I’ve been caught up in about 17 different kinds of drama, both in real life, and in the GamerGate sphere. As you probably saw earlier, the RavenCon Twitter account threatened me, so that should be interesting here in a few minutes. But I wanted to write a few brief words on the new Steam program that lets modders sell their work, whereas in the past, this sort of thing was done “for the love of the game,” so to speak. It’s set the gaming world on fire, and I’ve seen column after column written about it (I’m too stretched on time to look ’em up, but you know Google lol). 

There’s not too much I have to say about it, other than it does seem to represent the disturbing trend of monetizing every single aspect of gaming that you possibly can. In general, I don’t like it, but I would be willing to be convinced, I suppose. I’ve seen one or two people who defended it that I respect back this, and the modders are doing work. The only problem is, they only get 25% of the profits (at least on the Skyrim mods. Valve said companies were free to take less, and that they took their standard fee). You couldn’t even push ’em up to 40%? What kind of fucked up gangsta shit is this? It just reeks of corporate greed.

I mostly wanted to know what you guys thought, though. I just had a couple quick thoughts on the subject. So sound off down below. I’m about to go get ready for the Wu panel, and prepare recording setups. If I get arrested on trumped up charges, well, I’ll get out lol. So don’t worry about it, because I’m not.