How many times have I told you here on this site that it does no good to try to appease these radical feminists? They will throw you to the wolves at the first sign of disagreement. We’ve seen this time and time again. Joss Whedon may have thought he was immune to this, due to all the ass-kissing he’s done over the years. Today, he found out the hard way that he isn’t. The worm has turned. Whedon has been hilariously chased off Twitter by his own “allies.”

Still, don’t forget what he had to say about us just a few short months ago. It keeps me from feeling very sorry for him:


Also, just in case you think I’m being over-the-top, take a look at McIntosh’s blabbering from early this morning:jRZagbf qkjPWAE nARIvVQ mx7uulmHe said some more dumb shit, but you get the picture. The guy is going off on one of his most well-known supporters. Look at Whedon a few months ago:

So even if you publicly back these cretins, you still get no love? Talk about disloyal. I wish I could say Whedon has learned a valuable lesson here, but who knows if he really did or not. He looks like the type that may take several trips to the woodshed in order to absorb the knowledge he needs. Then again, he may never get it. But either way, it was great to see him find out the hard way what happens when you through your hat in with this crowd.

That’s not all! These same clowns have been trying to blame us for his exist all day, despite a complete lack of evidence:

But you know what there is proof of? Whedon getting hounded by an entire mob of enraged SJWs:


(h/t @atlasnodded)

Oh, here’s another link,in case some abuse got left out above. This whole episode is just another chapter in the quite long “don’t trust ideologically dishonest and craven radical feminists” handbook. Hopefully others will learn from this lesson. You can’t appease people like this. The only thing it will get you, is a swift kick in the ass.

  1. How fucking fitting. Look who had to crawl out of the public eye. I know it’s not fair to kick a man when he’s down but Josh Wheddon… we told you so.

      1. I don’t know. Could be possible he wanted her to be part of a three wa-

        Blllarrrgh!!! Ugh I think I’m gonna be sick. I can’t believe I even went that far….

        Excuse me…. *grabs trash bin* I’ve always found her disgusting… *hurls into it*

        1. You know, I’ve heard a number of people say she’s attractive or pretty who disagree/are against her and I just don’t see it. Especially recently. Maybe it’s just my perception of her being dragged down by my opinion of her being lying, scamming, con artist fraud.

          1. It’s the big-ass nose, it makes it look like she’s perpetually smirking.

            That’s not attractive

          2. I don’t see it either. Maybe it might be some bias on my part also but then again beauty isn’t just what’s on the outside. Her overall character is detestable which in my eyes makes her hideous physically also. Same could be said about certain other people who have a very twisted ideology they are trying to push. If anything I think people might find Anita “attractive” because compared to these other people…. she kinda is (by default). But to each their own I guess and I wouldn’t hate someone for having their own tastes. That’s not for me to decide.

            To me, and I have said this before, CHS is far more beautiful both as a woman and intellectual which I find far more attractive. Hell if I could meet her I’d give her a big bouquet of flowers and (possibly if she doesn’t mind) thank you kiss for all she has done for GG. And ladies and gentlemen she does it with class. I have no shame admitting this.

        2. I don’t know whether to upvote or down vote you.

          Your mockery was great, but oh that mental image!

          1. Listen to your heart… or brain… or…uh… just flip a coin. I won’t be mad either way.

  2. I’m not a fan of being called a white-supremacist, but he has the right to make movies with whatever dialog he wants. I’m surprise nobody’s tried to blame Disney or Marvel, since they paid for and approved the whole thing.
    Personally, I was more offended w/ Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch not being mutants and having more powers than they did in the comics. And don’t get me started on Vision.

    1. You don’t mess with the House of Mouse. If they so wish they’ll send Vader to Force choke them.

  3. I really want to believe he’ll learn from this, but sadly I suspect you’re right. He’ll go crawling back to these censorious fucks. Then it’ll happen again, and again. What’s that old expression? Fool me seven times, shame on you. Fool me eight or more times, shame on me!

    1. We’ve seen this several times, the most recent with Wu. Despite being thrown under the bus and to the wolves, these poor idiots come crawling back to their abusers.

