GUEST POST by Alex Hinkley

A Wikipedia admin by the name of HJ Mitchell indefinitely banned me today apparently because of my pro-GamerGate comments that I made off-site. A little background about who I am and why this matters: I have worked as a freelance gaming journalist for the last six years. I had a column on with over seven million views and currently contribute to,, and I have also been an editor on Wikipedia since 2006 and was in relatively good standing in the community until an incident involving GamerGate in November. I even had rollback rights, which are not given out to just anybody, so that goes to show that I was a trusted editor and had done a lot of good work on the site.history

The problems began at the end of November when I made an edit to Anita Sarkeesian’s talk page asking if her article should mention her work history with Bart Baggett who is listed in a pickup artist directory. This would seemingly contradict her values as a feminist and seemed important to mention about someone seen by many as the face of modern feminism in entertainment. Obviously being aware of the controversy surrounding Anita, I wanted to go the safe route and first discuss the change on her talk page, not simply edit her actual article myself. I cited my information with a reference to an archived page of Anita’s own website.

That’s when a user named NorthbySouthBaranof censored my comment by removing any mention of Bart Baggett and also deleted the URL I cited. Almost comically, he then replied to my edit by saying I need to cite my sources. This was clear nonsense so I went to look at his contribution history and saw he had been making numerous suspect edits to various articles on feminists and GamerGate involved people. He seemed like a clear-cut case of a troll to me, so I left a message on his page warning him to please not edit my comments again and reverted his censorship using my rollback rights.

He didn’t listen.

He re-censored my post then threatened me with a block on my talk page as if he had the power to block people from editing Wikipedia (in hindsight perhaps he knew he had staff in his back pocket). I didn’t want to participate in an edit war so I immediately went to the admin notice board requesting help from the staff. At this point, I still believed I would actually get unbiased help. Boy was I wrong.

Much to my chagrin an admin named Kevin Gorman was the first to respond. Gorman agreed with NorthbySouthBaranof and revoked my rollback rights for allegedly abusing them. When I kept citing him the sources for my information to try to convince him the info should at LEAST be discussed on her talk page, he considered that to be repeated policy violations of a biography of living persons article (seeming to forget this was a talk page and not her actual article) and issued me a two week suspension from Wikipedia as well as topic blocking me from ever editing any article related to GamerGate again. In his topic block he invited me to appeal it on the admin notice board.

It is worth mentioning that Kevin Gorman is a noted feminist who has made numerous edits to articles about feminists on the site and has also been working on a Wikiproject called “Women in Philosophy.” His claims to be an “uninvolved administrator” were called into question by other editors which he simply shrugged off.


Not only did Kevin Gorman’s feminist background seem to bias his decision-making but he also pseudo-doxxed me by posting things I had tweeted about on Wikipedia. This is against Wikipedia’s policies and is called “outing.” He referenced several of my pro-GamerGate tweets as well as some tweets I made being critical of Feminist Frequency and Anita Sarkeesian. As a feminist himself, he did not like this. It is no wonder he didn’t want me to talk about her connection to Bart Baggett. It is no wonder he hastily blocked and banned me. Once again, some other editors called him out on his outing which he defended.


When I was unsuspended I did appeal my GamerGate topic block on the admin board. I mentioned that I have never edited a GamerGate article in my life – which is true. Talking about Anita Sarkeesian’s work history has nothing at all to do with GamerGate and if anybody were to look through my edit history they would see that even before that I’ve never edited anything having to do with GamerGate or even talked about it. So, therefore, I asked, why did Kevin Gorman apply a GamerGate topic ban to me? Normally when you appeal a block you need to provide diffs (links to page edits) as evidence. I couldn’t do this, however, because someone COMPLETELY DELETED all of the diffs of the discussion on Anita’s talk page. This is HIGHLY UNUSUAL. You can go through literally thousands of edits on this page and see that none of the other edits were deleted in this way. Even blatant vandalism is usually just reverted but the diffs are kept as proof the vandalism occurred. When a diff is deleted it is grayed out and stricken through so that you can’t even go back to look at it.


