve become and who they supported.

    1. I don’t think alot of them as seeing the light. I think they’re jumping off a sinking ship, the sooner they jump off the stronger the argument they can make later that they left after finally seeing how “everyone else was a hateful crazy narcissist”, and how “I just got caught up in the crowd because I was ACTUALLY trying to help people”, and lastly “the smoke from the camps? I thought they were having a bbq PLEASE DON’T HANG ME I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS!”

      1. That assessment is exactly on the mark, and it just goes to further prove the Social Justice Warrior mindset. They’re not in it to promote activism or a progressive agenda because they genuinely believe that it’ll make the world a better place, they’re just in it so that they can look morally superior.

        “Hey, look at me doing activism! Look at how good of a person I am because I’m promoting good things.” This is the true core of the SJWs; just rank sociopathy. And they won’t hesitate to jump off the back of a losing horse as long as they think the landing won’t hurt too much.

        Now, there is another group of people that the SJWs tend to pull into their orbits, and those are the True Believers, the useful idiots. The true believers actually drank the koolaid, and didn’t just spit it out into the house plant. And like any good rank and file cultist, they’ll be left high and dry by their Social Justice idols when shit inevitably falls apart (or the gravy train just dries up).

        1. Your second paragraph sums it up well. Their readiness to dismiss NYS only highlights how paper thin their call for “diversity and inclusion” is.

          They only care about how visible their activism is. Not the actual activism itself.

      1. Wondered the same thing myself. It was supposed to come out last Thursday, but here we are on Tuesday.

  6. A few days ago Brianna sent me an email because they have opened a post in Ghazi about my comic. Surprisingly she told me that even if she didn’t agree with the content, she liked the comic itself as a comic. It may be that she also said something similar in ghazi and that’s other reason why they booted her?

    1. Could be.

      She tried to set up an escape hatch with Brad Wardell back in March, AntiGamer excommunicated her then and it took a weeks worth of groveling before they let her come back.

      1. So how long until you think wu will re-initiate groveling maneuvers, or do you think the gravy train that wu jumped on is tapped out?

        1. I don’t know.

          This time it’s just Ghazi that threw her under the bus, she’ll probably just cut her ties with them and use AntiGamer twitter as her minions/cash dispensers.

    1. A commenter on Twitter said it best: Totilo agreed to star in that “documentary”, but he can’t be arsed to defend gaming journalism at Airplay.

        1. I think he’d just bump up the price to ridiculous amounts, take the money and never show up for the event.

          Tortilla is really cowardly but greedy person.

    2. Given the names dropped in that movie they could have easily funded the project, or at least given it a good boost, between themselves. Just goes to show that NONE of these people EVER put their own money up for the shit they talk. What’s that they say about strength in your own convictions and all that…

  7. [Stalin.jpg] Dear diary: today I got very cheap ESO game and the aGG got owned again. It’s been a good day.

  8. I’ve used this quote before and i’ll drop it again:

    Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one. – Charles MacKay

    I only use this quote because I have also fallen victim to this herd madness before. Recovery is possible but it’s up to the individual to conclude it themselves.

    It happened with Cheong. Perhaps it’ll happen again with Coffin?

    I think there are some realising the cult and it’s making them uncomfortable. For many major figures in the social justice arena, I think it’s not about the issues they raise at all, but their own profiles. I think when I saw Schreier from Kotaku with a twitter blue tick it epitomised this – why the shit would someone on a videogame site warrant an authentication as a genuine person?

    The ultimate trophy would probably be to appear on some panel or have a TEDx talk.

    The more and more that social justice personalities get outraged, people will start to see just how irrational and unhinged they are.

    1. Hahahahahah. TEDX. The only things with less validity than an actual TEDTalk. These are all generally self-funded self-promotional appearances full of hyperbolic dipshittery.

      I have giant shits with more credibility than most TEDX talks.

  9. ROFL, Coffin finally got those idiots to cough up $15K for his “wife’s” very important “surgery”? How long did it take him?

  10. Brianna Wu reminds me of the night in college I got drunk as fuck and got 2 public urination tickets in the same night from the same cop 4 hours apart. Train wreck much!?!?!?

    Major difference being I didn’t lobby for others to pay for my stupidity.

  11. Funny how less than a year after the train started, many of the enemies have backed away, either jumping off the sinking ship to save their careers or retreating back into the halls of progressive academia. Only the true moneymakers like Sarkeesian and McIntosh seem to remain strong. Funny how the fringes only have enough money and attention for a few demagogues.

      1. Well, they seem to have really started falling from their silly E3 rant about DOOM4 and Fallout 4. That “there should be no male protagonist in Dishonored 2” thing probably did them no favors either.

        1. I’ll buy them the next ticket for attendance if that means that it will hurt their finances in a long run.

          Trust me, I could live a month on scrap food if it meant that shitslingers like those two would suffer for their crap.

  12. SJW is never gonna change. They will live in the own little fucked dream world to the end of days.

    Yeah is crap about TechRaptor. Lizard Squad really loves bully people who don’t like them. They are a perfect fit for Randi.

  13. I called this months ago, even among these priviledged children money is a finite resource. There are so many money beggers, and so little being done people are probably starting to get frustrated.

    Anita’s video output is virtually nil and more and more she is just spouting insane rhetoric that not even the the true believers can swallow.

    Zoe has accomplished nothing, her pet representative has been ignored and in all likelihood will stay ignored.

    Randi has been revealled for the warty toad she is and nothing she has done has made any difference.

    Brianna continues to alienate her allies with mad ranting, her game was a failure and she really has done nothing of worth.

    These children are in this conflict to feel quick validation, this quagmire war we are in has kept them from feeling that, that is why they have invented silly names trying to insult us, cause at least upsetting us can still give them some validation

  14. However, if you spend $50 to join whatever group that was that gave out the science fiction awards, you’re a piece of shit amiright?!

  15. So now that Wu is a member of SPJ, does that mean she will be the lone SJW at AirPlay???

    Or does “she” not have the balls to make an appearance?

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