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Let that sink in. The diversity that counts is the one academia condemns: Intellectual Diversity.

The bearded man above is Canadian professor Gad Saad. You should take note because he makes more enemies per day  than you or me in our whole lifetimes.

Unlike many others in academia, he has mastered the art of making enemies by telling the truth about several religions such as: Feminism, human sexuality, organized religion and gender politics.

Overall, he is an atheist to the religion of feelings and subjectivity. An Atheist, Lebanese, Jew, Evolutionist, Academic that won’t lie to spare your feelings. He dresses in black. He is based. He has earned the respect of millions.

His powerful nickname? The GAdfather.


Not only is he knowledgeable, articulate and charismatic, the GAdfather also has the balls of steel needed to make many, many enemies in so many different fields of dogma on a daily basis that could hardly be counted. All by telling the truth with zero politically correct protocol both in person and in social media.

In many ways, he is far, far more based than based mom CH Sommers and Milo because he is neither gay nor an elderly lady. He does not have those shields at his disposal.

Let me give you a brief example of how based this man is. During the recent events at Depaul University where Milo was assaulted and his speech disrupted by Black Lives Matter criminals, the GAdfather minced no words and immediately condemned their criminal actions, behold:


 First he directly blasted Black Lives Matter criminals:















 Then he directly blasted his own leftist academic colleagues for not condemning the actions of BLM criminals



 Then he directly blasted DePaul Authorities:




 Then he told DePaul authorities they had no balls:




 Then he started blasting BLM sympathizers:






 Then this hateful witch radfem came into the scene:






 She kept insisting…






And insisting with her sheer stupidity… 






Until the GAdfather exposed her







Then he succinctly told her to GTFO





And remarked her sheer idiocy  


Despite the fact radfem Lisa Marr is a LAW librarian she was so cynically hateful and opposed to free speech that she earned her own featured article here at theralphretort




But the GAdfather is not vulgar, mind you, most of the time he is quite the opposite, he is a gentleman and possibly one of the most civil human beings you can encounter.

The stark difference? He just won’t lie to spare your feelings. That in and of itself is unalloyed blasphemy to feminists and SJWs.

Granted, he still is part of academia right? So it would at least stand to reason that he has to match one of the following three categories:

  1. Knowledgeable but boring and often socially inept (STEM)
  2. Charismatic but their knowledge is either lacking or ornamental (Humanities)
  3. So knowledgeable and charismatic that they should not be teaching (CEO/Mass Media Host)


Problem is, professor Saad does not quite fit any of the three categories above simply because usually academics in category 3 tend to be hypocritical enough to skillfully lie and avoid making too many enemies even if tenured or working for mass media conglomerates.

Professor Saad is in fact tenured yet he keeps telling the truth about us human beings without mincing words and with little regard to the customary politically correct hypocrisy that characterizes academia.

His academic honesty has cost him plenty opportunities because the leftist mass media, either tries to censor him or avoids him altogether.

Again, as mentioned in category 3, because of his charisma and knowledge, he should instead be working in media producing documentaries.

But his delivery is a catch 22, he is so honest that the average leftist media outlet either tries to excessively censor him or avoids him altogether to prevent hurting the feelings of their leftist audience.

Quite a paradox to be so good and honest yet not marketable enough despite being a marketing professor. However, professor Saad’s talent has caught the attention of people like Joe Rogan.

That was when professor Saad truly hit a massive form of online alt-mainstream simply because Joe Rogan does not care that much about lying in order to spare feelings either. Plus, Joe’s censorship is so minimal that is negligible when compared to the draconian censorship of old media TV stations.

Add to that the fact that Joe Rogan’s new media audience is so massive and internet-based, he does not have to censor academics like Saad, at all (besides, Joe is far more outrageously vulgar in his own right)

Suffice it to say that Joe Rogan liked professor Saad knowledge and delivery so much that he has become a regular and every time he is featured, Gad’s audience grows exponentially. You really have to like someone to have 3-hour conversations torturing your bladder, three times over two years.

To top it off, what makes Professor Saad remarkable is that he delivers the information in a fascinating mix of both layman and academic style full of real humor and the end result is that audiences rarely ever doubt what he meant. Perfect match for podcasting.