Mere moments later, admin HJ Mitchell DELETED my appeal and indefinitely blocked me from editing any page on Wikipedia. In his reasoning for the block, he said that I “repeated biography of living persons violations in which I was originally blocked for.” In other words, he claimed that after being unblocked I went back and edited Anita Sarkeesian’s talk page again. After all, that’s why I was originally blocked by Kevin Gorman. If you were to look at my edit history, and the screenshot provided at the top of this article, you would see this is a bald faced lie. I did not edit Anita’s talk page after coming back to Wikipedia. My only edits were to Kevin Gorman’s talk page, the talk page of another editor, my appeal on the admin notice board, and a statement on the GamerGate arbitration case which was requested of me on what had happened.

I would share the exact text of my GamerGate topic block appeal here but unfortunately I cannot because, like the discussion on Anita’s talk page, it was completely deleted from the site. This is even more unusual as I went back through hundreds and hundreds of edits on the admin notice board and found NO OTHER INSTANCE in which another edit was deleted in this manner. It makes one wonder why they are going to such extreme lengths to keep other people from seeing these things?


My statement on the GamerGate arbitration case was pretty much exactly what I told you about in this article – explaining what happened on Anita’s talk page with NorthbySouthBaranof and Kevin. Then my message on Kevin Gorman’s talk page was when I noticed he suddenly took an extended hiatus right after our interaction due to “health issues.” Finding that curious, I asked if he really was sick or if what happened with me might have had something to do with it. This isn’t really a “personal attack” as HJ Mitchell tried to spin it and judging by the fact he’s been calling me names on Twitter throughout the day, you really do have of wonder if he’s actually too sick to edit Wikipedia or if maybe he was forced to go on a break due to complaints of impropriety.


In summary, I got a GamerGate topic ban NOT for editing any articles about GamerGate on Wikipedia, but because I was pro-GamerGate on Twitter. Then when I appealed this unjust topic ban, I got permabanned for a reason that was completely fabricated. I have since appealed the new block via the ticket system but if this is how Wikipedia admins openly conduct themselves, I won’t be holding my breath for a fair verdict.


UPDATE: Here’s The Devil’s Advocate getting banned for asking Alex to send him an email outside Wikipedia. He asks why he got banned, and they told him he got banned for asking questions (for the email). Makes sense, if you’re corrupt-ass Wikipedia.Selection_529

  1. I just realized why Jimbo was hating on GamerGate for being a loose collective and not an official organization. It’s more difficult to co-opt a loose collective, and only through bureaucracy can ideological corruption run rampant and unabated. Get fucked, Jimbo.

    1. It’s probably more likely because no leader gives the numb fucks of GG plausible deniability. After all, RogueStar is still going strong and any real GG leader would deny that jackass as a member along with 3/4 of the leaders, ya know

      1. You are an oppressive twit who assist a bunch of over privileged assholes in bullying the public to protect their power. I’d take a One RogueStar over 100 of you because at least that man has the guts to stand with the people when their being abused by an unaccountable elite. We the People of free nations are a leaderless movement in our own right. We don’t owe you a damn thing and you’d be wise to remember that.

      2. Rogue’s a decent guy. Funny really that they still insult him when they are represented by people like Brianna Wu, never averse to lies and slander to destroy people’s lives, randi harper creator of a mass censorship tool and known animal abuser, and people like sarah butts, actively engaged in trying to censor people’s websites.

        The people involved in AntiGG are scum, which makes this kind of projection all the more funny.

      3. Funny how you idiots continue to claim RogueStar should be an embarrassment, despite your continued attempts to silence him, and the smackdown he gives any Anti-GG useful dumbass that wants to try and take him down.

        And this results in idiots like you doing idiot things like trying to slander him, when your allegations are baseless entirely.

        I love to see you SJWs squirm about the “no leader” bit – Makes you really upset because you’d rather direct your ire at one person than a group of people, because you know that attacking a group of people is an asshole move.

        1. “…because you know that attacking a group of people is an asshole move.”

          No, no they don’t. They are perfectly fine with libeling us as an entire group. In fact they prefer it, because libeling us as individuals opens them up to defamation suits. As a group they can shit on us relentlessly and there’s really nothing we can do about it. But really, they mostly favor shitting on as as a group because it keeps us engaged as a group. We have a habit of taking the bait and then spending days upon days trying to prove to people who already hate us that we’re not the pedos, rapists, women-haters, or whatever flavor-of-the-day bullshit claim the “anti” side floats about us. It causes us to expend our resources in the wrong direction, and THAT above all else is the reason why they lump us together as a group rather than attack us as individuals.

