Why GamerGate Still Matters

Why GamerGate Still Matters

This article is based on a 8chan rant I wrote a while ago

Nowadays, I often see people in various right-wing circles (/pol/, the Alt-Right communities etc) dismiss GamerGate, treating it basically as a joke, or an example of SJW co-option. Of course, there has indeed been dissatisfaction with the direction of GG within the Hardline Anti-SJW faction that I myself belong to, at least since the events that caused Internet Aristocrat to dump the hashtag. That said, while there are plenty of things to criticize about both individual GG e-celebs and GG as a whole, the consumer revolt is still important and valuable, and the arguments for dropping out or not getting involved make little sense to me.

For example, take the argument that it’s silly to waste time on GamerGate during this huge Culture War that’s currently raging throughout the western world – what exactly do these people think GG is? Actually it’s about ethics in gaming journalism is an Anti-Gamer meme pushed by SJWs, and just because some people in GG were stupid enough to adopt it as their mission statement doesn’t mean everyone have to. Indeed, not only does GG represent a culture war within the world of video games, it’s perhaps the most important culture war currently going on.

Look, I love video games, but even if you don’t (you might think they’re degenerate, you might argue gaming today sucks because the industry is so corrupt etc), you have to recognize that video games no longer represent a trivial niche interest – the video game industry has eclipsed the movie industry, making it a major cultural force. Andrew Breitbart pointed out that politics is downstream of culture, meaning that culture (maybe *especially* pop culture) shapes how the masses think about political and moral issues. With that in mind, imagine the consequences of SJWs hijacking a multi-billion dollar industry, and using it to Indoctrinate millions of kids and teenagers. Or maybe you’re one of those people who think the Left gaining full control of the movie and TV industry didn’t have any lasting negative impact?

Thanks to GamerGate however, gaming sites or games pushing the SJW Narrative will consistently be called out and ridiculed, greatly complicating the plans of SJWs to subvert the gaming industry for their own ends. Propaganda is less effective when you’ll always have a loud group of people telling others that they’re being subjected to propaganda. Many in GG might deny that them opposing a politicized gaming press and SJW agenda-pushing within the gaming industry would count as them fighting a culture war, but at the very least what they’re doing slows down the spread of the SJW infection – something all /pol/acks and Alt-righters should be able to appreciate.

Another argument I see right-wingers use to justify dismissing GamerGate is the US election that’s taking place this year. Now, I certainly agree that this is the most important thing going on this year, and that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a complete disaster for not just the US, but for Western Civilization as a whole. However, what the right-wing GG skeptics are ignoring is that gamers could very well be their ace up the sleeve against Hillary. The woman doesn’t just have a horrible record when it comes to video games, she has also exhibited all sorts of SJW tendencies that would disgust any gamer that has for the last 2 years been fighting to protect his hobby from SJWs. Hillary’s anti-gamer history also ties into all sorts of other weaknesses that could potentially harm her with young voters, from being old and out-of-touch to being technologically illiterate.

Sure, Trump once posted a throwaway tweet bashing video games and gamers – but the fact that GamerGate’s greatest champion, Based Milo himself used to be a far more outspoken anti-gamer than Trump makes it easier to place this dumb tweet in its proper context. Plus, there’s a lot for GGers to appreciate about Trump’s campaign against political correctness and the lying media. Furthermore, having themselves been at the receiving end of hysterical smear campaigns carried out by the media, GamerGate has taught tons of gamers (many of them left-leaning) just how biased and dishonest so-called journalists really are. Increased receptiveness among gamers to the idea that media coverage often completely misrepresents reality could potentially be one of the most important legacies of GG, which shouldn’t be discounted just because it doesn’t cause gamers to go Full /pol/ overnight.