His class resembles his podcast appearances. It covers the evolutionary roots of consumer behavior, which include subjects as varied as human mating, sexual signaling, dark side consumption (pathological gambling, compulsive buying, eating disorders, pornographic addiction), intra-sexual competition (which includes male-on-male violence), among countless other “triggering” topics.

Suffice it to say that if feelings shaped objective reality, he should have been fired long ago. His evolutionary psychology knowledge is evolutionary poison to the regressive creationist mindset of feminists.

If Milo is the “gay sandpaper condom of fact checked truth” then Professor Saad is “the giant barbed jackhammer of fact-checked evolutionary truth who reams the whole excavator arm of knowledge up the rectum of leftist academic hypocrisy with verbal sand as lube.”

In perspective,


Legend says the direct language used during his class has deflowered and prolapsed too many feminist “feelz” to count. Not a single drink was ever bought.

Add to that he is Lebanese-Canadian, Jewish and on the bronze side of the skin color palette and you have a very difficult target for feminists to hit without sounding either racist or antisemitic.

“White privileged man”? Good luck with that. He is straight and cis-gendered but other than that he is part of a protected minority made of SJW teflon.

Did I mention the language used in his class is a nightmare for feminists? It is truth without protocol. This makes you wonder what kind of people feminists need to be in order to be automatically upset by the truth.

If you attend it and you happen to be a feminist/SJW, you will very likely experience immediate & intense metaphoric rectal discomfort because professor Saad  openly rejects the need for trigger warnings and will only give you one single quasi-trigger warning per semester along these lines:


(It is not a joke, he actually offers one per semester. That is it.)

This begs the question: If he is so brutally honest why hasn’t he been fired by the largely leftist academia?

The answer is simple. He is too precise and talented.

See, here is the thing about the GAdFather, he exercises the precise professional separation of feelings from facts. Plus he does not have much competition. To most, what he does in a semester is career suicide. To him? Just business as usual.

Also, look at him, to be fair, he looks like a tanned & sexy jewish papa smurf with tons of academic swag, who would have the heart to fire him?

Plenty of SJWs would want to, I know, but by looks alone, he looks like Ron Jeremy had been designed by Pokemon artists. The GAdfather is adorable-looking erudite “truth-savage” who hit the ovarian lottery both in looks and intelligence.

sexypapasmurfBTW, if you go to his TL, every photo of him looks like #Gadporn, and no, I did not invent that term, he did. How many academics would do this?



Jokes aside, stating facts is a sin to the religion of feelings and feminism and in that regard, Gad Saad is sometimes reminiscent of  antitheists of Christopher Hitchen’s caliber.

For all these reasons and many more, you should buy his his book the consuming instinct.




Look at the cover, look at that bright red giant price tag attached to a sensual nude female. Look at her bright & red everted lips suggesting beautifully engorged labia.

It is a cover that is 100% unapologetically stating women and their sexuality are the original source of advertising.

It really is a great enjoyable and brutally honest read about what makes us biologically human & I cannot recommend it enough.

Click here to buy his his book:

The Consuming Instinct

In conclusion, the man is objective and as a result, his humor is so outrageously honest that is a delight to hear him explain things.

See, here is the things about human beings like Gad Saad, he finds comedy where others can’t because he THINKS about life which is the antithesis of those feminists and SJWs who see mostly life as a tragedy. Why? Because they “feel” everything. Or, as Horace Walpole said:




Compare the behavior of  feminists vs Gad Saad’s and you will soon realize that feminists are so unhappy and bitter simply because their thoughts lack quality while men like Gad Saad are the living opposite of theirs.

The lives of feminists are too often a public display of wilful emotional misery and impulsiveness. Marcus Aurelius got it right almost 2000 years ago.

aurelious -quality

Thank you for reading.



Here is a collection of some of the best of Professor Gad Saad has produced to date

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*Watch the 15:00 mark, he manages to tell a few academics how intellectually dishonest they are to their faces, at their university. Gloriously unapologetic and #BasedGadFather is the barbed jackhammer of fact-checked truth.




*His presentation at Concordia TEDx (I know TED sucks but he got away with offending them)












DISCLAIMER 1: What you just read is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent anybody but myself. Truth with zero protocol was used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I said based on my Troll status.

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