          Folks like that nob-nosher up there will attack folks on a personal level, but they tend to do it behind their targets’ backs like cowards off of Twitter, and are the exception. The majority of these bitch-made shit-stacks will sit on Twitter and take pot-shots at us as a group. and sadly we fall for it way more often than we should.

      4. “Plausible deniability” only exists if there’s something afoot which needs to be plausibly denied.

        After five months in #GamerGate, I STILL haven’t found anything which one would need or want to deny the existence of.

    1. Jimbo’s gotta keep the donations coming, don’tcha know? Even though Wikipedia has like $60 million, it is always a life-or-death situation when it comes to the donation drive. Jimbo REALLY wants himself a new yacht.

  2. Well what a group of special little snowflakes Wikipedia is becoming. They definitely earn whatever it is that’s coming for them in due time.

  3. This is disgusting. Corrupt as hell, and they just don’t care. Can’t wait until their own shitty behavior backfires on each of them.

  4. Pro tip:
    If a man identifies as a ‘ male feminist ‘, he’s only trying to fuck feminists
    Quite pathetic how the cucks using Wikipedia to somehow ‘win’ against Gamergate lol

    1. It’s going to suck for the male feminists when they realize that acting like a bunch of beta cuckmasters is STILL not going to get them laid, mostly because the feminists they’re trying to impress hate their guts for being men.

      1. They’re pathetic social climbers looking for a way to get in with the power players. They set up a clique and keep everyone else out unless they submit to the dominant players. It’s oppressive as hell and quite the opposite of what social justice is supposed to do.

        1. @edtastic:disqus

          The so-called “Social justice” is IRONIC. Why else are the arrival of dictatorships being readily fueled by feminism? The so-called “social justice” is a fraud implemented by the evil Jesuits to ensure the arrival of the evil New World Order… Feminism, and its parent concept (the fraudulent version of “social justice”) is authoritarian in nature…

          Why else would an HONEST activist get punished, while perpetrators of frauds/$cams/conspiracies are shown by the evil Jesuit-controlled mainstream news media, as so-called “heroes”?


      2. Although to be fair, they should have noticed the many articles detailing how feminists dislike male feminists and don’t want their company. There are plenty of them and they basically amount to “You’re not a woman, so you have no right to speak under the banner of feminism, or *pretend* to understand the ‘oppression’ women face”

    2. You’re wrong WTF. Never under-estimate the power of indoctrination, especially in academia, but now right from home. These men should have been put into shape by their mothers, but sadly they don’t make women like that anymore (unless you can convince CH Sommers to adopt you). Bad parenting+University jackassery==Male SJW. Boys today are facing VERY poor odds in the home and school. What kind of men will you think they’ll grow up to be when they can’t even play tag now?

      1. You overestimate it, however. Considering how many of the people in college and out of it are hedonistic frat boys who are more interested in screwing around with everything.

        SJWs are a minority. Maybe we should turn them into a memory?

          1. Doesn’t result in a correlation with the number of feminists. A number of these girls, for all I care, are probably the ones who made hating and pissing on feminism of all kinds a trend, a dangerous one, but a trend nonetheless.

        1. Frat boys are hated by SJWs, look at the Rolling Stone article about the alleged rape that happened.

        1. I know…

          Sad thing is Despite how I identify, I actually agree with most of what eveyone here is saying. White male “feminist” are the worst for hating other white males. I’ve actually put time and money towards actual causes, most others I’ve talked to talk a big game but have a fundamental misunderstanding of what “equality” means and come off as being in it because it makes them feel less guilty about themselves and/or they hope to get some.

          I have a wife, I get it regardless… my daughter is proof.

          1. I’ve been studying history since I was a small child, I’m a 1/4 white and Indian-Caribbean and I don’t understand why people are guilty of historical acts that people of their “race” did. Its stupid, humanity as a whole have committed some heinous shit, its not just white people. It can’t be so bad you’d hate people for simply being you. Unless, its just petty reasons and not some grand psychological thing I’m thinking it is.

          2. I’ve been made aware evey day for decades how awful white ppl are, I can see how it could wear off on ppl.

  5. Combine this with the fact Ryulongs sentence got shortened, and the Arbcom case is going to look bleak with every passing day. It seems the worst has happened, and the inside clique has become more important to them than the integrity of the site itself.

    When the Arbcom final results come up, we’ll see whether its time to spread awareness of Wikipedia being officially compromised or not.