That said, the last time I checked out 8chan /pol/ I *did* see a bunch of anons saying GG was the one event that Red Pilled them – hell, I myself have moved way to the right because of GamerGate, and become far more aggressive in questioning the Narratives I’m being fed by the media and so-called experts – about everything from the Donald Trump campaign to the Crusades. And the thing with people that open up their eyes and realize they have been lied to by so many people, for long, is that we generally end up being very outspoken about the things we’ve learned from such bitter experience. The long-term impact of many thousands of gamers being exposed to the lying media and left-wing propaganda at its worst is something that can only be guessed at this point – but I have a feeling it will matter more than many people think.

The last two common arguments I see against right-wingers/Anti-SJW people bothering with GamerGate has to do with it supposedly being co-opted by SJWs, and not achieving anything of note. Now, on the first count I certainly would concede that there are plenty of SJW Lites within GG – and I certainly won’t defend the pathetic cuckery going on over at GG’s Reddit hub KotakuInAction. That said, since when was running away the best way of dealing with SJW infestation? You may get banned from KiA for dropping too many truth bombs, but the SJW Lites lack the power to kick you off a hashtag – and the knowledge that your continued presence in the hashtag they want to hijack Triggers them hard should if anything serve as an additional motivator to use it frequently, and to keep spreading the kind of information *you* deem valuable. Also, Pro-Free Speech, Anti-SJW GamerGate communities do remain, like Voat’s GamerGate subverse and the Boogeyman of Boogeymen, GGRevolt. Supporting and helping grow communities like those instead of just complaining about how bad places like KiA have gotten seems like a good, constructive approach to me

As for GG not having achieved anything – I’m actually planning a couple of articles on that subject in a not-too-distant future, but for now it should suffice to say that the consumer revolt that played a key role in killing Gawker, one of the very worst SJW outlets around, is hardly ineffectual. Hell, back when I first wrote this rant, GG had recently helped get Pro-Pedophile SJW Alison Rapp fired from Nintendo, and was pushing back hard against the SJWs tainting Baldur’s Gate with their Bullshit. True, we haven’t been Burning Down corrupt gaming sites on a regular basis – but by merely consistently fighting and mocking SJWs on social media we have profoundly demoralized them.

So yes, I would definitely say that GamerGate hasn’t just been an important, positive force for the 2 years it has existed, but that our best days might very well be ahead of us – for example, just imagine the shitstorm that would be generated if Hillary Clinton pulled a Trudeau and officially condemned GG! For now though, don’t cede GG to the enemy, certainly don’t cede video games to them, use the tag loudly and often, knowing that by doing so you piss off all the right people. To paraphrase the world’s most famous Shitlord: Make GamerGate Great Again!

Christi Junior

Infamous #GamerGate Hardliner featured in the Washington Post. Nintendo fan. Screw your pronouns.

  • DisneyVillain

    Oh Christy Junior, I may be of some help with your articles. It’s not much but I did do a Gamergate article on my Awesome Games Wiki. I’ll link it below. http://awesome-games.wikia.com/wiki/The_GamerGate_Movement Both my Crappy and Awesome Games Wikis have some articles dealing with SJWs. My Crappy Games has a subcategory called SJWs in Gaming and my Awesome Games has SJW Fails.

    The articles are under protection because an SJW heavily vandalized many of the articles on my Crappy Games Wiki.

  • DisneyVillain

    There are two major reasons why I sided with GamerGate. One was when I learned Anita Sarkeesian used the Marysville Philchuck high school shooting to discuss “toxic maculinity” which I found vile as the shooting occured only 24 hours earlier. Before that I was completely neutral about her and GamerGate. The second was when I played Depression Quest to see what all the talk was about. I’ve already said what I needed to say in several Zoe Quinn articles.

    I may not be as good at debunking as Seattle, Sargon, AlphaOmegaSin or Ralph. I may not be good at a debate like Silence Dogood (I remember an earlier article’s comment section where Silence destroyed an SJW in debate and have respected him ever since), but if there is ever anything I can doto help, I do it.

