For the past 3 months (nearing month 4), we’ve been wreaking so much havoc on what the mass media would want you to believe on the GamerGate scandal that, well, it’s almost as if they have thrown their toys out of the pram and have officially declared war on us. For what? Just playing video games? Wanting some ethics? Well, that’s exactly what happened when Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun and Gamasutra published 14 different articles which essentially said the same thing: That gamers are “hyper consumers” who “don’t have to be your audience.” Since then, we have been dismantling the current agenda left and right, calling out pretty much every single Pro Corruption journalist, who in-turn, have responded poorly. It’s natural really, seeing as they expected us to live on our knees. However, what has the scandal taught me? Well…

1) From here on out, the mainstream media is not to be trusted on anything. Ever

Technically, this is the most obvious one, yet the most important. Ever since I swallowed the red pill and learned about the truth about 3 or so years ago, I’ve learned that the world isn’t necessarily all sunshine, fun and games. However, after viewing Sargon of Akkad’s interview with the BBC’s Dave Lee (aka, “Mr. I need to interject with something that we can broadcast”), my suspicions were confirmed. Absolutely nothing in the mass media is to be trusted in any shape, way or form. Don’t forget Libya or Iraq, either.

2) Our sides far more varied

On their side is an evil Homer J Simpson, someone who sold their skeletal being for a lifetime supply of alcohol, another someone that sold their moral compass for a chance to be on Jeopardy, #FullMcIntosh, who’s so dumb, he has to check which ends which whenever he goes to the toilet, and the most unhinged Social Justice Cultists ever, who live on Patreon. Oh, and fat, balding, middle aged men who are too old to have fun, and too soft to kill. Meanwhile, on our side is the FABULOUS Milo Yiannopoulis, a porn star by the name of Mercedes Carrera (No joking!), army soldiers like Slade Villena, and well, pretty much everyone of different color, country and in general, just different walks of life. And we’re the evil ones, how? Given the way you’ve acted lately, I think you’re the evil ones.

3) The old school heroes are dead

Knock knock, Charlie Brooker. Your respect. Your respect what? Exactly. As a result of some prominent people’s sayings, many have lost respect for them entirely. I for example will not be seeing the latest Avengers movie due to Joss Whedon comparing us to the “Klan Day Kare”. That, and knowing how sequels will go, it’ll probably disappoint. Let’s face it, very rarely do they match the original. As for you Mr Brooker, lets just say that as an edgy journalist, you are finished. You’re just faking it now, so owe up to the fact that you’ve had to kiss someone else’s arse in order to protect your own. Tim Schafer, once upon a time, you did have a legendary run of video games, but this whole thing has proven that your legacy is 100% dead and buried in the grave six feet under. And finally…

4) Some people are just too damn dangerous to be holding down their current positions

From McIntosh to Elizabeth Simins, it seems that some people are acting like they’re part of a real world illuminati and they’ve just been exposed world wide. As a result, they have thrown some of the most idiotic sound bites on social media one could ever hope for. Well lets be real, Mrs. Alcoholic, Mr. Fedora, and all you other fat so-and-so’s: if those tweets were just jokes, no one’s laughing. In fact, if anything, we’re pointing and laughing at you guys for being epically incompetent. And as for Gawker, well, they’re essentially the king of the click bait! From their linking to a gangbang video to the Hateful Eight script and the promotion of Sam Biddle (Yes, all of those things happened). Their tone deafness will end up being their (along with quite a few other people’s) downfall. Remember not to blame us, though. You brought it on yourselves.

So in essence, that’s what I learned while I watch the GamerGate consumer revolt unfold. It has quite alot in common with Mr. Bones Wild Ride, in that once you get on it, it never ends. So come on in, stay a while, and lets watch Gawker burn down together.

  1. Love you too Ralph.

    Also yes Brooker takes the biggest hit to his credibility over all of this, I’d love to hear what Doug Stanhope would say on it. He has a long and sordid history so he knows his shit.

  2. Say it like it is, that’s how I like it.

    Now, one of these days, if you stand quietly, ever so quietly, out in the open night sky, you might hear something in the wind. It’s the shrill cry of the collective of hypocrites throwing a temper tantrum, calling for their mommy because the big, bad gamer called them out on their bullshit and he’s so mean.

  3. No matter where the rabbit hole leads us, no matter how this ends, its been a pleasure working with everyone in #GamerGate. We’ve taken the red pill, and we can never go back to how things were.

  4. Spot on. Does Ben Chalk have any place he posts writings on regularly, or is this just a one note thing? I like what he writes.

    1. The original writer here

      No, I don’t have a place I write regularly. I am glad you like the post though. I’ll think about setting up my own blog though, if people like what I write.