    1. The wiki system itself is still valid, and the internet lives on!

      Hell, if there’s anything GG knows how to do, it’s co-opt the good ideas from the hands of these douchebags.

  6. Corruption is so ingrained into Wikipedia I doubt I’ll ever take it seriously again.
    How can they consistently fuck up time and time again, and Jimbo is like ”lel whatever”?

  7. Academics using Wikipedia as a source for an argument get laughed at. Perhaps Jimmy Wales needs to think about why this is so.

      1. Tertiary and the fact that anyone can edit it and there’s no peer review. Basically, “Hitler’s middle name was Sparky, because Wikipedia says so”. That’s an example a professor in college gave me. She also said that works as a generalized appeal to authority – she tells all her freshman classes that and then shouts at them when they just go along with it. Use. Your. Damn. Brains! lol I miss her. Great sense of humor for someone whose entire career revolved around the Holocaust. Come to think of it that might be why she had a great sense of humor. I suppose after you’ve gone to Dachau and toed around in the dirt and found bone fragments a sense of humor is required to get through life. XD

        Of course according to captain privilege Full McIntosh 9/11 so deeply frightened and unhinged him it turned him into a hate mongering cunt… so, idk…

    1. For certain political and social events and issues, Wikipedia is an utter pile of fucking shit. Most of the evil academia that focuses on indoctrinating the population with pro-Jesui propaganda, usually focuses on abusing the edit button on articles describing political and social events and issues, similar to how governments are sometimes abusing the edit button on certain articles.

      For general-purpose articles on physical sciences, and probably linguistics and life sciences, Wikipedia is okay on that.

  8. Can you explain what rollback rights are compared to any wiki user’s ability to revert a page?

    So first and foremost this is obviously outrageous wiki behavior and I condemn it whole heartedly. That said, The wiki was a hugely abusive shithole for these reasons long before gamergate. What the fuck took you so long? Why did it take fucking you over for you to see the light?

    1. EVERYONE sees the light only when they themselves get fucked over, unfortunately. Years ago I used to be a member of the not-FreeThoughtBlogs cult and admired TheRationalWiki. Guess how that turned out?

  9. Holy crap, just go have a look at “kevin_the_gorma” ‘s twitter feed to get a feel for the brand of UC Berkeley-produced cultist he is. Yeesh…

  10. The little clique of admins covering one another’s asses while smearing and banning anyone who poses a threat is utterly pathetic.

  11. Ladies and gentleman – now you see why the Block Bot exists. So that THIS kind of information, especially about the fact that Anita is a two-faced lying cunt, and these SJWs and Feminists are waging an information war, won’t be seen by the gullible, incredulous shitheads they’ve deceived into supporting them. These people are going to wind up setting off someone truly unstable at this rate (frankly, after how horrible and fascist they’re behaving, I’d just smirk).

      1. That lunatic is a wife beating, crack smoking, biplar disorder having psychopath. The problem with these hugboxers is that they don’t get it that people with fucking Bipolar 1 Disorder are LITERALLY psychotic. One delusional episode and he’ll start killing kids in an internet cafe. And I’m sure they’d apologize for him. Hell, the apologize for rapists from foreign, 3rd world countries in Sweden… because they;re not white and middle class? These things pretending to be people… ugh.

        1. I don’t think you get Bi-Polar disorder. You don’t necessarily have to be psychotic to be bi-polar mate.

          1. And I don’t think you have reading comprehension abilities. Or generalized medical knowledge. I happen to have Bipolar 2 Disorder, which is mood swings with NO psychotic episodes. If you are diagnosed Bipolar 1 Disorder, manic and depressive episodes get so severe that psychosis develops. Go Go Gadget DSM.

          2. Oh, I’m an asshole alright. That’s a mandatory requirement in peeling off the disgusting cloak of “you should take other peoples feelings into consideration” that we have forced on us as kids. I care about Truth (the capital “T” is intentional), and nothing but the Truth. Everything else is inconsequential and likely being used to fuck over people/help some filthy fucker get ahead unfairly.

        2. SJWs are some of the biggest hypocritical/deceitful individuals I have ever noticed.

          It is NOT surprising that SJWs support the evil Jesuit-controlled corrupt elite (governments, educational institutions, central banks, mainstream news media, so-called “intelligence agencies”, and possible more…).


  12. How come i feel more and more like gamergate is gonna have to clean up the entire world of corrupt unethical bastards before we even get to the journalists?