  • It’s a fact that all the corruption in games journalism and feminist gender politics in video games comes from the regressive leftist SJW politics that has currently infested the entire mainstream media, news media, academia, education, politics, government and all of entertainment media.

    This “sexism/racism in gaming/comics/movies/etc.” stuff is not random and did not happen overnight. It is a carefully planned and highly-funded political scheme that is designed to indoctrinate, restrict free speech and maintain control of the public. Video games is just one of it’s targets.

    Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of Ethics-Only / Moderates still fail to grasp this simple explanation. I’m starting to think that some of them are actually intellectually dishonest SJW-lites deep down.

    Oh well, inB4 some ethics-only whelp yells:

    “It’s about ethics!”
    “I don’t care about SJWs and feminists!”
    “I left GamerGate because it started fighting against SJWs and feminists!”
    “I left GamerGate because it started fighting against politics!”
    “GG has already won because we made games journalists make disclosures!”
    “We are not like SJWs! So sit back and don’t attack them!”

    • scemar

      people tend to get stuck in denial when one idea conflicts with other ideas

      for many, maybe they cannot accept the rest of the bigger picture because it clashes with other parts of their politics, the pieces don’t fit together so they reject it because the alternative would jepardize other parts of the narratives they believe in

      • I remember having a debate with some Moderate moron on Tech Raptor last year. He may have even been a staff writer there, I cannot remember.

        He claimed he was on the side of GamerGate, but whenever I tried to explain to him that – GG’s original core principles is the advocation for ethical journalism, freedom of expression/creativity, free speech and anti-censorship; and that SJW’s ideas enforce censorship, restriction of expression/creativity, policing content and anti-free speech – he defended the SJW ideas like as if his life was on the line, using the bullshit excuse of: “SJWs should be allowed to inject their ideas”.

        It was pathetic, and he completely reeked of an SJW-lite. Cannot believe this person had the gall to declare himself on the GamerGate side.

        • Iso

          Probably his livelihood was on line. Once you get in bed with the SJW Cult and ways of life, you’d be hard pressed to give it up and actually want to earn a proper living when it’s handed to you if you tow the line.

          • I think he was a staff or guest writer for them as well, I cannot remember.

    • Throwingrocks

      You want to fight SJW’s on their terms, with their terms, with them dictating the arena of the fight, who moderates the fight and who determines who wins the fight. Fine. You go do that. Nothing is stopping you.

      Unfortunately you and your ilk decided to drag GamerGate into that too. And it’s fucking amazing that we have held our own so far, with so much against us – it’s a new language to us (we don’t speak “Gender Studies” very well), it’s a rule-set that is stacked against us and ever changing, we have few allies with any actual power outside of Milo (and even his amount of power is debatable) and the majority of the power structure is either outright against us (including those who were our protectors a decade ago) or don’t care about us at all.

      We should have been doing our best autism-spectrum impression on the games media, and other media reporting on GamerGate, pulling up facts and provable information to dispute their biased crap. We should have been setting up a half dozen Deep Freeze type sites. We should have been in constant communication with advertisers about the unethical practices of their media partners. We should have been promoting the shit out of neutrals and supporters who were factually correct, not just supporters. We should have been focusing on the grind and on Games first and foremost.

      Instead we got dragged into a competition where we were showing the world that they were both right and wrong about us – we were a bunch of insular little assholes willing to do whatever it took to defend our turf, yes. But we were a diverse meritocracy that did not care about gender, race, sexuality or anything other than “Are you good? Yes? Cool. No? Do you want to get good? Yes? Cool.”. That our divisions were more between Console Peasants and PC Master Race and X-Box vs Playstation than any of the divisions they tried to impose upon us (Whites vs Everyone Else (ie: African Americans), Boys vs Girls, Straights vs Non-Straights, etc.) We proved that their way of dividing the world simply didn’t apply to Gamers.

      And after all that, we’re still here – and many of our opponents are not. It’s fucking AMAZING.

