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Why Amy Schumer is Standing on Patrice O’Neal’s Grave

It is hard to accept when someone you used to trust backstabs you. You gave them access to your work, to your friendship, and to a degree, your personal life. Then, they betray you and use all the information you gave them against you. First you smile in disbelief, then very slowly, your disappointment mixes with anger towards the traitor. Then it just spirals down from there.

Can it get worse? Of course it can. It is much worse when the traitor backstabs you after you have passed away, then makes millions of dollars by stealing your work. Not only that, but does so publicly and blatantly, that multiple people confront them, and what do they do? They keep lying.

To add insult upon the injury of pissing on your grave, the traitor does not give a cent to your surviving family members and even has the gall to publicly deny over and over any wrongdoing by playing the victim. That level of dishonesty is truly hard to match, isn’t it?

Well, that is exactly what happened when feminist traitor Amy Schumer cynically stole several jokes from the late and extremely talented comedic legend Patrice O’Neal. She made millions from her HBO special (by the way, O’Neal wasn’t the only one she stole from) but has so far given ZERO dollars to Patrice’s family: Partner Vondecarlo Brown, mother Georgia, stepdaughter Aymilyon, and sister Zinder.

(There is a yearly benefit to help Patrice’s family. Buy tickets here. Also, please consider purchasing the upcoming documentary on Patrice O’Neal’s life. The man was a legend)

Schumer even had the gall to deny her theft and play the victim despite the fact her theft of Patrice’s work is blatant as fuck. Take a look:
How can someone like Amy Schumer become such a parasite? Why would Amy be gravestanding on Patrice O’Neal’s memory? Here are but a few of the reasons…


Amy Schumer is Jewish BUT very, very privileged

Oppressed jew

When it comes to Jewish people, some wrongly assume they all are middle class or rich. Truth is, in Israel they have a rising population of homeless people. And wherever you have homeless people, it is safe to assume you will have social classes. Where would Amy Schumer fit in the social strata if we put her in Israel? Well, since she was raised in a wealthy upper class home in Manhattan, she is also unlikely to have ever been homeless or one of the many unfortunate homeless drug addict females in Tel Aviv. But now that Schumer has amassed millions of dollars from movies and HBO specials she may “reveal” struggles from her past, the kind of things feminists falsely do to create pity before they start selling a memoir and make millions again. But Amy Schumer’s chances of having been poor enough to sleep on the streets and almost freeze to death or homeless without a chance of making ends meet are slim to none.

Simply put, Amy Schumer would be rich as hell if we put her in Israel.

But this begs the question: How can someone so privileged and fortunate be so lazy as to steal Patrice O’Neal’s work? Well that would lead to reason number 2.


Amy Schumer’s Slow Decline Into Mediocrity


Note: Uncensored pic here

We have all met women who looked youthful and attractive then at some point, something horrid happens and they just start growing outwards, swelling uncontrollably. But even worse, they become blind to their own lack of fitness. Amy Schumer went through the same stages when she was an unknown in 2006. Back then, she had to put some effort to stay attractive and relevant. But as certain feminist trends progressed and as the glorification of mediocrity increased in the last 10 years, her fashionable fatness kept swelling along with her bank account. The process of irreparable complacency did not stop with her first 20 pounds of overweight as we will see in number 3.


Amy Schumer became a “do nothing bitch”


Note: Uncensored pic here

As athlete Ronda Rousey put it “do nothing bitches” tend to just be pretty and try to bang rich guys to become “trophies”. The reality is that “Do nothing bitches” are glorified social parasites with a vulva. As soon as they get the money, they stop trying and get either fat, pregnant, or both. The same thing happened to Amy Schumer. She just got the money by telling jokes (instead of bagging a rich guy) and then stopped trying. Think about it with from a retarded feminist point of view: Why would she try? What for? She is already “#1”. Right?

why try harder
If Amy Schumer was male 
See, that’s the problem with money. Sometimes it makes its owners blind to their own fatal flaws. Being fat may look “cute” in Amy Schumer’s case, because that’s what feminism has been falsely telling women. It’s “OK to be fat” regardless of the dire health consequences. It is almost as if we were not talking about adults.


Amy Schumer is a not an adult, she is a childish feminist without integrity

fat piggy
Feminism prevents reasoning and as a result, the individuals infected with it become infantilized. They simply lack the discipline to accept their own bad decisions and they often make the bad decision of avoiding exercise. Feminists are like fat children that prefer candy instead of real food. Amy Schumer is not far from that, because like many other feminists, her diet is mostly whatever junk food children age 7 eat.
Here is the fatal flaw: Feminism does not tell women that they don’t look cute when they are “chubby”. Quite the opposite, feminism tells them:

Looking like a standing pig is a reason for “pride”

Amy Schumer is the perfect example of a stunted adult, intelligent enough to play tricks on stage, but blind enough to believe the lies that feminism tells her. The rub is, if a woman like Schumer makes mistakes or makes herself look like a buffoonish-pig, in the feminist language she is not an idiot. She is “brave”. No wonder feminists are so mentally nutty. They “never” make mistakes, it is either “bravery” or the “patriarchy”, but nothing is ever their fault.