    These people have so many fucking shields everyones either profiting or agenda pushing behind the scenes and we are the last ones to give a fuck. Everyone else just seems to have accepted this is the way the world works?

    I don’t know about anyone else but I do like a challenge!

    1. Friend, CH Sommers has been fighting them for 40 years. Let that sink in. If you think this fight will be won as #GamerGate, you are mistaken. If you’re young, you still have time, but it is going to last decades at the very least. Develop fortitude and patience. Major political goals can be accomplished only through sustained intellectual and political action.

      1. I realize that, im just amazed at having seen what i have seen over the last 4 months, most people don’t even know the dirt under the surface…

        That every truth humanity clings to is being manipulated in a way that seems like it comes from a piece of fiction. You look back at history and you see countless examples of this but you grow up thinking reality cant be that bad, not these days…

        I excused everything before all this as isolated incidents every single time a little bit of the truth hit the surface i would go well thats crazy and move on.

        But damn once I took that red pill…

        1. It’s called the red pill for that very reason. Everything is different after you take it. This may be the unexpectedly lasting cultural contribution of the otherwise unremarkable Matrix movies. Stay strong!

          1. Look on the bright side, it can only get better from square one onwards, all a gamer needs to keep going is positive feedback, and he’ll never stop.

      2. You don’t realize how much we’re winning, then. Considering the usually cynical tone these fucks take, the goal should be isolating them and shaming them out of existence or relevance.

        1. This is an information war, and they will use every dirty trick they know – hell, Full McIntosh is by his own ADMISSION a propagandist. Never believe a thing they say, especially if it’s in their favor. They’ll die by a thousand cuts if that’s what it takes, and that’s the kind of fight we have to be willing to bring to them. The real sucker punch will be if the Feds/IRS deliver some nasty shots to the head of the beast. One can only hope.

          1. Yes, but why bother giving more credence to McIntosh and the unreliable mainstream media when their base of support is simply degrading and/or is a super minority to begin with?

            Let us not conflate them as anything more than what they really are and make sure that they know just how insignificant they are.

          2. I just don’t get how people can be so evil and stupid. I mean, I studied world war II era history pretty in depth, as well as the crusades and the inquisition. But come the fuck on! These people are baffling.

      3. “The only thing it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” That’s why their apologist go on sites like mmo-champion and tell people “do you really think these industries will listen to them?” because they know damn well that they are fucking loud and their socially engineered blackmailing works very, VERY well when uncontested. All we have to do is hold our ground and do what we can to spread the FACTS about people like Anita and what SJWs do and are about and hopefully we can prevent new generations from being deceived and corrupted.

    2. A good start would be us gamers continuing with gamergate support, and developing a network the way Anti-GG did. Sure, they had the benefit of a head start, however we have the benefit of greater numbers.

    3. I’d rather the entire world be burnt to the ground than cede the future to these fuckers. They’re basically the Nazi Party 2.0 and vanilla Nazi’s nearly cost us the world. -_-

  13. I’m not a fan of the Gamergate discussion at all. Either for or against. It, like discussing religion, politics and taxes, just pisses everyone off and doesn’t change anyone’s mind.

    That said? This shit ain’t right, and you’ve got my support, Mr. Hinkley.

    1. You can’t be pro- or anti- Gamergate any more than you can be pro- or anti- Watergate. It is a shorthand on Twitter that has been whipped up by the media into a “X vs women” frenzy. What a surprise, since the major allegations are against the media themselves! Do you wonder why this stuff can get published on TheRalphRetort and very few other places? This is a general interest topic of course! Wikipedia matters to a LOT of people.

      1. Sure it’s possible to not pick sides. When a discussion of the topic devolves into nothing but raging, ad hominem attacks and bitching to the mods that the other side is being unfair by BOTH sides and it results in a 143 page forum thread before it’s wisely locked? Yeah. Not taking sides, don’t care to get involved.

        1. Sure, one doesn’t *have* to be involved! Half of France was not involved in WWII. Sarcasm aside, this leads to a vicious cycle where trolls on both side get more and more free reign and reasonable people who can DO something feel compelled to step away. The trolls don’t make any changes, thus status quo is maintained. This is what the instigators wanted in the first place. Government uses similar tactics all the time. THEN everyone wails “Oh! Ferguson! Israel! Why wouldn’t the media give unbiased coverage?!?!” While doing nothing about it.