  5. To be fair to all parties involved, it’s not really the journalists and such that are the major problem. They can be deposed and taken down through their wallets. When all’s said and done, they’ll end up worse off than Adam Sessler, the King Of Cocaine, because he got out while he still had the chance… albeit not willingly.

    Hell, he even managed to turn all those industry ties into a tidy public relations gig. But even as dodgy as that is, it’s still not the main problem.

    Things like this are the problem.

    It’s the boots-on-the-ground, dug-into-the-trenches, up-in-arms people who walk among us that allow these people to thrive. They work in the industry. They contribute to our open source projects. They live and eat and breathe, mostly on our level.

    And they use the power of rhetoric.

    There are those in the screenshots who see nothing wrong with inclusivity and being fair and open, and that’s because there isn’t anything wrong with it. They see no issues with a Code of Conduct being written up and adhered to, and that’s because there isn’t. They see no no problem with the idea of contributions being held hostage, and that’s where the problem lies.

    This is where the game industry was about a decade and a half ago. The proto-SJWs that became the threat we face today were saying that they simply wouldn’t participate in an industry that was not more willing to toe the line and chase the ever-elusive “more inclusive” ideal. The gamers of the time said, “Fine, whatever.”

    And had the story ended there, all would have been fine. You can’t leverage nothing for something, after all, and that’s all they had to their names. Nothing to showcase and say “This is what I’ve done,” just the promise that they WOULD do something if something were done about all these problematic people saying troubling things.

    But it wasn’t the end.

    It started by spreading their ideas of how things should be, drawing individuals in with shining and sparkling idealism and speeches about how things should be, without addressing how it would come to be like that… because that’s always where the barb is.

    They refuse to coexist. They are not interested in cooperating. They worm their way into the hearts of good people and tell them that everyone has a place, save for the hateful bigots that oppose them. Everyone should be allowed to do what they wish, except the people that don’t fall in line. Everyone is special, but some kinds of special are toxic.

    These are the people that have drunk the Kool-Aid and found themselves empowered by it, even as their bodies die, and persuade others to do the same.

    The journalists that protect each other were brought into the fold, and now they’re waging a holy war against people that have been dehumanized with “misogyny,” “white males,” “nerds,” and so on. We don’t count as individuals anymore, but a faceless mob that’s holding them back from the Promised Land.

    When it comes down to it, that’s what it’s all about.

    Our place in their world is to be defeated.

    EDIT: Holy shit, I didn’t expect to write a novel, sorry. I’d refund your time, but I can’t do that.

    1. It’s a very interesting novel, no need to feel sorry. 😉

      As for the archive link, I suspected what this would be by the very first line after the break. Reading further, it becomes apparent that these people are, hopelessly and probably intentionally, lost in la-la land. The problem is that they want to impose their twisted reality unto others.

  6. We need a list of who its ok to spend our money during the holiday. I know I am not getting Shadow of Mordor or Ass Creed or Far Cry 4. Sure there are other things we should avoid.

  7. Charlie Brooker lost his edge a long time ago.

    It was around the time he started rubbing shoulders with all the people he used to write scathingly about.
    That was the start of the shift.
    Slowly, but surely, he became one of them.
    Not a viewer, commenting scathingly at the dancing morons on the screen, but one of them, trapped behind the glass.

    You’ll note his articles shifted from ripping on the people on TV towards admonishing the cruel, cruel viewers.
    Then outright slamming them.

    He’s still funny when doing it, but that’s beside the point.

    The factor is, while he was up and coming, “they” were the “other”.
    Now he’s one of them, the “other” is us.
    He’s seen too much of the inside and can empathize with the situations and circumstance that his old targets find themselves in.
    What he can’t remember is sitting huddled near the glowing screen, staring at the blinding images like some slack jawed, drooling caveman watching the burning sky ball from the mouth of their cave.

    God bless the old pedophile walrus though, I still enjoy his work even if he stomps in lock step with anti-gg because the right journalists said to do so.

    He can be wrong and still be a good, entertaining person.

    This is something that the anti-gg cannot, for the most part, comprehend.
    To them, you are the sum of the ideologies you support.
    If you associate with the wrong people, you are to be blocked.
    It reminds me so much of the scientologists and their “suppressive persons” idea.

    They have attempted to draw a parallel between this blocking and the GG boycott, but it is a weak comparison at best given the boycott acts as a termination of add revenue and not a blanket shunning of those involved.
    Additionally, the boycott is aimed directly at sites.
    Not people.
    If anything, I’ve noticed GG pays a lot of attention to the people who cause us the most ire.

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