      1. I suspect it’s because people like feeling that they belong. My friend Sam is very much like this, the SJWs go around doing their thing and because he feels he is part of their group, no matter how much awful stuff they do, or even when they turn on him he will always say “Well SJW’s have good intentions”. He knows they don’t of course but if he uses any common sense on his twitter or facebook he is blasted by these fools so he stays part of the herd instead and silent.

        1. It’s true. Nobody wants to be the one who is “racist” / “sexist” / other. Which is why these accusations have worked quite well up until recently, when these people decided to define everyone who disagreed with them as some sort of evil. It’s like the law and crime: It’s only effective if laws are reasonable – if the laws make everyone a criminal, then the law loses it’s power.

          1. Indeed, and the fact that a very large proportion of people have turned against them has made them a lot louder in the last year. I can’t remember who said “Common sense is Kryptonite to these people”,but it’s quite true. They may control certain aspects of the media and have a clique but the vast majority of people can see right through them and that their anti-logic is clearly insane. They’ve done an extremely good job of galvanizing people of all religions, races, genders, etc against them simply by shouting people down who dare to speak out against them and refusing to listen to any point of view that’s not their own.

    2. “This is what happens when you think you can tame piranhas, you get eaten alive.”

      So many quotes, so little time.
      That needs to be put on a T-shirt.

    3. You know what to do, then? Spread the word with as much of the rest of Marvel as possible. Make it clear that if Whedon keeps up his pro-SJW idiocy, the rest of the company should throw his ass out.

  4. >looking through the hate-tweets
    >”If I was your mom, you’d be grounded forever”

  5. I wish I could say I felt sorry for the guy. But then again, he compared me, and everyone I know with similar interests, to the kkk.

    And he threw his hat in with a con artist. And he won’t learn his lesson.


    Fullmcintosh indeed.

  6. Now, a haiku:

    Lay your trust among
    Emotional terrorist
    I can only laugh.

    (please no clapping, it’s triggering)

    1. I’d suggest sitting perfectly still with no emotion on your face, but they’ll probably say that’s a form of rape, too. Everything is rape now. For people who claim to care so much about rape victims, they sure have done an amazing job of making the word totally meaningless.

    2. “(please no clapping, it’s triggering)”
      Fuck you I’m clapping anyway because it’s too good.

      There now you have the clap you so richly deserve.

  7. The thing is self censorship is the worst so him taking himself of twitter because a mobb silenced him is exactly what I wouldn’t want to happen!

    Obviously what he said about Gamergate hurt…nobody wants to be called a misogynist or part of the KKK! But its always the speech we don’t like that we have to defend its just the way it is!

    I do hope he learns from this but even if he doesn’t I want him to return!

    1. Slander, such as misportraying someone’s ideals as racist, does not fall under the grounds of legal free speech.

  8. No surprise here: There’s still a few dumbasses that are trying to blame this on GamerGate, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Man, that’s some mighty strong Kool-Aid!

    Even less of a surprise: Izzy and Butts are trying to spin this as GamerGate’s fault.

    1. Clearly GG made josh live up to his meme and whip SJWs into a frenzy for… reasons.


    2. How exactly are those clowns portraying this as the work of GG?

      I see a whole lotta womyn attacking him and GG is just a bunch white, male, bearded virgins living in their Mom’s basement, right?

  9. It sucks that this happened, behaviour like that of those SJWs is appalling, even if the target is Whedon. That said, I find it hard to sympathise with him. He compared us to the KKK, he got in bed with these people. This is the future he chose. He should have known this would happen. He made his choice and now he puts up with the consequences, just as we all do. I just can’t wait to see how people will declare this as our fault.

  10. I predict that once Age of Ultron finishes it’s run in theaters, he’ll be back on Twitter begging to get back in Anita’s good graces again.

