Slavery – Human Trafficking

Guest Editorial by Pamela Parlin

It’s natural for somebody to be a devil’s advocate in most scenarios, especially against a politician or a president. But yesterday, I witnessed our president pledge to end human trafficking. The support was huge, but there was a lot of resentment for some reason. That reason is that the idea came from Donald Trump.

But first, let’s me be honest and say this Twitter user took the words out of my mouth:

More positivity on the subject:

As human beings, we should all be glad that our president is an egalitarian who supports the freedoms of all individuals and is pledging to help victims of human trafficking. Disagreeing with that is much worse than calling yourself an “anti-feminist” or “alt-right,” in my view (and in the view of any sane individual).

Here are a few examples of people who just have to disagree with Donald Trump, no matter what:

It would in fact be considered disingenuous to deny the fact that human trafficking is an issue that needs to be solved. But a lot of people aren’t trying to find any common ground with this administration, let alone the common ground morality. The regressive left and  the establishment are more concerned with finding any way they can to run President trump out of office…forget trying to actually come together and help solve humanitarian issues.

It shouldn’t matter if you disagree with Trump politically or not, you shouldn’t disagree with wanting to end human trafficking. Politics are warping people’s brains.

  1. There could be an extinction level asteroid hurling towards our earth and these leftist shits would stand on the opposite side of any action taken by Trump.

  2. Define human trafficking. There was a moral panic about 12 years ago that slave girls from the 3rd world were being imported to the United States. One Huffpo writer said the UN said the US was the worst importer.

    But Mickey Kaus of Slate magazine showed the impossibility of it. The customers’ payments would have to cover all the costs — transoortation, housing, food, guards and a profit margin above that. The business could not be entirely secret because it would have to advertise in some way even to let the customers know where to go. The vice squads of our cities would have heard something.

    Mickey Kaus left Slate. I think he was pressured into that. Since he had probably signed an NDA when he was hired we can’t know.

    Then “human trafficking” was stepped down into ordinary prostitution and the pretense was made that was meant all along.

    Then Slate (and othe SJW outfits) , liberated from Mickey Kaus, reported that 50,000 prostitutes were going to service the fans at the Super Bowl in Miami that “brave” stewardesses would tip off the vice squad. Reporting what? Interracial couples? And again there’s the economics. 50,000 prostitutes would be one per fan. Even assuming the universal evil of football fans that means that for a quickie, a customer would have to cover the price of her round trip air fare besides housing, food, etc.

    That also assumed that Miami has no resident prostitutes.

    More recently the same rumor was spread about the Indianapolis 500 except this time it was supposed to be underage prostitutes who would have to be travelling unescorted. Social workers were given seminars on how to handle this. Someone took the number of prostitutes who were supposed to be flying in and divided it by the capacity of a 747 and showed there would have to be dozens of planes just filled with 15 year old hookers to accomplish that.

    Or is Trump talking about the illegal workers from Mexico who, while being here voluntarily, are cheated by the people who transport them and the employers who use them at below minimum wage?

  3. SJWs have gone beyond retard. The best way to put it, they are moronic, deluded, brainwashed, out of touch, narcissistic, braindead, retards. Now if some one could create a new offensive word for all that, we’d be good. Oh wait, lefties.

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