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Let’s address the elephant in the room: The 2016 Feminist Girlpower Ghostbusters movie is a feminist lie because a patriarchal man is directing it, not a woman.

This is fact is conveniently ignored by most feminist outlets, because frankly, feminists feel intense shame for this humiliation to their noble ideals.

How could they not? Sony had one job and got it wrong: Sony failed to live up to the feminist ideal of women being fully independent by chaining the whole production to the decisions of a patriarchal white male.

Sony pictures could not give the most important role in the movie to a female director which only confirms that, contrary to their claims, Sony executives did not trust the project and their money to women.

Instead, we have a white patriarchal male director by the name Paul Feig using and abusing women as his highly glorified puppets to obey his every patriarchal whim. How objectifying patriarchal and humiliating to all feminists on earth.

Paul Feig is the embodiment of the patriarchy controlling and objectifying all the women in the Girlpower Ghostbusters production. He decides what is done with the professional lives of all the women he commands. He controls them just like the patriarchy does.

*Did you like my impersonation of an outraged radfem Jezebel writer?

Me too but at this point I am done imitating Jezebel.

Let’s get real.

See, the reality of a project like the Girlpower Ghostbusters is that it is a fabrication, the women working for it have been merely “empowered”.

Their false “power” is ornamental. It is a fabrication to give their bird-brained female audience something to cheer for. This ornamental power is like feminism itself: False power given to women by men.

In this case, Paul Feig is the one giving false power to feminist toddlers living in the body of adult women. The partial adults working for Feig are so gullible, many do not even notice a man is directing their professional lives and the rest pretend not to.

This movie is an exercise on the contradiction of the one thing feminists want to liberate themselves from:


Now, these women are submitting to exactly what they are supposed to reject: Male control. But why do the women in the audience cheer for a feminist lie like the Girlpower Ghostbusters?

In other words, why do feminist lies like this work?

The answer is very simple, feminism is a religion and like most religions it sells imaginary facts for real money.

Think about it, the imaginary fact sold by the Girlpower Ghostbusters is that women can make their own successful movies AND Sony expected real money from this feminist lie.


Problem is, Sony is far less crafty than most religions and failed to understand the basic concept of marketing and demographics: The vast majority of the Ghostbusters fans are within the fans of sci-fi demographic and at least 66% of them would be males in their 30’s and NOT feminist millennials.

Furthermore, the female fans of the original Ghostbusters list themselves as conservative and republican-leaning, so a leftist feminist fiasco like this is unlikely to appeal to them.

By polarizing and alienating this giant size of their potential market, the producers of this feminist fiasco reduced their chances of making their money back to possibly less than half. To top it off, the producers and the director even secretly bragged their target market for this film would be the same as for movies like Bridesmaids, not males.

However, this major oversight could have been temporarily camouflaged by using another convincing lie AKA a superficially good-looking trailer.

Guess what? Sony failed to even do that and instead spectacularly succeeded at creating the most disliked trailer in youtube history to date:

trailer 1

For those keeping track, if the demographics of men in their 30’s was imaginary, wouldn’t the feminist millennials have changed the tide and instead have made the trailer the most liked one in history? That did not happen. The inconvenient truth is that those millennial feminists have completely failed to change the tide.

Someone who has kept track of all of these market metrics is Carey Martell, (BTW, visit his blog at his article on the Ghostbusters fans, their demographics and how Sony completely missed the mark is extremely detailed.

Now, this spectacular failure of feminists millennials “empowering” their own Feminist “Girlpower” Ghostbusters trailer is deliciously unfortunate and only highlights Sony’s delusional miscalculation driven by feminist ideology.

Correlation is not causation but in this case, it does seem that Sony executives royally screwed themselves with sand instead of lube.

With these decisions, Sony execs are dousing their own money with feminist gasoline. The box office will be the lit match.

Now, it would make financial sense that Sony would try to save their already invested money and either create a better lie in the form of a much better trailer, or do some re-shoots, right? Well, trailer number two seems to be headed in the same derided and fecal direction. Behold its excremental glory:

In case you were wondering, this is the like-dislike ratio for the second trailer, it seems it is doing even worse than the first one.

trailer 2

Why would Sony release it via Comicbook. com? Hard to say. Maybe it was either shame or just a bleak attempt at “testing the waters”, almost as if they did not already know they are charting the same old sewage waters of their own making.

See, here is the problem with polishing this Girlpower Ghostbusters TURD. It does not matter how much they try to make it shine, it will stay fecal.

This is simply because the source material appears to be a giant unfunny TURD itself and the different agencies in charge of making these trailers are failing miserably at crafting a convincing lie by creating the illusion of quality and humor where there is likely very little or none.


But why would the producer Amy Pascal and the director Paul Feig make a movie against their own profit?

Simple: feminists favor narrative over facts and, as it has been pointed out before, the people behind this film are supremely arrogant.

Hang on…Feminists making idiotic financial decisions based on ideology and not money? Does that sound familiar?

Let me illustrate:

leigh and sony2


FEMINIST NARRATIVE:“Male gamers don’t have to be your audience”

OBJECTIVE REALITY FACT: Yes they do, take their money.

FEMINIST NARRATIVE:“Male Ghostbusters fans don’t have to be your audience”

OBJECTIVE REALITY FACT: Yes they do, take their money.

Neither Amy Pascal, nor the feminist fans nor the feminist media will accept their failure when the Girlpower Ghostbuster’s fiasco bombs. They will instead start blaming anything that looks or sounds male for their own idiotic feminist driven decisions.

That lack of accountability is the mark of feminism; it makes women who embrace it perpetual toddlers in the body of adults. Feminism, in and of itself, mimics a perpetual form of childhood. When you do not let children learn from their mistakes, they are doomed to never grow up and forever blame others for their flaws. Feminism is a prison with invisible walls.

To make matters worse, the leftist media does exactly that with feminist toddlers every time they publicly blame someone else for their failures. The same happens with the failure of projects like the Girlpower Ghostbusters, which the press blames on “sexism”, “misogyny”, or their own version of Satan: “the patriarchy”.

The leftist media and feminists themselves also have the bad habit of flinging feminist excrement at people who openly and frankly say the feminist Ghostbusters project is so excremental that it does not even deserve a review (as we have previously seen here at


There is a small chance the movie will not bomb but that would require it making 700 million or more at the box office so that it can break even or turn a small profit.

Chances are, it will bomb spectacularly and the patriarchy will be hilariously blamed for it.


Moral of the story: When feminism shoots itself in the foot, it uses a shotgun and runs out of toes in one single shot.


Thank you for reading.

NOTE: Make sure you circulate this offensive overweight and sexist pink logo of the Girlpower Ghostbusters on social media. (Or click here for the much worse version with very, very offensive ghostly neon nipples)

Feminists may or may not have some metaphorically adverse rectal reactions to it.



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