    1. Can’t wait for the excuses

      “Nah I wasn’t driven off twitter…I uh… needed some thinking time and let me tell you how wrong I was with Age of Ultron. I disown that film. It wasn’t me, it was Disney and Marvel…honest”

  11. I almost cried while laughing. And yes, like the 1st one, the 2nd Avengers movie was average. Main heroes are so dull and boring. They don’t connect at all with audience. And Hollywood needs to lay off the cheesy effects (like the Matrix slowdown).

  12. I have absolutely zero sympathy for the man. He chose a side without doing his research, he parroted their bullshit like all the others and he had the fucking nerve to compare us to the Klan. Joss, you got what you fucking deserved. Karma’s a bitch.

    I can only hope he learns a lesson from it, but I doubt he will.

    1. Considering that people like Sarah, Randi Harper, Arthur Chu, Matt Binder and Ashley Lynch exist, I find it very easy to forgive Joss. At least he never said “your wife is just a shield”.

      1. Indeed. I know this may sound a lot more optimistic than a lot of the posters here, but IF he actually manages to learn his lesson from this, and comes crawling over to our side as a result, we should be welcoming towards him in such a scenario. Of course, we should be cautious and have him reflecting on the shit he said about us in the past, but welcoming nevertheless. After all, it’s important to establish how fair GG is compared to the irrational bullies on the other side.

    2. I don’t think he’ll go against them, but he probably will come back and be quiet about the whole thing, neither for nor against. That’s probably the best case scenario,

      1. The best we can hope for from him, that is. We need more people in the public to take a stand against these radicals. Bowing down to them or keeping out of their way won’t do shit except for letting them continue their rampage against everything they perceive to be wrong.

      2. That’s the thing, they are absolutists. You are either for them, or against them. There is no “quiet about the whole thing”. If you don’t toe the line, you are the enemy. As far as SJW’s are concerned anyways.

    3. Deserved? What he deserved for this was a crippling boycott from the pulp culture he threw to the wolves. All he’s doing now is taking the EA games strategy of dropping out of conversation so nobody on any side will be able to criticize him, but even with that alienation he’ll be able to sit atop his high horse and make more money for a while.

      1. That won’t work. They never forgive, they never forget. They may ignore temporarily when it suits them but only temporarily.

  13. No fucks are given. Whedon is the typical “LOOK HOW PROGRESSIVE I’AM GUYS!” beta male feminist cuck. He kissed the Feminist ring and they beat the shit outta him when he dared to step outta line.

  14. “That fact passes without comment on reviews”

    McIntosh positioning himself as “more enlightened” than others. He is all knowledgeable. He is infallible.

    It’d be hilarious if he didn’t have true believers enabling him.

  15. Hahahhaha! Can’t say I feel sorry for him. I will be seeing the movie tomorrow (don’t tell me anything) and see for myself. I don’t mind his work honestly but I wish he would just keep his damn mouth shut. So yeah karma’s a bitch 🙂 also McIntosh for the love of humanity shut the fuck up you whiny piece of dog shit.

    1. Let him speak, Zach , let him speak & show the whole world, how much of a ( full McIntosh ) he is, him and his ilk are slowly but surely showing their true colours, ideological demagoguery that is no different then a authoritarian religious belief!!!, feminism is a religion and it is proving the real name ” feminazisim ” , never stop your enemies from making mistakes, in fact edge them on.

  16. Sorry for shouting this.


    I loved Buffy though

  17. Ralph, It’s articles like this that remind me why I love your site. Nothing makes my day like seeing another SJW/radfem appeaser get rekt.

    The other posters are right about Joss eventually coming back. He’ll quietly pop back on like nothing happened. Same as every other twitter coward who shuts their account off.

  18. Bow down before the one you serve,
    you’re going to get what you deserve

    How does that feel, Joss? Does that sting a little? A little bit? Huh? ‘zat burn just a tad? You built this house, you live in it.

  19. You really think Johnathan McIntosh and a few raving morons on Twitter are on marvels radar? If this was a studio thing there would be a comment. This movie is going to make bank no matter what happens because normal people don’t give a shit what these idiots have to say in fact it would be better if this got tons of press because the public would side with the movie and whedon 99% of the time.

