I wrote a column about The Witcher 3 around this time last year. I told you about how it brought me back into gaming after a decent absence. My missed playtime wasn’t because of some Ben Kuchera-type thing. I wasn’t sick of the industry or anything like that. I just didn’t feel like having fun of any sort. Even music was out during that period. Such was my life at that point. Things have turned around greatly for me since then, although I can’t give Geralt credit for it all.

Anyway, one thing I always admired about the developers behind the game (CD Projekt Red) is just how fan-friendly they are. They made a point to say piracy doesn’t concern them and in fact will end up giving the company more customers in the long run. What about all the FREE DLC, which other companies would have charged us out the ass for? Even now, they continue to fight for the rights of the consumer.

Look at how they responded to Gamespot’s recent asinine question about too much gore in their new expansion to the game, Blood and Wine

Last month, developer CD Projekt Red released a screenshot for The Witcher 3’s upcoming expansion, Blood and Wine. Some players expressed shock at the gruesome nature of the image, to which the developer has explained the reasoning behind. Speaking to GameSpot about the topic in an interview, senior animator Jamie Bury said, “My answer generally would be that it’s an adult game, and it’s a very unpleasant world that Geralt has to live in, and these things happen.”

First off, as many of Gamespot’s own commenters noted, I didn’t see anyone complaining. Maybe the author heard it in one of his SJW echo chambers, but real fans of the game weren’t complaining. Second off, even if a few of them were, this is the correct response. We’re making adult games set in a nasty, brutish, and hardcore world. The devs behind Witcher shouldn’t feel the need to censor themselves because some pussies on the internet were whining about a screenshot.

Thankfully, we’re dealing with a great company who respects the art form. If only I could trust all of them the same way I do CD Projekt Red.