I was tagged in an interesting tweet this morning while my new video was rendering.


As you can see, there’s a bit of drama going on over at WeSearchr, a project I’ve vigorously supported. I checked for myself and the site is in fact down at the moment. Even though Pax Dickinson, the now-former Chief Technology Officer (as well as co-founder) of WeSearchr, said he wasn’t going to go into more detail about the circumstances of his split with Chuck Johnson on Facebook, he did just that over on Twitter.

The rant is pretty long and I don’t feel like pasting in the entire thing, but here’s a good place to start.


(archived, since he will no doubt be banned soon)

I spoke to Mr. Johnson on the phone and a much different version of events was relayed to me. Here’s the statement I received for publication…

We intend to continue running the bounties for the foreseeable future. We’re going to fix [WeSearchr’s] hosting problem today or tomorrow. We ask for everyone to be patient with us during this process.

As for Pax Dickinson, he decided he was going to leave the company after we raised money. Then, he demanded an absurd severance agreement. How you can have a severance agreement from a company you co-founded, I don’t really understand. Regardless, I wish Pax well in his future endeavors. 

Everyone’s money is safe, but if people want refunds due to the confusion surrounding all this, then I am happy to grant that. 

I’ll continue to monitor this situation as events develop. I’ve known Chuck Johnson to be a pretty straight guy in my dealings with him, so I wouldn’t really worry about the money being pilfered. But, if you’ve donated to a bounty and want a refund, he said that can be taken care of.

If I end up talking to Pax, I’ll bring you that as well, but he laid his side out already and so I focused on first getting a response from Mr. Johnson.


UPDATE: An official statement has been put out over on GotNews.com. Mr. Dickinson is disputing it.

  1. To quote Popehat: Today in “I shrewdly decided to partner with a sociopath and it went inconceivably badly”

  2. Strange. The thing that points to Chuck Johnson being the one to blame in what is obviously somewhat of a feud between Pax and Dickinson is that Pax allegations are very specific and Johnson doesn’t really dispute Pax’s description of how he wouldn’t give a raise to that front end developer, which is a quite shitty thing to do.

    I’d understand if Pax didn’t feel that he could function as CTO after that when being about to hire a couple of other guys that are loyal to him, as he said, “knowing Chuck’s promises were worthless”.

    And also strange that the site is down. Johnson doesn’t even dispute that he wouldn’t pay the bill.

  3. i know nothing about the process by which funds are taken by those who create the bounties, but if the anglin vs jewish terrorists money is at risk i hope it can be extracted from the site immediately upon reaching $150k. i would not want anything to do with that site and would not want them responsible for holding my legal funds

  4. Good group of guys over at that website, totally a legitimate business that has no real downside. Such a surprise that alt-right nerds are turning on each other. It’s DEFINITELY a major story!

    So is TheRalphRetort going to cover their blessed Based Daddy Trump going down or nah? BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. I don’t really have to, it’s heavily implied.

            Do you always get this defensive after trying to put down people online?

          2. Nah, I’m just curious if Quise is an actual idiot. Also why do you feel the need to defend him?

          3. Oh, he doesn’t need me to defend him and I wasn’t. I just enjoyed the fact that your response to him isn’t to refute any of his accusations or statements, you just call him an idiot. You totally nailed him, how will he ever recover?

          4. Gloating, yes. Whining? Not so much. But I mean, if you were dumb enough to put your chips into this you deserve what you get.

    1. Personally, in a showdown with believing a noted IT professional with good work credentials, and the shadiest of shady tabloid journalism, I think I’m going to have to side with the noted IT professional. I do find it interesting that Chuckie J is not doing his usual “I WILL TOTES SUE YOU FOR THE LIBELSLANDER!” routine that he does with everybody.

      1. Chuck has been caught lying before. It would take a mountain of evidence for me to believe him over Pax. Let’s hear from the front end developer. If he largely confirms Pax’s version then it’s pretty much a shut case and WeSearchR is dead.

    1. Pax Dickinson isn’t a loser – I’ve followed him since @jokeocracy – but it does seem like he made a shitty life choice in teaming up with Chucky Cheesehair.

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