    1. Yea I’ll never be convinced this was a corporate decision. These people just aren’t on that radar. Even if it was 1000 people its just such a small number I can’t see Disney giving a damn.

      I just think it was whedon trying to enjoy his success and ignore this nonsense. If he has no twitter they can’t contact him therefore they don’t exist…problem solved.

      1. They have to do that, they are legally required to. If a company is seen not defending trademarks they can lose them in an instant. Thats why I hate it when a gaming company shuts down a project like a remake for example. They kinda have to or else they risk losing the rights to that IP. They are legally requires to defend that trademark any time they see an instance of infringement so…you can’t really blame them. If you wanna blame someone blame the US government.

        1. Protecting an IP from infringement is an entirely different issue from whedon quoting twitter. They arent even in the same orbit.

          Not protecting IP is a legal issue handled by lawyers and lawyers alone. Doesn’t matter if its an dude in his basement or some etailer using the IP they have to enforce it or else they risk losing it and millions of dollars.
          Ignoring some idiots on Twitter is insanely different and business wise it would be the PR dept a room full of corporate yes men who tow the company line but minimize any negative exposure that they see as damaging…100 idiots on twitter whining about feminism in relation to a staunch women’s rights supporter isn’t going to bother them one bit.

          Whedon didn’t want to deal with the sheer idiocy of these people and he doesn’t need to so he shut his twitter down. You really think he pay much attention to it? Chances are an intern in his office is doing most of the reading anyways. Its grief he doesn’t need so he ignores it the easiest way possible and if you ask me he did what anyone should do when the sjw hate mob decends down on them…ignore them absolutely.

  20. This is like Christmas morning. I just can’t believe how fucking stupid they all look now.

    I couldn’t have written a better way to discredit these people than this. And they just do it to themselves, over and over lol.


  21. Attention McIntosh: “Critiquing” the ‘Damsel in Distress’ trope does NOT then automatically give Anita free license to go ahead and use that thing to further your agenda.

  22. Someone should remind McIntosh that media creators can put WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT IN THEIR WORK BECAUSE IT’S THEIR WORK. Preferably by delivering a testosterone infused beating to him. For at least 2 hours. Seriously, what a little fucking fascist.

  23. Bet McIntosh hears from Anita all the time about how much better Joss is than him and decided to attack. Imagine being McIntosh having to live in the shadow of your puppet girlfriend and then having to watch her matter with somebody more famous.

  24. BREAKING NEWS! A shipping error involving vats of Greek yogurt and vats of semen led Jonathan McIntosh to accidentally consume Greek yogurt. He can’t handle that much culture.

    1. Easily the best post I’ve read today!

      You are awarded the entire internet – use it wisely…

  25. Ha-ho-lee shit. This….wow. Damn. And to think, a month or two ago and they were all chummy chummy, takin’ pictures, having a laugh, fightin’ the power….

    Not so lovey-dovey NOW are they?

    Sad. Just sad.

  26. And Whedon used to be all buddy-buddy with Sarkeesian, without realizing these batshit crazy feminists are exactly the kind of people at Sarkeesian’s beck and call (and Sarkeesian herself is at Jon McIntosh’s beck and call).

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it, Whedon? I fucking hope it does. Maybe next time you’ll actually side with the “nerds”.

    I can’t wait for Wil Wheaton to be torn to shit as well. Maybe then, he’ll wake up and realize that GamerGate could’ve been his friend (and still can be).

    1. I don’t think any SJWs have ever seen the Will Wheaton episode of Criminal Minds lol. Trust me.

    2. Wheaton has been torn to shreds at least a couple of times, once was for “cultural appropriation.” He apologized profusely both times.

      1. I thought the Cultural Appropriation one was Wil Wheaton? Or did the SJWs go after Joss for this wrongthink as well?

  27. A hilarious thought is when the FBI inevitably arrests a lot of these people, watch people like Whedon pretend he never knew them.