      That being said, while Gawker is gone, the Social Justice movement is moving ahead almost unhindered. The school my kids go to is introducing a new sex-ed curriculum that is designed for all ages, from kindergarten to Grade 12. And while on one hand it does seem like a pretty good thing… it comes with the downside of teaching about “Rape Culture” in the high school years, and before that teaching them a whole lot of stuff we get to see all over Tumbler (“Self-Concept” in Grade 6 (11-12yr olds) “Sexting” as Harassment and/or bullying in Grade 7, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in Grade 8, etc.) which on the surface look fine, but as we have ALL seen during GamerGate, this shit goes crazy once you actually get into it.

      It’s not a fight that GamerGate can win. We can be PART of it, but it’s just not what we’re good at. We’re like Military Engineers, not Infantry. We build and maintain the stuff Infantry use to fight on the front lines. You and your ilk have been using us on the front lines, and we’ve done a decent job, but that’s not where we should have been.

      It’s too late to reverse course now, but hopefully you and yours can learn from the mistakes of the past and learn to be the generals you see yourselves as – and that means learning what strengths groups have and deploying them appropriately.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        I’m going to lay it out for you man because I’ve seen you here making the same post alot of times. The truth is that ethics or even principles or basic morality cannot exist in a world where the SJWs are able to command the political or cultural platform.

        The truth is that whether you like it or not the anti-SJW platform and community predates the gamergate hashtag by many years and has effortlessly outlived the effectiveness of the gamergate hashtag and it only continues to grow. Being anti-SJW is bigger than being a registered member at the slimepit, it’s bigger than being a regular at /pol/, it’s bigger than having been with #gamergate. It transcends personal politics and it’s a growing community without a real label and that’s just fine because those labels as they’ve come and gone have been nothing but signposts.

      • All you’ve done in the vast majority of your post is preach down to people on YOUR OWN worldview of what GamerGate should be about and what they should and should not do.

        You don’t actually argue against or debunk anything I’ve said about the source of the SJW politics in video games. It’s like you’ve put the blinkers on, ignoring any facts from other sides and gone full speed ahead on the Ethics-Only road, implying that anyone who ‘dragged’ GG away from the ethics path is in the wrong.

        That sounds pretty narrow-minded to me.

        I’ve kept an eye on and have been fighting against the SJW monster for almost 6 years now, even BEFORE GamerGate was a thing. So I have a pretty good idea of how they operate. And I can tell you that they do NOT operate on facts, logic and reasoning whatsoever. The more their dissenters wait and stay soft and quiet and restrict themselves to separate sectors (in this video games), the better it is for them.

        And for the record, I didn’t even “drag” GG away from the ethics path. I still fought for the ethics as well. I just wanted the movement to EXTEND to other sectors where SJWs and feminists are infesting, because the GG movement really was something special. As Christina Hoff Sommers herself has said, in all her decades fighting against radical feminists, she has never seen a movement as good as GG which is able to successfully stand up to and fight against the SJW-feminist monster.

    • Iso

      I dare say GG adopt what Rock music did to an extent when parents tried to ban rock and stuff and carried on regardless. Surely the developers will see themselves out of pocket for continuing this trend of being SJW’s and such. Look at Nintendo in Japan, they do not fuck around and will continue to develop games despite people protesting about their pedophile pal Rapp. I don’t think Right or Left can be separated anymore in politics as both are as corrupt as each other.

    • ghostlife

      The moment you play “count the jews” in marxism, feminism, banking, Hollywood, globalism… suddenly it feels like an episode of the X-Files.

  • Kathleen Bannan

    I think Gamergate is very important. Gamers aren’t the only people that have been sick of being constantly misled or even outright lied to by the media. They’re not the only ones sick of seeing a paid reviewer raving about how much they love a pair of headphones only to buy it and find out it’s crap. For the longest time, people just put up with it. What could we do? Gamergate hit home with many people because of just how dissatisfied we were with these conditions. For the first time a highly visible group showed people that we could do something about it. Don’t go to websites that mislead you. Don’t give them money even inadvertently. It seems like common sense looking back. Over the last two years it has really hit home on a massive scale that you can fight back.