          I’m not asking you to get involved. IF you’re affected by the issues (video games development or consumption) here, you do NOT have to be flinging shit to be of use. You can simply set up a game-review and opinion site for example. The only person that has currently done this, is Roosh V, unfortunately, with all the baggage his name entails. He isn’t concerned with games or gaming at all—simply saw a business opportunity and got in. I feel there’s nothing wrong with that. Same with Ralph. This is a shitty site with ads, but Ralph will publish what NO ONE will, barring actual illegality. This is a worthy goal.

        2. The worst possibly thing for someone who isn’t a fan of discussing something to do is to mention that thing in a place that folks who ARE inclined to discuss it tend to assemble.

          Just sayin’. It neither added to or subtracted from your support of Mr. Hinkley, so why invite discussion by mentioning it?

  14. At this point I can only hope the Technological Singularity, should we reach it, will save us. Perhaps there is such a thing as “too much freedom” when these kinds of people run around freely and are even painted as “good”. I’m also beginning to understand why the Biblical God is depicted as a massive cunt; it’s a mirror of self-loathing humanity knows it’s largely deserving of. I have zero faith in the present system, and doubt it will get better, short of some miraculous cleansing fire that destroys everything indiscriminately. Perhaps said Singularity will provide humanity with something truly selfless and utterly indifferent to ideology. I suppose one can dream.

    1. I’m an unabashed transhumanist and hope to never die, at least in the personality if not in the flesh. So I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic, but if not, you’re on the right track.

  15. NorthbySouthBaranof along with Rylong been involved in this for a while now and has made the mess of the GamerGate wiki page what it is today. He’s been very selective about sources and POV edits such as allowing the Daily Beast but not BreitBart. I started back tracking the guy and he’s been involved in other feminist/progressive edit wars in the past.

    If you guys haven’t heard about this, there is a sort of editor mafia which holds the power in wikipedia. Jimmy Wales himself has none despite being the CEO. He stepped back to allowed these admins to do the work which frankly was a bad decision. Especially after the Rylong ordeal where he kept asking him to step away but couldn’t force him. Nor would the rest of the editor community until it was brought to arbitration which still did little.

    1. So essentially… Xander’s not getting his account back and if any Gamergate fights happen on Wikipedia, we’ve already lost Because Assholes.

    2. He flat out banned me for daring to note that the opening lede was too biased, and went against established Wikipedia rules.

  16. I’ve never donated to Wikipedia and never will and nobody ever should.

    The authorities – governments, big business, the media, the MIIC etc. – will never let it die because they only stand to gain by having a single, dominant repository of information. It’s infinitely easier to police and censor when everything is in one place. Use Wikipedia for quick fact checking, sure, but never trust it and never give them any money.

  17. HJ Mitchell, the same corrupt admin, banned me permanently from editing anything to do with Gamergate, simply for editing the Gamergate article to say that “Gamergate concerns ethics in games journalism, and the effects of certain kinds of feminism on gaming culture.”

    But when the radical feminists edit it to say that “Gamergate is concerned with sexism in games”, then he doesn’t have a problem with it.

  18. “Gatekeeping: It’s important to understand that when SJWs look at the problem of Unblockables at Wikipedia, they legitimately see it as a positive feature. This is how they manage their own communities, and increasingly how they demand all communities be managed.

    SJW culture operates on a hierarchical hub-and-spoke communications model. In this model, your right to speak is determined by your status. Your status is determined – among other things – by your displayed enthusiastic agreement with cultural precepts established by high-status individuals. This is where we encounter major dissonance between social justice and SJWs: high-status SJWs are usually affluent people with privileged backgrounds, and their influence mainly extends over already-marginalized voices. SJW gatekeepers further marginalize these voices to amplify the voices of their own privileged leaders, making themselves more powerful gatekeepers. These leaders describe themselves as allies of marginalized people, but their main role is to squelch dissenters and they often profit financially from that role.”

  19. I thought the name Alex Hinkley looked familiar then I saw your twitter handle. You’re that fucking guy that was trolling the Dominion community aren’t you? I remember you and your friend running around yelling dunning-kruger at anyone that didn’t agree with you. If you handled yourself at wikipedia like you did there it’s no wonder they banned you. You’re just as caustic as any of these SJW’s.


