I was just talking to someone over on Skype about a recent article that was published by The Daily Beast. The topic of the post? White Boy Shaun King and all the money he has raised off the Black Lives Matter movement. There have been allegations that he embezzled a lot of this loot and the author of this piece seems to be headed to that conclusion herself. But c’mon, guys. We shouldn’t be so tough on poor Shaun. Maybe he needed all that dosh in order to fully connect with his transblackness?

From the article

To be honest, I have long been aware of the suspicions some harbor about how he manages charitable donations. I have groused privately about the veracity of some of his reporting and whether his body of writing met the publishing standards that so many in this business work under. I heard the whispers, the back room talk from people who did not want to be seen as “racist” or acting like “crabs in the barrel” for criticizing King.

So, you refrained from calling out his shady (although, perhaps that’s not the right term since he’s so pale) ass until now because you didn’t want to be called a racist? The writer, Goldie Taylor, is black. Even she’s afraid of questioning the BLM groupthink that has taken over the black activist corps. That’s how fucking pathetic it’s gotten. I’m not sure if it’s infuriating or just plain sad. Also, you have to wonder if the real questions would have ever come if it weren’t for the masterful reporting from Milo Yiannopoulos. Personally, I don’t think they would have.

Back to the story…

His dogged approach to following the minutiae of any given case has netted him a reputation for being vigilant, even if the early facts—as he spells them out—later fall apart. (RALPH: In other words. He frequently spouts shit early on that is later proven to be false.)

[E]ven though King has not been among the thousands of protesters who organized and participated in public demonstrations across the country or lobbied policymakers in recent years, he is widely regarded by media outlets as a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement. (RALPH: This means he doesn’t do anything except run his mouth on Twitter and show up whenever someone wants to put a camera in front of his face)…

Documentation and actual figures are difficult to pin down, but the husband and father of five claims to have raised nearly $500,000 on behalf of families “affected by police violence or systemic racism.” But an examination of public records, published articles, and public statements by King and others associated with his work leave more questions than answers.

Chief among them are: How much money was definitely raised and how much of it was actually received by its stated and intended beneficiaries? Did King use his growing prominence as a fundraiser for social causes to enrich himself?

Ms. Taylor then goes on to document all the questionable fundraising King has been up to over the course of his public career (and there’s a lot of it, so you should read the whole article to get the full story)…

According to its only Internal Revenue Service filing, the company took in $419,000 in 2013. That same year, the company paid out about $198,000 in grants to some 136 recipients. King’s cash compensation, not including expense reimbursements, was almost as much as the grants: $160,000 or nearly 40 percent of total revenue. Several people who launched campaigns on HopeMob complained that payouts were delayed and that the company failed to respond to repeated inquiries. Losing money, and under an onslaught of criticism from would-be beneficiaries, the digital platform was sold and later shuttered altogether. Using his HopeMob platform, King raised over $11,000 to support a gun control lobbying effort in honor of the Sandy Hook victims. However, King is not a registered lobbyist and I could find little or no evidence that he paid an individual or entity to formally lobby government entities…

Since late 2014, King has raised funds on behalf of, among others, the Eric Garner and Tamir Rice families. He opened a bail fund for Bree Newsome, the young woman who scaled a pole on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse to remove the Confederate flag.

Not all of them appear to have been aware of King’s efforts on their behalf and at least one didn’t know him by name.

This guy is just a flat out crook, isn’t he? Not only has he spent his life faking the deal when it comes to his own race, he’s also been piggybacking off the deaths of real black men in order to line his bloodstained pockets. He’s one of the most detestable humans I’ve ever gotten to write about here on The Ralph Retort, to be honest with you all.

Anyway, let’s finish up with the last excerpt from the piece…

It must be said that no criminal or civil charges have ever been filed against King in connection with any of his fundraising efforts. However, the very nature of the causes in question demands a more rigorous and thorough response than he had offered to date. When a family is fighting for answers surrounding the death of a child at the hands of police, the last thing anyone needs is more questions surrounding donations meant to support them…

What is necessary now is a laying out of the books. King can and must open his records, stretching back to his disaster relief efforts for Atlanta and Haiti, for independent inspection. And, when it’s over, he should publish that report online.

It’s time to clear the record. Unless and until he does, King’s credibility as a social justice leader of any note hangs in the balance.

I would say King is already in the shitter, permanently. Then again, just about all these people are fucking charlatans, so who knows. He might be able to dig his white ass out of the fire before it’s all said and done. I doubt it, but stranger things have happened. If I see Goldie Taylor on his dick this time next year, then we will know that she’s just as big a phony as he is.

  1. TLDR version: If you donate based on feelz rather than facts, it’s really easy for people to screw you.

    Also, I think it’s hilarious that people are afraid to question him because they don’t want to seem racist, as those of us who dislike Obama’s policies have been riding that label for 7 years.

  2. So we have a black woman who is hesitant to question a white man over charity fraud because she’s afraid of being perceived as racist.

    We’ve officially entered the Twilight Zone.

  3. It’s amazing that he was declared black until they found out he was ripping off the BLM Movement and then BOOM! Oh noes, he’s white! The White Man are being thugs and criminals again! Despicable really. If he declared himself black and BLM movement took him in, then it’s their own fault!

  4. Milo had a great stream addressing these issues. “JEFFERY” (his actual first name) Shaun King is basically a paid media icon/parasite of opportunity who is just there to make money and get people riled up so they are both distracted and angry. What has #BlackLiesMattered accomplished aside from damaging public and private property, curtailing free speech, attacking the Constitution and generally making all of the nasty stereotypes about black people look accurate? Nothing. It’s all just a con to distract people with negative emotions while other plays go on behind the scene. Dreadful.

  5. “Not only has he spent his life faking the deal when it comes to his own
    race, he’s also been piggybacking off the deaths of real black men in
    order to line his bloodstained pockets.” This line is the crux of all of it. For someone who rides twitter and facecrook day and night–he couldn’t even get in touch with the people he raised money for? Seriously? This fucker is the lowest of the low, he actually makes the poverty pimps of the old days like Sharpe James and Jesse Hymietown Jackson look like credible individuals. There is more than oppportunism at work here–he has multiple pathologies, criminal sociopathy. His first reaction to the two BLM leaders was to pit them against each other, like a rat fink, like a child. Vice did a profile of Doleazal, and her situation actually made sense to me. She is nothing like him–she has been quietly diligently sacrificing, living in poverty, raising children and not drawing attention to herself while she worked hard to help people, putting others before herself. She had her own reasons for passing, and they have to do with her (dysfunctional) family and her hardcore religious background. He however has sought attention from day one, using people, stabbing people in the back, and running game after game. Forget about everything current to do with BLM–the Haitian thing alone is beyond disgusting. But hey, a lot of people put their hands in the pot with Haiti, from Clinton to various celebs. Had he not fucked up so early on in his career as a scammer, he had a bright future ahead of him in those circles–D.C., Hollywood, the big money. He’s already blown his own cover.

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