    Gamergate has also taught people not to just flat out trust what even well-known and respected publications have written. There is so much news out there presenting guesses and assumptions as fact. At first the Olympic swimmers were robbed by people pretending to be police. Then the swimmers were “definitely” lying and had really just been fined for breaking things in a bathroom. Finally, the footage comes out and we know what ACTUALLY happened. People are waking up to the fact that the news outlets, the people who are supposed to be telling us what’s really going on, aren’t being completely honest with us. Sometimes even flat out lying to us. Not only is this problem being discussed, it’s being highlighted by people that dedicate their own time to dig up the video or files related to whatever is actually going on. Those people are in turn showing other people how to look up this information. Gamergate is damned important. It’s teaching people to double-check information before accepting it as fact.

  • Mykeru

    I like how the first few comments here are so long. Gamergate mattered to a lot of people. It was a lot of fun when it started.

  • scemar

    truth is, gamergate was a game changer

    and for good

    whatever it has happened to it, whatever it has done or failed to do, it doesn’t matter

    before gamergate and after gamergate the world is a different place and I’d say, a better place

    the enviroment, the narratives, the ways people are free to act, the ways I hear people talk

    before gamergate, it was like a silent war, defeatism, desperation
    many didn’t bother speak, would be afraid, or didn’t know what to say

    now people have are more open, they are more aware of what is going on, and they are sort of take it for granted that we’ll win

    isn’t that wonderful?

    I never participated in gamergate but I’ve always been a strong supporter of many things that meld into what gamergate was about, support for honesty, transparency, the removal of those regressive politics corrupting media and politics and preservation of freedom in games

    I thank gamergate for what it did in the fight against the political subversion in games, and introducing new people to the idea that politics are something worth fighting for

  • ghostlife

    Main benefit of gamergate is that it + Trayvon + Michael Brown was a triple whammy that woke thousands

  • Rene

    This is what happens when you try to let SJWs taint your hobby. If SJW Lites keep this kind of shit up, Bioware and other gaming companies might go bankrupt and go total boycotts from white customers as well.

    Yes, we’ll continue fighting for the anti-whites as well cso the AltRight might gain traction against Anti-white idiots like these 2.

  • utera

    The picture sums it up on journalism…
    Social justice is a secular religion, there is no reasoning with it, so those who went “ethics only” trusted in the honor of people who have none.
    It was a battle of exposure, to wake the normies to the hypocrisy and irrationality of the sjw, and frankly at this point, the left.
    Feminism and marxism in the educational system is a slow drip of poison many didn’t notice, but the lecturing prudish school marm of Anita and co simply threw it in peoples faces and drove it home in a way people couldn’t ignore, and red pilled a generation of gamers I’m sure. The further they took it, the more their eyes must have been opened, Anita at the UN, their trust in the system, the wisdom of adults and the media must have been shattered and they were better for it. I’m not even mad at Anita, I never was, it was a gift, which is why I always found it amusing when they described us as angry.

  • GodBowser

    What could Gamer Gates next achievement be?

    Help any of the people that are currently backing the development of the PC port of Retardation 60 to see that their being conned out of their hard earned money and maybe get the con artist behind it charged with committing fraud?

    Get more people to wonder if Twatters trust and safety council is doing what it was originally suppose to and and start to wonder if any of it’s members might be abusing their authority?

    • Mykeru

      These are great ideas.

  • The_Positivist

    Given that Oprah’s feminist shithole Oxygen declared GamerGate “#1 most dangerous anti feminist group”, I can only say : I 100% agree with everything you say in this article.

  • The_Positivist

    As Sargon wisely noted “everyone in GamerGate is a leader of GamerGate”. Individualism trumps Collectivism ( pun intended ).