        He posts as BooredMaan, this was his first thread in the dominion community and his most tame. He was acting like he wasn’t Xander but ended up admitting he was in a later thread. He ended up getting banned later on and roughly 90% of his posts have been removed. I was there for the whole thing and you can see my own posts in that last thread on pages 19, 20, and 25.

        He got banned for such actions as telling Koravel to kill himself on stream, constantly calling NamKim (who is trans) a faggot, and calling Fancy Wolf a furfag and hoping “His mother disowns him for being a degenerate and cancels his tuition.” He eventually pissed the Dom community off so bad we mass down voted his posts till the auto delete function kicked in.

        I’d also like to point out that he REALLY likes to blame his losses on hacking.

        Just read all the way through that chat log for the first time. “I’m Pooterss” Lol he’s also a fucking liar, I know pooterss irl met him at blizzcon. Pooterss was know for being the most respectful dominion player ever.

        Honestly I hope he’s changed since then, I really do. But I highly doubt it.

  20. And to think Wikipedia was such a big instrumental help in stopping SOPA that they turn around and act like this.

  21. Is it just me or am I getting a weird, “Days of Future Past” vibe? Seriously, These SJW Fems = Robotic Sentinels made to kill us “Mutant” men.

    I guess we need to send Present Day Ralph back a few years to warn Younger Ralph now before it’s too late.

  22. I guess I should clarify a few points from the Wikipedia perspective. I understand that these are contrary to what is being said in the article, but there may be some confusion. I’m not arguing that the block was correct – just that it might help to have some context.

    * In regard to rollback rights: the ability to rollback an edit is common, but you have to be very careful about how it is done. Because it doesn’t allow you to say why you reverted the edit, you can only do it for absolutely clear cases of vandalism. Using rollback to return your comment after someone removed it would, generally, be seen as a misuse of the tool.

    * Anyone can warn another user that their actions might lead to a block – they don’t need to be an admin to give the warning. Only an admin can block, but being warned by a non-admin isn’t an issue.

    * BLP (Biographies of Living People) applies everywhere on Wikipedia, not just on articles. You cant, for example, post libel anywhere on the site. I’m not saying that the author posted libel – only that if he posted something that violated the policy, it wouldn’t matter where it was posted.

    * The issue with BLP violations is that they risk causing harm irrespective of why they are posted. So posting a violation as part of a topic-ban defence is going to be seen as evidence that the editor doesn’t understand the problem, or is unwilling to stop making the posts. In which case a block would typically be considered.

    None of this means the block was justified. I have no idea if it was justified or not. But if the comments were a violation of BLP, and if they were repeated, then the process (warnings, removal of rollback, topic ban and blocks) would be normal and justified on any topic area.

  23. admin Salvidrim reversed the ban per 5 albert square’s ” If I have erred in one of my admin actions (…) please don’t hesitate to reverse it” and the budgeoning consensus amongst other commenters

  24. Hmmmmm, the problem I see here is the fact that these same Academics are also the kind of people to challenge non-democratic successes.

    Yet, they thrive in places that are traditionally areas that would support democratic demagoguery.

    I’m not saying we should kill democracy (There are people doing a better job at it), but it’s worth noting how these people (SJWs) only happen to have influence in places that happen to have puritan, reductionist democracy in place. This was never the sort of issue you’d find in a non-democratic place.

  25. And thus we see why Wikipedia is never taken as a reliable source anywhere, by anyone, on any subject even remotely contentious. Want to look up the discology of a band, sure. Or look up an episode listing of a TV series, sure. But look at anything even remotely political, not a chance in hell.

  26. This is obviously one of the worst examples I’ve ever seen but this has been a key problem with internet communities as long as I’ve ever been online. You give power to the sorts of people who will do a 9-5 job for FREE just so that they can get their hands on just a tiny crumb of power and this is exactly what you get just a bunch of petty tyrants sucking each other’s cocks.

    1. I used to be an admin on a popular forum years back. The workload was nuts, but in spite of that the site’s owner refused to compensate his staff even though the site was raking in thousands of dollars per month in profits after server costs and whatnot. We discussed the possibility with him, and he told us that if we didn’t want to do the job for free he’d find folks who would. So we staged a protest, to which his response was to permanently ban everyone who openly showed us support and give us the boot.