  28. I don’t have a clue what “Age of Ultron” is. Sounds like a transformers thing. Anyway:

    He won’t care. He will determine he really was the bad person here and come back with his tail between his legs, just like Max Tempkin of Cards Against Humanity did. A notoriously rabid self-described feminist who was accused of a “rape” that happened over a decade previously as teenagers by an anonymous person on Tumblr. (I put rape in quotes, because it was pretty clear “rape” was meant to describe an uncomfortable or awkward situation and not actually forced sex and the person even said they never thought Max would do anything like that again, but they just couldn’t stand to see him in the newspaper and not be called out for it).

    He did some namby pamby bullshit about how he wasn’t going to deal with her in court or through lawyers and how he felt bad for her if she felt he did anything wrong and blah blah blah blah.

    Then had the very same fellow SJWs shred his ass. Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku wrote a three page long thing basically saying he was a vile rapist and when someone said “wait, you are basically accusing him of rape here”, she said “well, most rape accusations are real, so you do the math”. Rock Paper Shotgun also wrote a long angry article about how Max was such a vile rapist. And even Anna Anthropy, who Max had paid to have attend an indie game conference and get room and board while they were there turned against him. Because “listen and believe”. They flat out didn’t care if he really did what he was accused of by an anonymous tumblr post. That he was accused was enough. They said as much. They said it was his duty to admit to guilt and lead a charge to discuss rape with the world.

    He continues to suck SJW dick even after they absolutely destroyed his reputation.

    So will Whedon.

    1. Why did Kotaku & Rock Paper Shotgun write articles about him?

      I thought their main focus was Vista games?

  29. What happened with Joss Whedon on Twitter ? Social Justice Weasles just backstabbed and ate one of their own, which is something they do all the time.

    His crime ? Not being like them enough. Not being pro social justice enough. Not being feminist enough.

    Can’t say I have sympathy for the man. He was very pro-Sarkeesian when there was no reason to do so, he called a certain scene in Jurassic World sexist when he has such scenes in his own movies, etc. He allied himself with these people knowing full well what kind of people they are.

    Bed. Made. Lie.

    He is just experience the consequences of cavorting with these kinds of people. His experiences are not that different from a high school kid that hangs around the wrong crowd and consequently get f**ked. Hopefully he learns from this lesson. Though I doubt he will.

    As someone who enjoys Whedon’s films and series but not his stance of social issues, I am laughing my arse off, getting a Schadenboner and enjoying the fiasco. Its not every day you see social cannibalism.

    Karma really is a bitch, ain’t it, Joss ?

  30. So, social justice warriors, who are (from the screenshots and storify) are 98% women, have harassed him for days… But only white males do this?

    The irony, oh so fucking tasty, I don’t pity him… because he is a rich fuck, he’s probably getting a blowjob while eating a pizza and lighting his cigarette with a $100 bill.

    Still, look at the names and profile pictures of these people, women, women and more women… yeah, the fucking harassers are predominantly women. How will they spin this now? Will this be news on kotaku? Will they use the term “people took to protest on twitter bla bla about the movie”!? HAHAHA I just can’t… BTW, the majority of the tweets that are in the first screenshot are not in the storify, please edit that if possible, let’s get a vast amount of evidence.

    Add this one to.

    1. The women harrassing him are mostly white as well… is this story going to make it to the MSM???

      If this is “Feminism”, it sure looks like a “hate group” to me…

  31. I find the feminists losing their shit to be hilarious. Even more so the one’s who don’t see Black Widow being brainwashed into an assassin as a bad thing, nope, the only thing they saw was that she can’t have kids.

    1. And it’s only funnier the one’s who think the characters are their actual children. And they say GGers are bad.

  32. I don’t understand why they’d bother.
    The people making the fuss are not their audience, and the noise will just make people more interested in the film (if that is even possible)
    I mean, I know Marvel and other publishers of all media have been somewhat taken over by SJWs, but it’s usually the ones that GENUINELY believe they’re good guy moderates, not the real crackpots.

    1. Damage control when there is no damage being done is not “common sense”

      I get it that corporations are DEEPLY conservative for precisely the reasons you outline, but what I’m suggesting, and hear be out here, is that they are wrong, misguided and entirely fallible.

