No matter what you think of Milo Yiannopoulos, you have to give the man credit. Very few people can trigger the special snowflake brigade like this guy can. News broke a couple hours ago that he will be receiving $250,000 for his upcoming book from Simon & Schuster.  There’s more details on Amazon if you click the picture below. It is scheduled to be released on March 14th, 2017.

But the part I came to talk about is the full-scale meltdown happening on Twitter right now over this news. Zoe Quinn seems to be close to taking her own life (stay strong, dear!).

For fuck’s sake, those were supposed to be Zoe’s shekels!
“Waaaah, why does no one care to listen to me whine all day?!”

Sarah Silverman is going off. Oy vey! How dare she insult a young Jewish writer. Where is your solidarity, woman?

Some dude who I never heard of is mad.

And now Milo is apparently a Neo-Nazi. That will be news to The Daily Stormer, who recently featured a photoshopped pick of Yiannopoulos being put into the proverbial oven.

There’s much, much more.

I can’t imagine why this woman would be upset about Milo’s new book.

Lol, good luck, sweetie. It’s called the free market. Eat shit or refuse to honor your contract. Hopefully the suits at Simon & Schuster decide to sue your ass into oblivion if you go that route, though.

Anyway, I’m sure there will be more salt throughout the day. Looks like these types are gearing up to try and takedown the book, which will of course net Milo even more money in the long run. Great idea! No one ever accused these dumbasses of having any sense, though.

  1. I can’t say I’ve been a fan of Milo’s for quite a while but I do thank him for the salt provided by liberals.

  2. Jesus H. Christ, I dropped out for nearly a year and this dick holster is still cashing in on that victim narrative?! Fuck me, I’m in the wrong line of work. (Just to be clear, Milo is NOT the dick holster I’m speaking of)

  3. Book or no book…this all works out for Milo and these fucking retards don’t understand that. The more they bitch and whine the more exposure he gets. He’s currently trending on a platform that banned him. Keep pulling your hair out, SJWs and Milo will keep cashing in.

    1. One of the reasons I want to see Milo get the press secretary gig for the Trump administration is that would then force Twatter to either bend the fuck over and allow their ban to be flagrantly violated or to ban the press sec’s account and send their own stock into yet another freefall when Trump himself jumps on and starts calling twatter’s leadership “nasty”, “losers” and “terrible” etc.

  4. Can’t wait to see what Milo’s book is gonna be, also Zoe Quinn go back to where you belong aka the ash heap of history.

  5. This is why SJWs are hated. When a company or someone does something they disapprove of, they log onto social media and go all out to attack, shame and smear that company/person until they cave in, retract the “offending” material and issue a grovelling apology.

    The latest victim to fall foul of this behaviour at the time of this post is some celebrity called Steve Martin, who had the audacity to compliment his friend, the late Carrie Fisher, on her beauty. You can guess what happened with the feminists after they saw this.

    Anyway, good on Milo. Anything that gets the salt flowing from these libtard SJW feminist faggots is always a good thing.

      1. Indeed. Because Trump got elected and with the rise of alternative media and anti-SJWs (like myself), it seems to have made the atmosphere “less fearful” for companies to do things which SJWs object to.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are still far too many companies that cave in and grovel to SJW complaints, but I feel that tide is slowly turning.

        I wish Western video games developers wouldn’t pander to those fucking SJW degenerates.

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  6. Good. Goooooood let the salt flow through you. I can FEEL your anger. Your hate has made you powerfully stupid.

  7. I’m going to pre-order it today!

    SJWs hate free speech. They think they’re the only ones entitled to express themselves. If Sarah Silverman, the odious Lena Dunham, the odious Amy Schumer, etc. can get book deals, then why not Milo? If you don’t like what he has to say, don’t buy it and don’t read it.

  8. Well, I know what my dad’s getting for his birthday!

    (I know, right? My dad became a fan of Milo a while back. The world is definitely weird.)

  9. LOLOLOL. Zoe needs to quit whining and grab her ankles, because she’s going to get reamed so hard, being able to take 5 dicks at a time isn’t going to prepare her anus for what Milo’s book has in store for her.

    Remember, Gamergate boosted Milo’s career, and since Chelsea is the catalyst for GG, it’s a given that Milo is going to have a few choice chapters about her. We’ve already seen the damage he did to Nick Nyberg and Randi Harper when he made articles about them, so we can only imagine the nuclear blast coming her way when the book drops.

    It’ll be OK Chelsea. You’ve got enough time to change your name and backstory. You’ve already changed your life and name several times, so what’s one more time anyway? Good luck, cunty.

  10. Zoe so desperately wishes she could become famous. All that work she has done in driving a narrative that says she was the prime target of a woman hating campaign by white nazi’s, and it’s come down to this. No one gives a shit. She tried to start up her harassment website. I guarantee no one gives a shit because it ended up being a platform for high profile cases, which to my knowledge has yet to receive any. Everyone else was turned away because they were nobodies who couldn’t launch their business into orbit.

    She couldn’t even work her way up to Anita’s level. Zoe Quinn needs to phone it in and go back to creating text games where she belongs, a nobody like the rest of us. No one wants to see tattooed, body pierced individuals on their TV screens or books or even games. It’s really only welcomed in the music industry. Go home, Zoe. Your internet 15 min of fame is OVER. You missed your chance. You spent too many nights fighting with others about who’s #1 victim. Anita swooped right in and took that shit from all of you. Trash that bitch already because she deserves it and you MIGHT gain some respect and some $ signs before your lame movement of man hating comes to an end.

  11. Weren’t all these people gleeful when Milo got kicked off of Twitter? But he’s getting the last laugh from the Twitter graveyard.

  12. SJWs are nightmares. I don’t remember a time in my 20s when I didn’t vote Dem but these nutjobs drove me right out of the party with their idiocy and offense culture. They have killed humor almost entirely.

    1. She’ll get no pity from me. I’ll never forgive her for making Depression Quest. Although I will regard her as a necessary evil, her usefulness is now over.

  13. Richard Spencer popping up to point out that Milo is NOT a “leading white nationalist” is too fucking funny. My sides.

  14. I just thought when the book comes out I think that he should have a free gift rapped copy sent to Five Guys Zoe and maybe have one sent to Leslie Jones with a thank you card

  15. i’m not entirely sure of the stuff involved but isn’t calling milo who is a british citizen a white supremacist, and a neo-nazi actionable under british law as something like libel/slander?

  16. Zoe’s only accomplishment is her evil pus filled shit heap of a game Depression Quest and that game sucks so much I made it my 64th and final game(A personla wiki rule of mine is that I usually end adding articles after my 64th, though I also do 32, 16, or 8, depending on my expertise on an area) article on my Crappy games wiki, and two blogs ripping on it. One blog compared it to Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties and PDWT was the better game.

    The other I added before but there are some new insults.

  17. Currently Milo’s book is Amazon’s #1 bestseller and that makes me happy. I’ll definitely give it a read. He’s an amazing writer and I do hope there is a chapter or two about GamerGate since we’re not getting a full book dedicated to it.

  18. Thank you libtards, your tears have been delicious. I’ve already preordered Milo’s book! Suck on that!

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