WeSearchr, the initiative founded by Chuck Johnson and Pax Dickinson, was suspended from Twitter today after posting a bounty which sought to conclusively identify the man who elbowed Richard Spencer in the face after last Friday’s presidential Inauguration. Yes, I realize there’s a lot of details floating around about who that guy is already. Some of them involve him being a literal turd taster and cuckold. I must warn you that if you post those images in the comments, you’re subject to having them deleted and/or being banned. They are hilarious, yes, however they have not been confirmed as of yet (and they go against every ad regulation I have on this site).

That’s one reason WeSearchr was so keen to find out about this thug. The other reason is that he broke the law by assaulting Spencer in broad daylight in the capital city of our Republic. It would be nice to see him face some consequences, like the rest of us have to do when we break the law.

Then again, the morally bankrupt scumbags on the left have been too busy cheering the attack to care about finding out who did it. Given the reaction, I imagine most of them would actually help this guy hide from authorities if it came down to it. Sadly, Twitter seems to have joined their ranks with this unjust suspension.







This does seem to be one of the most unjust Twitter suspensions that we’ve seen in quite awhile. I’m curious to read their exact justification for this action. In fact, I’m going to email them myself and see if they will give me a statement. Then again, Twitter has an unsteady policy when it comes to commenting on bans. They refused to get too specific with past ban reasoning, but broke that policy when it came time to reinstate the aforementioned Richard Spencer. We’ll see what happens on this one.

At any rate, I doubt they will give me a person quote, so I’ll update this whenever they feed one to BuzzFeed or Recode.