      Just because this might “work” does not mean an alternative that is not to essentially run away from bullies couldn’t also work, and maybe better.

  33. I want to see the activity of each of these people who shat on Whedon, because i want to further demolish AGG argument of them being “sockpuppets of GG” by showing they were SJWs all along looooong before we even came across.

    Also, i would like to point out that most of the angry people at Joss were pissed because of a romantic pairing (i think?) between Bruce and Widow? Really?

    1. I REALLY want this to be done ASAP, because i can more or less see this coming a mile away.

      All he has to do is to fill up the blank and say: “GG did it.”

      That is why we REALLY need to make it painfully clear to the mentally challenged who are the people who told Joss to commit suicide. We need to know the tweet history of each of these fuckers and leave a nice evidence pile to shove up their asses.

  34. Didn’t he shit talk Jurassic world a month or two ago for the same thing he just got accused of? What goes around comes around I guess.

  35. i know a lot of people would welcome whedon to gg if he popped up and apologized to gg but i wouldn’t go near him with a 10 foot pole no matter how many times he apologizes. he’s just as crazy as them.

  36. If you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

    This should be a lesson to anyone not to show sympathy to SJWs.

  37. I love it.

    That’s what they do, though. They constantly up their standard of ideological purity, and expel anyone who deviates even slightly. They have this velvet rope that they use to keep out the “unenlightened” and they just bring the rope in closer and closer and tighter until it will someday become a noose.

    That or they’ll grow up and realize it’s moronic to throw someone under a bus for the crime of only 95% agreeing with you. But I’m not counting on that.

    1. “they just bring the rope in closer and closer and tighter until it will someday become a noose.”

      Great analogy.

  38. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke. Next bout should be interesting. Probably going to be satisfying no matter what happens. Really getting fond of the old gender war. I mean as wars go, it gets a lot worse than watching Jossy twisting in the wind.

  39. What? People with shifty allegiances and victim complexes turning on each other?

    People who base their principles on a pop culture zeitgeist are poor friends.

  40. Haha! Excellent! Let these cunts continue to eat themselves. I’m so glad his overrated ass is done with The Avengers.

  41. Oh dear god-I-don’t-believe-in, i just found out Arthur Chu is from fucking Albany, NY too. Same as Zoe, almost same as yours truly. UGH. I have this sneaking suspicious he knew of her, but couldn’t get any of that bat shit crazy ass. Hell, he could have even run into her while she was a stripper (you do NOT want to go to strip club in Albany… I only found out they existed a couple years ago and holy shit, can you say “sketchy as fuck” kids? No thanks!) and developed his obsession with her as so many terminal virgins who visit fap factories often do. Seriously, my disdain for NYS is increasing with each day.

    1. Say it isn’t so. I’m from Brooklyn and I can’t believe I’m from the same state as those two.

  42. Dear Joss

    You get no sympathy from me! You actually thought that sucking up to this crowd was actually going to save your ass? Well now you found out the hard way, truth must hurt big time hey maybe you’ll actually understand the cretins that you’ve been supporting the last few months

  43. I’m with you, Ralph and others who feel the same way. No sympathy for the man. As the saying goes “if you lay down with dogs, don’t be surprised to get fleas”.

    I might be able to forgive him in time, but for now, I’m just going to laugh at him like I laugh at Megaphone-chan.

    “Haw haw!”

    1. Appologise to those dogs for comparing them to SJWs. They were triggered you son of a bitch. Oh great now _I_ have to appologise to the dogs.

  44. This is what happens when you house yourself with a den of vipers.

    The only thing I’m getting out of this is that McIntosh probably injecting estrogen into his testes and it’s messing up his head.

