Here’s Sargon of Akkad‘s new video, which follows up on some of what I wrote last night about Anita being completely disingenuous when tweeting about the “danger” of someone taking a picture of her now-plump face. This happens to celebs all the time, as I pointed out. Anita was simply continuing her victim-buck$ primadonna routine. Let’s hear what Sargon thinks  inside. I’ll be back within the hour with a new post. I know GamerGhazi hates it (they seriously made a thread about that lol)  when I tell you about my real life, but I feel like it keeps people informed. In that note My cat ran off and by the time I found the little son of a bitch, I was too tired. So I just went to sleep. But today, I’m here for the duration. Also I MIGHT do my own stream later this evening, but we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted here, of course.