      Come to find out a couple of years later that the place went ass up not too long after. Besides running the place like a police state, the new staff with whom he replaced us apparently had no idea what the fuck they were doing when it came to maintaining the site, and so it went to pot pretty quickly as a result. And since its owner had always been perfectly content to sit back and let everyone else do the work while reaping the rewards, he didn’t come around to the fact that his cash-cow was suffering until it was too late to recover.

      We’re seeing something similar happen with Wikipedia, where rather than treat talented editors well so that they stay happy and productive, they’re perfectly fine with bringing aboard folks who will happily do whatever shady thing they’re called upon to do as long as they’ve got that tiny sliver of wholly meaningless power.

      TL;DR: Yeah, you’re right.

  27. The Wikipedia admins use a method called “tag-teaming” so that they can share the bannings of non-believers and deletions of evidence over a group of people, so as not to draw attention to themselves.

  28. Hey Ralph, couldn’t you make it so when we click on images it opens them in a new tab? I constantly keep closing the whole site because of this -.-

  29. The world is waking up to the wikipedia narrative. It’s a great site when I need to read episode synopses of The Deadliest Catch though.

  30. You guys just don’t get it. Although I don’t blame you since 6 years ago
    I was just a dumb sheep of a gentile. Zionist Jew supremacy is shitting
    on all of you right now. “How DARE these goyim expose the gay,
    multicultural feminist agenda we had been planning for years in gaming!” “How dare they insult and make a mockery of a fellow Jew in Anita!”
    This is for all of you who mocked conspiracy theorists about the secret
    societies and everything else. Stop wasting time and educate yourself
    appropriately while you still can. Go to Brother Nathanael on YouTube
    for the physical side of the the truth. Go to vigilant citizen for the
    spiritual side for starters. It’s time to take the fight to them. Help
    spread all these things as much as you can! Let’s do it

      1. Armenia are one of the states that are the present day version of Khazaria…probably…

        And “Khazaria” was a Jewish state full of Turkish people.

        Also, “Jew” is the name given to adherents of Judaism. It does not specifically name a state…

  31. I spend a lot of time visiting wikipedia with my adblock on now for no reason. Hopefully i’m just costing them bandwidth fees for the hell of it. They wanna be corrupt, i wanna cost them money because of it. Enough people do it, it will hurt them. Like Gawker have discovered…

  32. Generally the people who’s arguments are sound and righteous can have those arguments stand on their own without all of this protectionism and shouting down of dissent being done. What a sad state society is in now.

  33. Hey just letting you know that I’ve been in the habit of reporting anything that’s being censored via gamergate or by feminist to project censored. They are aware of the problem and they are looking

  34. WOW. This is pretty blatant. I never realized just how much the media could effect the perception of something until this article.

    Yes, I had seen it most of the mainstream press, but this is a whole new level.

    1. Swallow the red pill (the pill of harsh reality), and see how psychotic the evil Jesuit-controlled mainstream news media is…

      1. I already have. Was introduced it back about 8 months ago now when I stumbled on ROK.

        It’s still a work in progress considering how Mich of a shift your worldview has to go through. Ive noticed a lot of improvments already. (And it’s also gotten me laid more on the last 8 months then at any point in the rest of my life.)

  35. Sadly this is how mod and admins work. Being a mod of a big site myself I immediately recognize the poopsucking going on on Wikipedia. See it doesn’t matter if there are good unbiased admins and mods as long as the majority of the vocal staff are all a hive mindset. No matter how logical the lone admins and mods are, they can do nothing. No, they can literally do NOTHING. Arguing on admin boards will not do anything since the minor majority will always vote/shout them down… and defending normal users on the talk pages can only be done so far since calling into the question how amoral these other mods are, will only get the unbiased mods/admins fired. No I’m serious… they would be fired and replaced with even more SJW’s.

    1. Why do you think wikipedia has a problem retaining editors?

      They’ve been under a constant, low-level, mccarthyist purge for years. The final straw was their open welcome of an organized raid by women’s studies departments offering credits to their little “rape culture” cultists to mass-vandalize the whole site.

      The few people left who are to the right of Chairman Mao choose their words these days.

  36. Whelp

    Is there an alternative to Wikipedia? If the ‘gatekeepers’ are all feminists then as far as I’m concerned nothing is legitimate there. This is a slew of people who breed individuals who think that science is sexist against women because fluids and solids somehow = misogyny.

  37. Christ look at that talk page.

    It’s very clear this clique now makes a slim majority in WP and is engaging in a classic mccarthyist purge.

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