  45. Serves the little cunt right, funny, GG is the Klan, but which one formed a rabid mob to lynch his work?

  46. Mcintosser’s statements translated: I don’t like super heroes because I’m a huge pussy who is afraid to fight physically, no matter the situation, so instead, I’ll frame that as a totally unacceptable and barbaric response from a primitive and unevolved man. Therefore, it proves my superiority by redefining the metric used to measure worth. I’ll pretend that every situation can be resolved by kind words, appeasement, and rolling over to expose your soft underbelly to our enemies, who will be so moved by the display of civility, they will cease all hostile actions, and redifine their very goals to align with ours and we can be bestest friends and blow each other all night long.

    Naturally, I disregard and impugn the very people who’s willingness to fight to protect my pussy ass allows me to espouse this pants on head retarded and universally historically disproven theory, because daddy was a military man, and he didn’t let me play with barbie instead of GI Joe.

    1. It reminds me of that music video Thunderf00ts newest video featured with… some nobody and Peter Coffin were singing about being betas and how they didn’t measure their self worth by how many women they slept with. Which is a good metric not to use, especially when the number is 0-1

      1. Well, I don’t use it, my number is 1, married young, made a good pick early on, but being a insufferable pussy is an active choice for them, it’s easy to just stop being a bitch, the double down.

        1. Like I said, its a good metric to not use, but it is especially good when that metric is low

  47. SJW’s/RadFems become more like Scientology everyday, or rather that they are the “New Scientology.”

  48. I didn’t find any of this hilarious. Sure, at first I didn’t care what happened to him. Until I saw that storify with almost 300 abusive tweets (much of it violent threats). And that was just some of it. I haven’t seen any of us endure anything like that. It was sickening. None of us like what he said, but none of condone that kind of conduct either. We are NOT them.

    These people are mentally unhinged and violent. They did this to a man over a MOVIE. Let that sink in.

    1. They did this to a man over a MOVIE. Let that sink in.

      We already know that, it’s why we say it’s wrong.

      We just think it’s hilariously karmic considering he was fine with the lynch mob, until it was turned on him.

      1. Hey, I get it. I was fine with it too. Until I waded through all of the abusive tweets. Almost 300 of them. It took me over an hour. And those were just the ones Astojap collected. There were 3-4 times that many more I didn’t see. I was sick to my stomach.

        After that, it stopped being hilarious.

  49. I’m not really convinced we should lump McIntosh with the rest of the rabid SJWs as he didn’t really do anything he doesn’t normally do. He just gave his same spiel about how the movie was violent and because it was violent somehow promoted “toxic masculinity”. He didn’t mirror any of the things people were calling misogyny (which were almost exclusively tied to how Joss raped Black Widow’s character or something).

  50. I wonder if those SJWs realize that their own actions are pretty sexist by getting mad that a female character, like her male counterparts, has her own demons to overcome rather than just being perfect for no reason. *slow clap*

  51. Screw these feminists. This is why people say women can’t be funny. They can’t even take a joke in a fantasy movie. Fuck these professional victims.

    Oh, and I love how threatening physical violence is called “criticism.” But that’s how it goes. GamerGate brings to people’s attention that a journalist or developer is doing something unethical, and this is called “harassment. Social Justice Warriors threaten violence, and it’s called “criticism?” What the Fuck!

  52. “This was Marvel doing damage control plain and simple. They cant afford to have Whedon become embroiled in a controversy ”
    Sure they can. What harm could it do them? It’s not like people who go to Marvel movies will refuse to do so because SJWs say it’s shit. I mean really do you really think that people hear that Black Widow had to be rescued and there was a rape joke that didn’t actually justify or minimalise rape? Really?

    1. ” I meant as in afford to have this thing blow up and turn into a controversy.”

      But that only matters if it affects the bottom line. The people who would be upset that Tony Stark made a joke that referenced rape are not the sort of people who will see Marvel movies. They’re not the sort of people that will ever determine the profitability of anything but SJW bullshit.

      “I could be wrong about this, but I have a strong feeling that this was a fight or flight sort of reaction to protect themselves from possible backlash”

      There might have been but it wasn’t rational. The SJWs don’t have the power to harm marvel.

  53. Maybe it’s because I’m way too nice about this shit, but should we take him in if he asks for help (figuratively)? I actually feel a bit bad for him, with the death threats and all.

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