White Guilt has become depressingly common in the Western world. The idea that white people today should feel ashamed because of imperialism, slavery and other sins committed by their ancestors may seem self-evidently loony to sensible people, but is frequently advanced in academia and the media, and in fact underpins a lot of actual policies in western countries. The idea that white people owe something to non-whites everywhere is reflected in various forms of “positive discrimination” that favor non-whites and disadvantage more qualified white people, as well as open-door immigration policies and generous welfare states to subsidize the existence of all the non-white 3rd world migrants that cross the open borders.

In recent years, SJWs have aggressively pushed the idea of White Privilege to make extra sure white people are always feeling bad about themselves – after all, according to this concept they’re not just the undeserving recipients of the fruits of colonialism and white supremacy, they’re also unjustly benefiting from a myriad of societal advantages that they’re just too blind to see. In other words, if you’re a successful white person you didn’t actually earn your success (talent, hard work, delaying gratification – those are all just social constructs!) and if you’re a white person who struggles in life – boy must you really suck! After all, being white (and male, and straight) is the Lowest Difficulty Setting in life.

Now, if you’re a white person who buys into this – who legitimately feels bad about all the horrible things other white people did decades, even centuries before you were born, or who thinks Europe and the US has a moral *obligation* to take in millions of “Syrian” “refugees“, despite their rich, Muslim brothers much closer to Syria not taking any themselves, you unfortunately suffer from a mental disorder. Like anorexics convinced they are still obese despite being just skin and bone, people suffering from white guilt are convinced that they are Racist Oppressors, despite actually being so anti-racist it’s cringeworthy, and despite living in countries where the only remaining legal discrimination/systemic racism is directed against white people – hell, even hate crimes against white people don’t actually count as hate crimes.

If you do not suffer from the affliction, White Guilt is remarkably easy to debunk. Let’s start with the obvious point: You are not responsible for the crimes your ancestors committed. Nor are you responsible for whatever bad things people with the same skin color as you are currently doing. And this isn’t just me saying it – the people trying to guilt-trip white people for the historic crimes of their people have no interest in, say, shaming Turks over the Armenian Genocide. And they certainly do not accept the idea that ordinary black people should somehow feel responsible for the disproportionately high black crime rate. I guess Collective Guilt is just another bit of “white privilege” we get to keep for ourselves.

But I think an even more important thing to note is that in terms of history, white people really don’t have anything to feel particularly ashamed about – quite the contrary. Now, don’t get me wrong; white people have most certainly been guilty of war, imperialism, genocide and slavery throughout their history. However, none of those atrocities are in any way unique to white people. For example, if you grew up thinking that slavery was something exclusively practiced by whites, you may be shocked to learn that Arabs at a bare minimum enslaved 10-20 million people. It truly is fascinating how the long, bloody history of Muslims enslaving European Christians has been largely swept under the carpet – even in many European countries! And of course, slavery existed in Africa many centuries before the white man arrived. Slavery has in fact existed throughout history, with all sorts of different groups enslaving each other, but somehow only white people are supposed to feel guilty about slavery to this day.

White people certainly have no monopoly on colonialism either – again Arabs made their presence felt, and Japan has a pretty ugly colonial history too. As for genocide and war, do I really need to point out that non-white people have been guilty of this as well? What I *would* like to point out is that while the historical crimes of white people are hardly unique, their positive contributions throughout history definitely are. As I’ve already pointed out, while whites were in no way remarkable in terms of enslaving others, they most very much stood out in terms of finally ending the practice, and the places where slavery is still commonplace are hardly characterized by white rule.

Ending slavery is just one contribution white people have made to civilization – just think of all the advances in terms of technology, medicine and human rights that were pioneered in white, Western countries. There’s a reason so many non-whites are flocking to majority-white countries – those countries are generally the best places in the world to live. And before you try claiming that the success of white countries is somehow due to exploiting others – it was the relative prosperity and technological advances that these countries had already achieved that enabled them to later on conquer and subjugate other people. And it wasn’t like white countries never gave anything of value back to their colonies either.

History isn’t for the faint of heart – it’s full of war, genocide and oppression. And predictably, the bigger and more powerful the country, the more likely it is to have committed atrocities at various points in time – territorial expansion and wealth accumulation was in the past much more likely to be a zero-sum game. It’s telling how Japan, a rare big non-white country that rivals the most successful Western countries in terms of both wealth and technology, has such a blood-stained past. You don’t become a Great Power by always playing nice. Feeling guilty about that is silly.

But that sort of Guilt is indeed another unique thing about whites today – you certainly don’t see this sort of nonsense among other people, even citizens of non-white Great Powers, as comparisons between the old Axis powers Germany and Japan make clear. White Guilt is morally, intellectually and historically indefensible, and the consequences of it are about to become devastating and irreversible, as even the likes of the Dalai Lama have pointed out. It’s not a sign of moral advancement, it’s a mental disorder – and all sane white people need to push back hard against it. Doing so doesn’t require any hatred on your part – just a rejection of absurd self-hatred.