We’ve talked about weev a few times here on the site, some of it in relation to drama with his ex and KingOfPol. But today, we have a much funnier story for you all. Weev knows more about coding and hacking than I will ever hope to. Thankfully, he’s used that knowledge for the purposes of hilarity.

Here’s how his little exercise went


There’s a bunch of bright minds in Daily Stormer’s new IRC channel and I wanted to take a little time out of my day to show them how easy it is to make the world move with as little as a bash one-liner. I have used bash one-liners to do a lot of things, like shift the market cap of publicly traded corporations by the billions. The key to making impact in the world is not being the smartest or knowing the most. It’s about operating asymmetrically at scale. Expend the least amount of effort for the most amount of things happening.

In our chat I asked aloud a simple question: how many printers are there on the open Internet? I wasn’t sure of the answer at the time. It turned out to be upwards of a million devices. That’s a lot of things to print to. The sheer volume of paper one can generate with a single command is impressive. An average pulping tree produces 8330 sheets of paper. That is a very small fraction of the number of devices we can print to on the public internet.

He goes into some detail about how he came about picking the thing to send to all these printers, but I’m just going to skip all that and show you what he settled on…

Keep in mind, I in no way endorse Nazism or anything like that. In fact, I show you this poster for educational purposes only. This is purely a news reporting kind of article, and TheRalphRetort.com doesn’t hate any creed or race. Still, you can see how this would be funny if it landed on certain computers.

Well, it did.

Here’s just a little bit of the reaction…



4chan pol had a thread on it as well. In fact, there’s been a lot of media surrounding it after special snowflakes nationwide got triggered. I don’t support the message on these flyers. But, if I had seen them on a printer when I got up to use it, I would have just shrugged my shoulders and moved on. After all, this is protected speech. That’s not what many people did, however.

Quite a few of them called the police…


It’s amazing how much shit you can stir if you know what you’re doing, isn’t it?