WeSearchr, the initiative founded by Chuck Johnson and Pax Dickinson, was suspended from Twitter today after posting a bounty which sought to conclusively identify the man who elbowed Richard Spencer in the face after last Friday’s presidential Inauguration. Yes, I realize there’s a lot of details floating around about who that guy is already. Some of them involve him being a literal turd taster and cuckold. I must warn you that if you post those images in the comments, you’re subject to having them deleted and/or being banned. They are hilarious, yes, however they have not been confirmed as of yet (and they go against every ad regulation I have on this site).

That’s one reason WeSearchr was so keen to find out about this thug. The other reason is that he broke the law by assaulting Spencer in broad daylight in the capital city of our Republic. It would be nice to see him face some consequences, like the rest of us have to do when we break the law.

Then again, the morally bankrupt scumbags on the left have been too busy cheering the attack to care about finding out who did it. Given the reaction, I imagine most of them would actually help this guy hide from authorities if it came down to it. Sadly, Twitter seems to have joined their ranks with this unjust suspension.







This does seem to be one of the most unjust Twitter suspensions that we’ve seen in quite awhile. I’m curious to read their exact justification for this action. In fact, I’m going to email them myself and see if they will give me a statement. Then again, Twitter has an unsteady policy when it comes to commenting on bans. They refused to get too specific with past ban reasoning, but broke that policy when it came time to reinstate the aforementioned Richard Spencer. We’ll see what happens on this one.

At any rate, I doubt they will give me a person quote, so I’ll update this whenever they feed one to BuzzFeed or Recode.

          1. No! You weren’t supposed to post that! >_< The images go against Ralph's adsense rules. I googled it and found it on Twitter. Delete this if you can please so Ralph doesn't wind up banning you. Also I don't like Spencer, but no one deserves a random elbow to the face.

          2. Ralph won’t ban me. But I deleted it anyway as the pic isn’t worth risking his adsense.
            Well the guy was found on day 1 and is a real crazy.
            His work website was bombarded with comments about feces 😀
            He deleted it.

      1. Apparently it’s _not_ the guy from the CPA’s office in TX, despite an uncanny resemblance. Of course, if you think it is & can prove it, then WeSearchr has $4,545 for you. That’s where the bounty is now & it’s still going up.

    1. While Ralph and every other troll on the internet obsess over Twitter and spend hours on it every day?
      Facebook has more members than ever before and Twitter is doing more than OK. Neither are going anywhere.

  1. Fucking twitter is on the losing side of a political shift, fuck ’em their days are as numbered as this shiteater whose ass is gonna get conclusively and verifiably fully doxed and thrown in jail very shortly. The pathetic thing is Jack Dorsey will probably feel very proud of his company’s virtuous bankruptcy when the time comes

  2. Twitter is such trash. It’ll be interesting to see if the new administration can lend some weight in the background (I don’t think Trump wants to be every tangentially connected to Spencer) of all of this. This was clearly politically motivated as this is not targeted harassment and the individual in question has been documented committing a crime.

  3. this is not the wild west… we don’t put “wanted” posters out on ppl any more.

    if you have information on the identity of the man who committed the assault shown in the video, then notify authorities.

    offering a bounty on the internet seems designed to create a lynch mob more than seek justice.

    1. You understand that virtually all law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, post wanted persons. Some offer rewards. Also, local news stations, Americas Most Wanted, & newspapers all do this. So your comment is truly proving just how ill-informed you are.

        1. America’s Most Wanted isn’t a law enforcement agency either – nor are newspapers, last I looked, Mr. Uninformed.

          1. they only report on legitimate law enforcement warrants… not issue them themselves.

            woefully uninformed.

          2. How did we get from bounties to warrants?

            Right, your terminal ignorance. . .

          3. bc you tried to compare legitimate law enforcement posters with this vigilante action … that’s how.

            your position is indefenslble… just let it go man.

          4. Projection.
            I love it when we get to this part of the “debate,” where you lay your personality flaws at my feet, and I laugh.

            A bounty is not warrant. Apples/Oranges.
            Private citizens and private businesses can lay bounties. . . which is why they have done so in the past and still do. . . to this very day.

            You might want to let Microsoft know about your ignorance. . . let them know that the bounties Microsoft laid against the creators of computer viruses aren’t real. . .

            The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
            in Boston offered a $5 million reward for the return, in good
            condition, of the thirteen works of art taken from its galleries in
            March 1990.
            Crap – even museums offer bounties. . .

          5. you can offer a reward to get your cat back

            bounties are paid by bail bondsmen to recover someone who has violated their parole (convicted)

            calling for a vigilante mob to hunt down a us citizen is actually against the law…shocking, i know.

            if you want to tip the police, then fine… .but calling for mob rule is not how it works in a civilized country.

    2. Do you never visit a post office, EVER?

      If you did, you would see, depending on the location, a bulletin board, some are quite large, with WANTED POSTERS on them! Complete with pictures of the criminal, full face view, profile & sometimes a few extras…there’s even, get ready for it, some extra lines of text under the pictures, in BOLD no less, (❗️❗️❗️) that states the criminal’s offense, any relavent physical details to identify them (like tattoos, scars, birthmarks) and the the piece de resistance, a monetary reward, usually a lot more than wesearchr had on this posting.

      And our government has been doing it for YEARS. Shocker right? (~whispers~ even Obama was fine with this…) Ever heard of a tv show that was hugely popular? Americans Most Wanted? Or been watching the news & had them say the police/FBI etc were looking for so & so, this is what they look like & HEY! They’re offering a reward too! This happens on local AND national news. Even the prodigal, the ?”chosen network”?? CNN has done this.

