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Imagine the following hypothetical case scenario:

During a rally, Hillary Clinton is interrupted in mid-speech by an anti-Hillary supporter who tries to climb the stage but fortunately he is stopped by security. The result in the leftist media? There is an outpour of sheer outrage and the leftist media immediately calls the rusher a “would-be-assassin” Hillary supporters are outraged and want the rusher in jail or dead. The the amount of air time dedicated to this single event just dwarfs any other news for several weeks.

Let’s go back to reality, do you recognize this guy?





Let me clarify then:


Let’s compare the hypothetical Hillary case above vs what happened in reality:

During a rally, Donald Trump was interrupted in mid-speech by anti-Trump activist Thomas DiMassimo who tried to climb the stage but fortunately was is stopped by security. The result in the leftist media? CNN blatantly excuses and downplays Dimassimo’s actions to the point of giving him air time to falsely claim Trump was the “bully” but not himself despite being the opposite. Dimassimo was the offender yet he DARVO-flipped the guilt to instead accuse Trump of being a “bully”. (skip to 1:40)


Notice how Thomas DiMassimo blatantly flipped the roles and accused Trump of being a “bully” despite the fact DiMassimo himself was the aggressor. This hypocritical political trick is called DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender roles) or just DARVO-flip for short.



See where this is going? If a mentally imbalanced leftist wants to assassinate Trump, he would only be more motivated to commit the crime if he sees how DiMassimo was promoted and nearly congratulated by CNN.

This is not an accident, it is by design.

The leftist news outlets are perfectly aware of the powerful influence they have on the public. A case in point is the fact that whenever sensational coverage of a violent crime takes place, it increases the chances of other mentally imbalanced individuals trying to emulate the crime. It is called the copycat effect.


blue diffusion


So the old leftist media/CNN gave the floor to Thomas DiMassimo (who happens to be a trained actor from a wealthy family, no less) However, whether he was acting or not, it would still stand to reason Dimassimo’s actions were intentionally amplified by CNN to provide fertile ground for potential copycat crimes. Or, in plain English, CNN made Dimassimo a role model for future would-be Trump assassins.

Can it get worse? Of course, but it would require a news corporation with an audience much larger than CNN harbouring people who blatantly state they want to assassinate Donald Trump.

Well, the bad news is Facebook has done just that not once but several times. Facebook has allowed pages that display blatant calls to action to assassinate Donald Trump over and over . Not only have said pages been left untouched by Facebook for weeks at times, but Facebook has gone as far as claiming a page with calls to action for Trump’s assassination “did not appear to violate Facebook guidelines”.



facebook refusal


It was so blatant, the only thing missing was this,

like this-assass

Just for the sake of argument, how long do you think a Facebook page with calls to action to assassinate Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would have stayed up? Not even an hour.

The actions by the Facebook corporation are unlikely to be an accident, just like CNN’s, their actions are by design. In psychology this effect is called “diffusion of responsibility” and what it means in plain English is that people in lynch mobs feel much less guilt than when they commit the crimes alone.

You have to give credit to Facebook, they are throwing their own brand of blue diffusion of responsibility mixed in with the copycat effect (brought to you by CNN) all of that without really getting their hands dirty. They are just conveniently slow to take down the pages to allow the assassination message to “inspire” the right kind of copy-cat psycho.

Think about it, if you owned a massive corporation such as Facebook and you leaned hard into the left, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to do as little as possible to take down those pages?

Guess what? Twitter is no better:

screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6 screenshot7 screenshot8 screenshot9


See? Indirectly advocating for the assassination of another human being is “progressive” by both CNN and Facebook standards. But if you ever bring up these facts and implications to leftists, they may snap at you, then do a DARVO-flip and accuse you of wanting to kill Hillary/Bernie while foaming at the mouth like a progressive chihuahua with rabies. For some odd reason, things tend to escalate very quickly into violence with “peaceful” progressive-regressive leftists.


Based on the video evidence, the behavior of the regressive left is analogous to that of radical religious groups.

You doubt it? Look at this video depicting that radical Muslim-like behavior perpetrated by leftists:

For example, if someone criticizes the prophet Mohammed, the most common radical Muslim reaction boils down to something like this:


Let’s compare it with the anti-Trump transexual activist’s spitting behavior:


A few notes on the video: Notice the well rehearsed taunting by the man with the red mask:


Then the perfectly timed question by the bald man on the right:

“Did you touch a woman or what?”

Too bad their blatant DARVO-flip provocation failed, otherwise it would have resulted on the radical left claiming to be the victim or mobbing the Trump supporters. You have to admire the balls of steel it takes not to punch someone who spits in your face bronze age style.

See where this is going? Radicals of all religions (including all feminism and all political parties) will behave like hyenas if offended enough. Verbal offence justifies violence and murder, just like in the bronze age and let me tell you, nobody has offended them more than Trump.

Remember the “Assassinate Donald Trump” Facebook pages? Possibly this was their radical reasoning before setting them up:


Hard to tell radical Muslims from regressive leftists apart from the line above. Right?

Possibly, the reason why regressives behave so similarly is because they are using their reptilian brains to act and falsely think with their emotions.

