Let’s face it, when your main claim to fame is being a fake black man, you might feel like you need to improve your street cred. This is the situation that Shaun “Powder” King finds himself in. Since he lacks any kind of moral or intellectual heft his columns usually rely on blatant appeals to emotion, distortion of facts, and flat-out lies. Yesterday was no exception, as he attempted to make the case for rioting in the New York Daily News.

Yes, he seriously did that. Here’s a nugget or two from that shit sandwich…

Dr. King, who was actually a very woke radical, said in a March 1968 speech that “a riot is the language of the unheard.”

Ah, nice. Using Dr. King to prop up your bullshit right from the start. I guess we already knew you were shameless, what with the face race and all.

Mike Brown did not need to be the perfect victim for the people of Ferguson to be pushed too far. Brown was killed on Aug. 9, 2014. Conditions were already so bad on Aug. 8, 2014, that people had every right to revolt the day before his death. His death, in the middle of the street, on a hot summer day, in front of the entire community, was not the lone sole cause of the response that followed, but the very tip of the iceberg. That community did not need for Mike Brown to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in order to be outraged…

Call what happened next in Los Angeles whatever you want — rioting, looting, an uprising, unrest, a revolution — whatever you call it — it must be viewed in its true context. People who very badly wanted to work within the confines of the system were ignored and abused — and they responded like it. Of course riots are ugly. Of course it’s horrendously ugly to burn down buildings and assault complete strangers.

But when a people so far, so often after a while this is what is going to happen.

Over the past 72 hours, what people call rioting has ensued in Milwaukee, Wis. Right away, the racial gap in America could not be more clear.

As critics of the unrest point out that the 23-year-old man who was killed by police there on Saturday, Sylville Smith, was armed and had a criminal record, they simultaneously miss the point and confirm the deep value of Dr. King’s words that “a riot is the voice of the unheard.”

All this can be summed up with a short sentence: It’s OK when we do it.

Imagine if anytime some segment of society felt aggrieved they just went and looted the neighborhood and engaged in targeted racial violence. What if my mom got killed by a black drunk driver and then I got on TV and said it was time to take this violence to the ghetto and burn down their shit? Do you think talking head pussies like Shaun King would write long columns defending me? I don’t. In fact, I think punks like Powder would be calling for my head, comparing to me Timothy McVeigh, plus anything else they could think of.


It’s shameless to go online and defend rioting. In fact, it’s right up there on the borderline of protected speech, in my opinion. King was careful to make a lot of bullshit excuses for the thugs who are rioting in the streets, but he didn’t call for more riots or explicitly back them. Instead, just like Anjem Choudary in the column before this one, King seeks to build an intellectual justification for the radical terrorism of his compatriots. One day he might slip up and go too far, just like Anjem. One can only hope.