      So don’t try to act like this is a practice that hasn’t been seen since Wyatt fucking Earp’s time, not only is it patently untrue, it also made you look like a complete idiot.

      Wesearchr broke no laws by posting this & crowd funding it. They wanted justice for Richard Spencer after getting sucker punched by whoever that fat, ugly, stupid little troll is. And twitter banned them for it. In a way I guess this is good, the Left has been insisting for years that it’s people on the Right or even Right of center that are the violent ones. That we are the unhinged, uneducated animals everyone needs to watch out for…this last week has proven that to not be true. In fact, it’s been a smorgasbord of the Left acting in the fashion they claim WE adopt, from the vulgar & disgusting displays by women @ the women’s marches to the unhinged tears & speeches by celebrities & lastly the unprovoked attacks from the Left to people who didn’t fall in line with them politically. There was more than a few the day of the WHORE march, I mean, women’s march. A guy punched a female journalist in Canada at one & was protected by the women around him, shielded from being identified…until the internet got ahold of him?. Then the fat puke that sucker punched Spencer while he gave an interview on camera…what he did is about as brave as shooting someone in the back, to the guy who had to have stitches after being hit with a bottle, a veteran no less.

      This isn’t even mentioning the many supporters of the right & Trump who were shoved and had any Trump item on them snatched off & stolen. I feel duty bound to mention that most of this was done by people who are cowards, wearing ski masks & bandanas, hiding their faces. They usually shoved people ONLY when their back was turned. They blocked people trying to get to work the day of the Inauguration who happened to work in close by government buildings, forming a “chain”, arms clasped together & not letting people pass. Then they cry because some of those folks they were blocking were NOT having it & after repeated attempts asking them politely to let them pass & not being able to, decided to break through the line. One man did this, it was like a savage af game of Red Rover, but the motherfu€ker trying to get to work wasn’t taking prisoners. Yeah, a few women got pushed out of the way, none fell tho & a guy nutted up to him because of this & got his ass kicked while the same girls blocking the guys way into work stood by crying.

      It was poetic. A few minutes earlier those same people were standing in front of the guy, smug as fuck, (the women especially) & 10 minutes later the girls are crying saying they were assaulted & the guy is knocked the fu€k out on the ground. Should serve as a warning, protest all you like, but when asked nicely to move So to not prohibit someone going to their JOB, you should MOVE. Your rights END where another’s begin. You don’t have a right to restrict another persons movement just because they have different political opinions.

      My favorite part however is the dawning realization of those on the Left that are finally coming to the conclusion that those who oppose them are not afraid of them, they don’t quake in fear of progressives. They’ve been holding back, restraining themselves from this type of behavior.

      They’ve been trying to be NICE. BUT, since the Left walked through that door by throwing that first sucker punch, their opponents responded, with much force. I’m not ashamed to say that it made me laugh & warned my heart to see the bewildered, shocked expressions of some of them as they were shoved out of the way &/or knocked on their fat asses. I think their getting the picture pretty quickly.

      As to wesearchr not being law enforcement? So???? They broke no laws by doing this, not a 1. Law enforcement agencies even applaud efforts by citizens to get involved & help supply information on known & unknown attackers/criminals/thugs/cucks. This wasn’t a contract on the guys head, it was a call to arms to anyone with information that would identify & bring fat boy to justice.

      That’s all.

      (This is really long. Sorry? was mad)

    3. You are confusing the concept of a bounty with bounty hunting. They are not the same thing.

      What Wesearchr was doing is called skiptracing. They are offering money for information on someone so that they may then inform people who want to take legal or civil action. They are not offering money to kill or beat someone.

      Why am I even bothering, it is very clear you are an SJW and marxist who does not understand that the police and government are not the end all be all for everything.

  4. They hadn’t learned their lesson after they banned Milo after he tell his opinion of the Ghostbusters reboot?

    Btw, did some memes had appeared about that antifa guy?

    1. All it’s missing is “and then everyone on the bus started clapping.”
      Clearly just some /pol/ poster jerking off the rest of the board.

  5. From my point of view (and possibly Twitter’s too) Wesearchr can be seen trying to pursue its own justice. Which probably is a complicated problem on its own, but combine that with what could be seen as a call for people to doxx this criminal, and we’re on really shaky ground.

    My sincere hope is that the police find and punish not only this assailant, but everyone that broke the law at these protests, without needing help from Wesearchr or similar groups.

  6. Well then I guess we’d better make sure Gavin McInnes gets arrested for his effeminate slappy bitch-fight with that troll that triggered him?

    I mean, since this is about justice and NOT about Trump faggots being literal Nazis, right?


      1. No, I’m actually too educated to convince myself that Trump and his followers are smart enough to have any idea of how to handle international affairs. I am also not too big on the hypocrisy of “mob justice” posing as “justice”. I guess I don’t listen and believe to the degree of the average deplorable idiot, huh?

        1. In all seriousness, why isn’t Ralph trying to bring justice to the guy who triggered McInnes? I mean, all things being equal, McInnes attacked a guy. Is there something that changes the need to find the perpetrator? I wonder……

  7. Guy sucker-punches a man in the street on camera = no police action.
    Guy struggles with cops after they woke him up = jail time.

    #NoJusticeNoPeace ?

  8. I forgot to mention this video from vlogger Micah Curtis who mentionned then knocking Richard Spencer will bring the opposite effect and I quote: “As the well known Nazi Alt-Right guy was being asked about his Pepe the
    Frog pin, somebody came up and cold-cocked him. Now he’s a martyr.”


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