Amy Schumer is an American role model for mediocrity



“It doesn’t matter what you do, if you believe in yourself you WILL NEVER BE ugly or dumb” 

That is, in a nutshell, what feminism falsely teaches women: Glorified mediocrity & laziness is as fashionable as feminism itself. Amy Schumer’s allegiance to the religion of feminism and her brand of “fashionable” weight gain are directly related. But the problem is that this allegiance to unhealthy habits leads women into religious delusions like this:

scale smashing

By their flawed #FatAcceptance “logic” feminists “cannot” be wrong, because, guess what? Like children, they have a false justification for nearly everything:


Amy Schumer is the embodiment of feminism’s #FatAcceptance of physical mediocrity, it is their fat “mascot”. See, the problem with wealthy idiots is that they influence the dirt-poor idiots. Unlike most people, Amy Schumer was born in a privileged set of circumstances. Financially speaking, she won the ovarian lottery. Being lazy, overweight, “funny,” and sexually promiscuous sells her brand, but the average Jane? She does not have her millions and often ends up believing she can do all of the above without paying any consequences.

How about the average Jane facing the reality of unwanted pregnancies? What Schumer’s brand of false pride fails to tell the average Jane is that being fat makes them progressively unattractive and hard to want. It gets worse, since being morbidly obese, smelly, and hairy makes them just godawful-boil-on-the-ass-ugly and sexually repulsive. How about hypertension, diabetes, and heart attacks? Amy should tell her feminist followers that her delusional brand also prevents all health problems related to obesity.

Oh wait, that would be a lie, just like feminism itself.


Amy Schumer feels so inferior, she envies Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is also a Jew, but far wealthier and more talented than Schumer. But she “feels” that is unfair because Seinfeld “somehow” discriminates her. Witness how she spectacularly struggles to make sense of her feminist child-like feelings, (while Joe Rogan keeps giving her rope to hang herself) trying to accuse the “horrible greedy Seinfeld” for not giving her his money. (skip to minute 9:30)


If you thought the hashtag #GiveMoneyToWomen was idiotic, now you know where it came from: Feminist parasites with childish minds like Amy Schumer.

See? Like most feminists, Schumer connects her perception of the world to her childhood and her current child-like feelings, because she conveniently forgets she is not a child anymore. Like most feminists, she wants to be a girly Peter Pan, the eternal child with all the legal rights, but none of the responsibilities.

Obviously, here is the little quote from Jerry Seinfeld after he was accused by feminists of only “hiring white males” for his show. Almost as if the same feminists wanted him to #GiveMoneyToWomen because of “patriarchy” reasons.

Jerry Seinfeld


Amy Schumer is a PARASITE joke thief just like Carlos Mencia


Just like Amy Schumer, Carlos Mencia was a thief that would regularly and blatantly steal other comedian’s jokes. Just like Amy Schumer, Mencia was a fat fuck who lacked the discipline to work out or put down the carbs, hence the need to steal: Lazy, fat fuck behavior.

If a guy is too lazy to exercise, often they will be too lazy to write their own material and will instead start stealing. That is what Mencia did, until Joe Rogan famously confronted him on stage and proceeded to give him the most majestic and painful public sodomization in the history of comedy (so far) exposing Mencia for the liar he is. It was painful to watch, but 100% earned. Behold Mr. Mencia’s rectal trainwreck courtesy of Joe Rogan’s throbbing & unstoppable verbal Jiu-Jitsu:

After the public beatdown Joe Rogan gave him, Mencia partially cleaned up his still bleeding act and lost the weight all thanks to the public disgrace he experienced. (but to this day, he still walks funny.)

Unlike Mencia, Amy Schumer is very, very unlikely to be confronted on stage the way Mencia was because she is a woman, thus telling her she is a filthy thief would be “abusive & misogynistic”.

See? Women are not supposed to have any accountability or integrity because feminism makes them big children in the bodies of adult women. By the way, don’t forget to #GiveMoneytoWomen because “patriarchy”. (Nah, just trolling… Fuck feminism with a rusty crowbar)



Picture Note: Yes, Amy Schumer is eating a pastry while “exercising”

So, let’s put two and two together: You have a feminist like Amy Schumer, who was born rich and privileged. She also has a giant inferiority complex AND a giant chip on her feminist shoulder against male comedians like Jerry Seinfeld. Add to that the fact she is visibly lazy, overweight and complacent. Therefore it would stand to reason that if she CLEARLY does not have the discipline to put down the carbs much less to sit down and write her own HBO special. It would make more sense that she ran out of time and instead of writing her HBO special, she sat down to watch other people’s work and blatantly stole joke after joke.

Possibly, her inflated ego made her believe nobody would notice OR that people would not dare criticize such a “cute & pudgy” thief-comedienne.

Oh Amy Schumer, you truly are a spectacular feminist idiot if you expected the internet to believe you. 

We could spend all day debating whether her if nearly identical jokes are an act of theft. But such endeavor would be wasteful since feminists like Schumer would keep lying and playing victim on her behalf.

But to save time, let’s use the principle of Occam’s razor, which states that the simplest explanation is very often the most likely to be true. Let’s consider the following two case scenarios for Schumer’s potential act of theft:

A) Amy Schumer was visited by the ghost of Patrice O’Neal who became a feminists in the afterlife and the now feminist ghost of Patrice confessed to Amy Schumer he felt guilt for the thousands of  rape jokes he cracked throughout his career and as a form of atonement, Patrice’s ghost gave Schumer permission of using ALL of his jokes as long as she did not give his family any money right away because Patrice also wanted to prank them all the way to the year 2035.


B) Amy Schumer is a fat & lazy thief who shamelessly stole Patrice O’Neal’s jokes.

I do not know about you, but I am gonna go for option B. I’ve never seen a ghost, but I have seen plenty of fat liars, especially of the feminist variety.


How dare you stand on Patrice O’Neal’s Grave Amy Schumer?

You spectacularly dishonest human being.

 Thank you for reading.