Sometimes you hear something so crazy, that you can’t do anything but laugh out loud at it. That happened to me a couple hours ago. I was alerted to a story by a contributor of ours that still has me shaking my head. The head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, is white. Now, ordinarily there isn’t a problem with white people being in the organization, even holding leadership positions. The problem in this case is, Rachel has passed herself off as black for many years, and has been surrounded by dubious hate crime investigations (ten of them). In fact, one of these bogus sounding crimes is what got her caught up in the first place.

How did the facts come out, you ask? Well, her parents gave media interviews that pointed out their daughter was full of horseshit. Here, meet her parents:CHQOODYVEAIjUmV

Oh, and in case you still haven’t seen the fraudulent Ms. Dolezal:CHQN5jFUYAAW1OT

She appears to use the same tanning oil as Hulk Hogan (OK, Hogan’s is stronger):hollywood_hulk_hogan

I have no idea how this woman was able to get away with this for so long. It just goes to show you how dumb some of these activists are. Though to be fair, she does seem pretty committed to the con. Look at her! There’s more where the above pic came from:5sT5ZgY

Needless to say, Twitter has been having a fucking field day with this one. It seems like everyone is piling onto this woman, and quite frankly, she deserves it (starting with a hilarious vid):

I could literally go on for hours. The social media backed beatdown has only just begun. I think this has even overtaken the LeBron penis flash debacle  at this point. OK, maybe not, but it’s right up there. I’ll come back to this if any more news comes out, or if something especially hilarious emerges. You saw that Master Milo is gearing up to write something on it. I’m quite certain that will be a laugh riot. I’ll come back and post that in here when I get back from the gym, if he’s done by then.


UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from Milo’s column:

Keen-eyed readers will no doubt notice that in many pictures Dolezal shares a stunning similarity to failed video games blogger Leigh Alexander, who is legitimately biracial. It should serve as some comfort to Alexander that once she throws in the towel on her flagging career as a games writer that she could lose a few pounds and step right into the shoes of Dolezal as a Africana Studies professor and NAACP official.Screen-Shot-2015-06-12-at-09.10.35

(Pic from Milo’s article as well)

And some more updates from Twitter:

UPDATE II: The national NAACP is backing her…

  1. This is so lulzy it hurts!

    When SJWs are involved, there’s bound to be a ton of hilarious dirt. I’m excited to see just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

    Someone remind me to go read this lady’s Encyclopedia Dramatica page in about a week. XD

  2. Waiting for that media spin from The Verge and all those other SJW sites. Extra Spin cycle….turn the dial…wash AGAIN! LMAO!

  3. Hmmm, since race is a social construct, from now on I want to be a whitey guy named Cait..oops I mean Carl Gustavetson from Sweden please, I am no longer Leroy Jefferson from the hood in Bronx, yo, I mean folks.

    1. Well hello there Carl. I represent the Swedebro Historic Chatalot Foundation, and we’ve been looking for bright young #wrongskin Swedes to speak about their persecution as white people in inner urban environments. We’d be willing to pay you 10,000 heckle sheckles, the 20$ bills of the Swedish economy, to speak at our next 3 convention events.

  4. That’s it. I’m really a god-damn motherfucking unicorn. And I want to be paid money for being an endangered species. WHAR MAH CHEK IZ @

  5. She wouldn’t be passing herself off as black if she wasn’t benefiting from it.

    This is the problem with affirmative action; it turns a class-based issue into a race-based solution. In the process black people are handed “solutions” that do not fix the problem but do perpetuate an divisive atmosphere.

  6. Does anyone think this “trans-black” woman isn’t a SJW? Because this type of crazy is usually right up their alley.

  7. Cernovich raises an interesting point…if changing your gender is OK, why isn’t changing your race also OK? What if she honestly feels like a black woman trapped in a white woman’s body?

    1. It’s simple.

      Gender isn’t a social construct, there’s a large variety of differences mentally/physically (though nowhere near what misogynists/misandrists believe).

      Race on the other hand has a much smaller difference, the difference between an Inuit & Dinka of the same gender is less then of two Inuit/Dinka of different genders.

      So because of that, when someone is born with Brain & Body not matching, it’s going to be gender simply because an “Inuit brain” in a “Dinka body” isn’t going to be noticeable at all.

      1. But I hear SJWs all the time say that “Race is a social construct” and “Gender is a social construct”, so by their logic, if you can be transgender, you can be transracial, right?

  8. You think that is bad? I just found a picture of the person they are replacing her with….

          1. No Mercy! Maximum Kek Drive engaged!

            here…. look what else fell out of her washbag when I mugged her

          1. It was only rebranded as DARLIE mate in the 1980s
            Its pretty easy to get in SE Asia (including Thailand where I spent 9 wonderful hedonistic years of self imposed exile) as BLACK MAN TOOTHPASTE with the same logo even to this day.

    1. Yo, Dave, Dat’s looks exactly like Tyron, man !!!! My homey from the Magnolia housing project nicknamed (white lips), oh boy oh boy, dem days wer da bomb man, y’all tok me back dere man.

  9. ,,,maybe her parents are actually transcrackers and were born black and now she’s reluctant to race-shame them and out them,,

    But seriously, Milo has had a personal video out about this topic already, and how its affected him. Here:

  10. I don’t really know who the NAACP are, not being from the USA and all that, but I can’t imagine it took this long for people to figure it out, her name is fricking “Dolezal”, that shit has Slavic roots, you will find more color in a bucket of white then in Slavs.

    1. NAACP is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which dates back over a hundred years. While they’ve occasionally been involved in some scummy controversy (look into Shirley Sherrod), their purpose is equal rights of everyone and eliminating racism and discrimination. It was founded by Moorfield Storey (white), Mary Ovington (white) and W. DuBois.

      Of course, the issue here isn’t that this woman is “white”. Its that she was positioning and promoting herself as being “black”, which is what makes it all so fucked up.

  11. I don’t understand why black people weren’t calling her out on this from the get-go (or were they?). I mean, this is *seriously* fucked up on so many levels.

    1. Do an image search on Ben Jealous, who used to run the national level of the NAACP. His mother is black but he plainly takes after his white father. There is a history of laws that placed restrictions on such people, treating the least trace of black ancestry as subject to the same treatment as those more obviously of recent African ancestry. There was also a practice called ‘passing’ where those who could created new lives as whites. (Imitation of Life was a 1959 movie where this was a major sub-plot and drove a lot of conversation back then.)

      So it isn’t uncommon for the black community to include people who don’t fit the profile that comes to mind when someone is called black. Such is history. What this woman did was pure fraud.

      1. “So it isn’t uncommon for the black community to include people who don’t
        fit the profile that comes to mind when someone is called black.”

        This wasn’t started by Black people for the record.

      1. The “wrong” race… I feel like this insane self-loathing racist is just oozing the same kind of martyr complex as your typical Christian. She can’t be “white” because then she’s the “oppressor.” How retarded can people be before they’re committed to a home?

  12. Whiggas have it hard everyone. The kids got made fun of in school, beaten, etc… no one took them seriously, now look what Rachel has done, she’s a role model to all the Whiggas out there. It doesn’t matter your skin color, as long as you want to be another race, it’s completely ok. You’ll be accepted, even by the NAACP. It’s not cultural appropriation anymore.

  13. So if this is allowed I guess we can all check off the “black” box on our college applications right?

  14. Apparently Transracial is a thing now… I am now hoping for a hostile alien takeover now 🙁

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