They paint their violent actions with a thin veneer of political justification, just to feel less shame later. All you need is a large enough number of radicals (in this case leftists) for their mob hyena-like behavior to become predictable.


The rule of thumb with the human animal is that verbal aggression escalates into physical aggression.
Usually, human beings will go through the following stages before escalating into full-blown violence:

  1. Verbal accusation is made to an intruder AKA “You are from another tribe and you want to predate our tribe”.
  2. Verbal accusation is made louder, then other members of the tribe loudly voice their support then circle the intruder.
  3. Verbal accusations multiply then someone takes a “test-bite” at the intruder/prey and often the circle becomes a lynch mob.

But before the mob jumps from verbal to physical there need to be a “test bite” which is a kin to the behavior of Hyenas, wolves or sharks. If the intruder/prey does not react to the “test bite,” then the whole pack usually understand that as a green light to mob the intruder. With the human animal the “test bite” can be as simple as a shove or a blow with the hand or an object, for other member of the human pack to emulate the test bite.

Let me show you how leftists follow these stages in their “progressive” escalation, look:

Here is a few things you may have missed from the video:

1) Verbal accusation is made to an intruder

“Don’t you video me!!!”

“She is with Shapiro’s, we don’t want you video taping us! “

Which roughly translates into “you are from another tribe and you want to predate our tribe”.

2) Verbal accusation is made louder, then other members of the tribe loudly voice their support. Then HE SHOVES his voice cone against the reporter which qualifies as assault AKA he took the “test bite.” (which covers stage 3)

Interestingly, the “test bite” was done first by the balding black girl (“don’t you video me!”) then confirmed by the man with the voice cone. Then something fascinating happened.

The man with voice cone says:

“I can put it in front of your camera and speak to you like this as much as I want”

Then he reiterates the above 6 times, each time louder THEN says this at his loudest twice:

“You are here to incite violence against black and brown bodies!”


For those who missed it, he said the following around ~6-7 times:

“I can put it in front of your camera and speak to you like this as much as I want”

Yes, 6-7 times. Why? Because he was stalling and thinking how to reverse the physical assault accusation against the Breitbart reporter.

Then he does a perfect DARVO-flip on her by saying:



Then his tribe starts to cheer louder every time preparing to escalate.

You have to give some credit with the guy with the cone: He is an extremely competent hypocrite doing DARVO-flips. The reason why he had to do the flip is because he could not physically assault a woman as easily and he was trying to rile up women of his tribe to take more test bites at the intruder from the “Shapiro Tribe”.

Now let’s watch an actual “progressive” “test-bite”:


Yes the “test bite” shove, failed because:
1) The intruder was too muscular AKA “too alpha”
2) The aggressor was too beta.

Once again, the escalation process failed simply because the “shover” was too much of a weakling (and being beta as hell did not help his coward-raised-by-a-single-mother-chronically-pussified case).

But the shove was an undeniable invitation to mob the intruder that would have resulted in almost certain escalation into a lynch mob.

Here is the thing about lynch mobs, since everybody takes a bite, nobody feels too guilty about it. See? There you have it again: diffusion of resposibility for “hyena-like progressive mob justice”.



CNN, Facebook, Twitter, BlackLivesMatter radicals, and the regressive left as a whole are starting to show signs of being in high desperation mode. The more desperate they get, the worse their impulsiveness. Desperate and impulsive people tend to do incredibly idiotic things.

Judging by the “progressive” increase of violent incidents perpetrated by the left the closer we get to the election day, it would stand to reason events like the ones in the videos above will only multiply. More and more Facebook/Twitter pages will likely be created with calls to action to assassinate Trump.

Granted, Trump’s victory is not certain but it’s far from unlikely, either. The prospect of losing the election truly angers the leftists. But would you like to know what would anger them the most?

Trump winning by a landslide.

How could that happen? Simple, if a terrorist attack takes place right before election day, a lot of people on the fence would vote for Trump instead of Hillary/Bernie.

Never underestimate the power of paranoia.

Even people who dislike Trump would consider voting for him should a terrorist attack take place before the elections. The closer to election day, the higher the chances of him getting a landslide victory.

Another Belgium-like attack 1 or 2 weeks before election day would make Trump’s victory likely. A terrorist attack on American soil? It would make Trump’s victory nearly certain.

Unfortunately, this landslide victory would also increase the chances of his assassination not by terrorists but by the regressive left.

Here is the “Trump 2016 Landslide Win” Hypothesis:

The closer to election day the terrorist attack(s) takes place, the higher the chance of Trump winning due to paranoia WHICH would lead to a much higher likelihood of an assassination attempt perpetrated by the radical left. One would lead to another.


Logically, the leftist media would play a major role in fanning the fires to prevent Trump from winning or actively inciting copycats to try to assassinate Trump. Murdering someone just because they are “offensive” is carbon-copy radical Muslim behavior perpetrated by the regressive left and is indefensible.

Please report all Facebook pages containing calls to action to assassinate Trump.

Let’s be civilized and not behave like radical Muslims.

Thank you for reading.



I really hope I am the one being paranoid and nothing happens but history says otherwise. Another major terrorist attack on American soil is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”. After all, 9-11 was 1.5 decades ago.

Seems there are more people seeing these patterns…