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Many times I have come here on this site and told you how much modern feminism sucks. I see it as an almost completely worthless movement, at least in the Western world. You know what could change my mind on all that, though? Real accomplishments. Personally, I can’t think of one more important that stopping the scourge of “honor killings” in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. The despicable nature of these killings was again thrown into the spotlight this past week.

From The New York Times

Qandeel Baloch, a Pakistani social media sensation, was strangled by her brother in central Pakistan, police officials said Saturday, in what appears to have been a so-called honor killing.  The police said Ms. Baloch was apparently attacked on Friday night while she was asleep in her parents’ house in Muzaffarabad, a town on the outskirts of Multan in the province of Punjab. Ms. Baloch’s brother, Waseem Ahmed Azeem, was arrested late Saturday night in connection with her death. 

Ms. Baloch, 26, a model, singer and social media celebrity, had gained notoriety in Pakistan recently because of provocative, seminude photographs of herself that she posted on social media sites, and appearances in music videos. 

Her bold persona defied the conventions of Pakistan, a deeply conservative society. She was reviled by some in the country for being crass and vulgar, and prone to attention-seeking stunts. But other Pakistanis admired her defiance and independence. She attracted more than 700,000 followers on Facebook and at least 40,000 on Twitter.

It’s bad enough that she was killed by her own brother in her own bed, but the piece of garbage has also shown a complete lack of remorse for killing his sister

The brother of Pakistani social media star, Qandeel Baloch, says he’s proud he killed his sister, claiming he did it because “girls are born to stay home.” The 25 year-old Qandeel was strangled Friday at her family home in the city of Multan in the Pakistani province of Punjab. After going on the run, her brother was later arrested. In his confession video, he expresses no regret.

“I am proud of what I did. I drugged her first, then I killed her,” Waseem Baloch says. “She was bringing dishonor to our family.”
Baloch’s posts were considered to be controversial in Pakistan. Baloch’s posts were considered to be controversial in Pakistan.

Qandeel rose to fame due to the sassy, and increasingly political, videos she posted on Facebook. Her brother Waseem claims that having his friends share her pictures and video clips was “too much” for him and killing his sister was a better alternative than killing himself.

Both adored and reviled, Qandeel, who was buried Sunday, referred to herself as a “modern day feminist” and had nearly 750,000 followers on Facebook.

In his confession, Waseem remarks that he thinks he will be remembered with pride and honor, and by bringing honor to his family he has earned his place “in heaven.”

“Girls are born to stay home and follow traditions. My sister never did that,” he says.

I’m a guy who’s against the death penalty. Even since reading Clarence Darrow’s closing argument in the Leopold & Loeb case, I’ve been convinced that it is a barbaric practice that has no place in modern society. However, how can you read this monster’s words and not wish for him to be dead? The sad thing is, he might not face punishment for his crime at all due to the forgiveness clause in Pakistan’s anti-honor killing law (EDITOR’S NOTE: They made an exception for this scumbag since the world is watching. He will not be allowed to be forgiven.). This is a travesty of justice on a grand scale and it seems to be getting worse, not better. If a star like Waseem Baloch wasn’t safe pretty much no one is.

Western feminists could do a lot of good in this area. The media attention they could bring to this issue is immense. Songs, videos, media, movies…all the shit that they now waste on their bullshit crusades over mean tweets and sexist air conditioning could be used to save lives. I would have to stop and acknowledge this good work myself, if it ever came to pass. We all know that it won’t, since for most of these talking head radical feminists, it’s about money and power, not about helping real women. That’s a shame, but they could prove me wrong and step up to the plate. This issue is so important that I very much wish they would.



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