This article is based on a 8chan rant I wrote a while ago

Nowadays, I often see people in various right-wing circles (/pol/, the Alt-Right communities etc) dismiss GamerGate, treating it basically as a joke, or an example of SJW co-option. Of course, there has indeed been dissatisfaction with the direction of GG within the Hardline Anti-SJW faction that I myself belong to, at least since the events that caused Internet Aristocrat to dump the hashtag. That said, while there are plenty of things to criticize about both individual GG e-celebs and GG as a whole, the consumer revolt is still important and valuable, and the arguments for dropping out or not getting involved make little sense to me.

For example, take the argument that it’s silly to waste time on GamerGate during this huge Culture War that’s currently raging throughout the western world – what exactly do these people think GG is? Actually it’s about ethics in gaming journalism is an Anti-Gamer meme pushed by SJWs, and just because some people in GG were stupid enough to adopt it as their mission statement doesn’t mean everyone have to. Indeed, not only does GG represent a culture war within the world of video games, it’s perhaps the most important culture war currently going on.

Look, I love video games, but even if you don’t (you might think they’re degenerate, you might argue gaming today sucks because the industry is so corrupt etc), you have to recognize that video games no longer represent a trivial niche interest – the video game industry has eclipsed the movie industry, making it a major cultural force. Andrew Breitbart pointed out that politics is downstream of culture, meaning that culture (maybe *especially* pop culture) shapes how the masses think about political and moral issues. With that in mind, imagine the consequences of SJWs hijacking a multi-billion dollar industry, and using it to Indoctrinate millions of kids and teenagers. Or maybe you’re one of those people who think the Left gaining full control of the movie and TV industry didn’t have any lasting negative impact?

Thanks to GamerGate however, gaming sites or games pushing the SJW Narrative will consistently be called out and ridiculed, greatly complicating the plans of SJWs to subvert the gaming industry for their own ends. Propaganda is less effective when you’ll always have a loud group of people telling others that they’re being subjected to propaganda. Many in GG might deny that them opposing a politicized gaming press and SJW agenda-pushing within the gaming industry would count as them fighting a culture war, but at the very least what they’re doing slows down the spread of the SJW infection – something all /pol/acks and Alt-righters should be able to appreciate.

Another argument I see right-wingers use to justify dismissing GamerGate is the US election that’s taking place this year. Now, I certainly agree that this is the most important thing going on this year, and that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a complete disaster for not just the US, but for Western Civilization as a whole. However, what the right-wing GG skeptics are ignoring is that gamers could very well be their ace up the sleeve against Hillary. The woman doesn’t just have a horrible record when it comes to video games, she has also exhibited all sorts of SJW tendencies that would disgust any gamer that has for the last 2 years been fighting to protect his hobby from SJWs. Hillary’s anti-gamer history also ties into all sorts of other weaknesses that could potentially harm her with young voters, from being old and out-of-touch to being technologically illiterate.

Sure, Trump once posted a throwaway tweet bashing video games and gamers – but the fact that GamerGate’s greatest champion, Based Milo himself used to be a far more outspoken anti-gamer than Trump makes it easier to place this dumb tweet in its proper context. Plus, there’s a lot for GGers to appreciate about Trump’s campaign against political correctness and the lying media. Furthermore, having themselves been at the receiving end of hysterical smear campaigns carried out by the media, GamerGate has taught tons of gamers (many of them left-leaning) just how biased and dishonest so-called journalists really are. Increased receptiveness among gamers to the idea that media coverage often completely misrepresents reality could potentially be one of the most important legacies of GG, which shouldn’t be discounted just because it doesn’t cause gamers to go Full /pol/ overnight.

That said, the last time I checked out 8chan /pol/ I *did* see a bunch of anons saying GG was the one event that Red Pilled them – hell, I myself have moved way to the right because of GamerGate, and become far more aggressive in questioning the Narratives I’m being fed by the media and so-called experts – about everything from the Donald Trump campaign to the Crusades. And the thing with people that open up their eyes and realize they have been lied to by so many people, for long, is that we generally end up being very outspoken about the things we’ve learned from such bitter experience. The long-term impact of many thousands of gamers being exposed to the lying media and left-wing propaganda at its worst is something that can only be guessed at this point – but I have a feeling it will matter more than many people think.

The last two common arguments I see against right-wingers/Anti-SJW people bothering with GamerGate has to do with it supposedly being co-opted by SJWs, and not achieving anything of note. Now, on the first count I certainly would concede that there are plenty of SJW Lites within GG – and I certainly won’t defend the pathetic cuckery going on over at GG’s Reddit hub KotakuInAction. That said, since when was running away the best way of dealing with SJW infestation? You may get banned from KiA for dropping too many truth bombs, but the SJW Lites lack the power to kick you off a hashtag – and the knowledge that your continued presence in the hashtag they want to hijack Triggers them hard should if anything serve as an additional motivator to use it frequently, and to keep spreading the kind of information *you* deem valuable. Also, Pro-Free Speech, Anti-SJW GamerGate communities do remain, like Voat’s GamerGate subverse and the Boogeyman of Boogeymen, GGRevolt. Supporting and helping grow communities like those instead of just complaining about how bad places like KiA have gotten seems like a good, constructive approach to me

As for GG not having achieved anything – I’m actually planning a couple of articles on that subject in a not-too-distant future, but for now it should suffice to say that the consumer revolt that played a key role in killing Gawker, one of the very worst SJW outlets around, is hardly ineffectual. Hell, back when I first wrote this rant, GG had recently helped get Pro-Pedophile SJW Alison Rapp fired from Nintendo, and was pushing back hard against the SJWs tainting Baldur’s Gate with their Bullshit. True, we haven’t been Burning Down corrupt gaming sites on a regular basis – but by merely consistently fighting and mocking SJWs on social media we have profoundly demoralized them.

So yes, I would definitely say that GamerGate hasn’t just been an important, positive force for the 2 years it has existed, but that our best days might very well be ahead of us – for example, just imagine the shitstorm that would be generated if Hillary Clinton pulled a Trudeau and officially condemned GG! For now though, don’t cede GG to the enemy, certainly don’t cede video games to them, use the tag loudly and often, knowing that by doing so you piss off all the right people. To paraphrase the world’s most famous Shitlord: Make GamerGate Great Again!