Last night, I had an interesting stream, to say the least. We talked about the GamerGatePlus joke that I blew up on Twitter yesterday, and went through some of the various beefs I had with people who aren’t worth mentioning at this point. I thought things were going well, and we were all having a lot of fun…until things took a turn for the worst. I don’t often apologize for the things I write or say, because, well…I’m not sorry about them. But this is one occasion where I can honestly say I took things a little bit too far. 

The reason I took down the stream is I shouldn’t have went off on @CuckenJohnson (a.k.a. KingofPol) the way that I did. I was riffing in an absurdist manner, and didn’t mean what I said about him wanting to kill all the Jews. But he took it to heart, and I’m sorry that it’s affected him in that way. I’ve apologized to him publicly already on Twitter, but it bears repeating: I’m sorry.

One thing that always keeps me going, are my friends. There are some great people who always have my back, and their support means a lot to me. @Neirdan, for example, has been giving me great advice for almost a year now. I should have listened to him a little bit more, to say the least. @Duckspeakeasy is a great friend as well, and is always there to lend an ear or drop some knowledge on me. LIVE show regulars @Mattaconda and the lovely @LaughReader are always there for me, even when I’m being an ass. There are so many more of you as well: @ibbibby, ,  @HiddenTara, @King_of_random@ramzaruglia, @ChristiJunior, and many, many more. In fact, I’m not even going to spotlight all the people who have reached out to me over the last 24 hours. For one, it would take a long ass time. And also, I don’t want people who would rather not speak on this sort of thing publicly to catch heat. There’s some closet Ralph fans, is all I will say (lol).

One thing I would like to come out of all this, though, is some sense of cooperation coming back to GamerGate. I know that I go at people hard, and I’m not sorry at all for what I said yesterday on stream to the people who have been trying to tear me down. They can still get fucked. But the point is, we need to get back to working together on big operations and the like. Hell, even just some information sharing among the factions would be nice. The GamerGatePlus thing was a joke, but there are real divisions within GamerGate. The people saying this is anti-GamerGate trolling, or some “gaslighting” (lmfao) attempt, are dead wrong. I don’t know else to say it. That doesn’t make them bad people, but it’s just not an accurate portrayal of the situation.

I’m not sorry for the way I run my site. I’m don’t feel guilty about the things I’ve written. I always strive to better, and I always tell it to you guys straight. That will continue. Last night, I was wrong to be aggressive towards friends on stream, and I shouldn’t have imbibed during the show. But, these things can happen. All you can do, is take your lumps, and move on. So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll have some guest posts up later, and will be back to a full schedule this weekend. Thank you, once again, for reading The patronage of the readers here means just as much to me as the names I mentioned above (more, really). We have a great community on this site, and I hope it continues for a long time to come.

    1. The last few days he’s been making mountains out of molehills. If some people in GG think the best way forward is to retire the hashtag, they should feel free to argue so.

      Personally I think it’s pointless since #GamerGate IS the new hashtag, been there done that, and regardless of how we try and reshape the movement the SJW will still call us evil woman haters. For GG to win we have to redpill the bystanders, and this is a process that will take years.

      1. Actually, no. There was indeed a secretive plan being passed around that called for ending the hashtag. If they felt so good about it, why not put it out in the open? And why are many of them so mad at me for revealing the thing?

        1. Having a private discussion for a week does not equal a secret plan. Having it for a month might, and after a year definitely so.

          If I had been part of this, I would have told them it was pointless, but I would have respected if they wanted it kept private at first.

          PS: People being mad at you is mostly due to your personality. I can say this since I’m the same.

          1. Then you should have given them a month before going public. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

          2. Yes, we will haha. I wasn’t about to let this plan gain steam behind closed doors for a whole month, especially when I was told all those ecelebs I mentioned already backed the plan.

          3. GamerGate has no leader, no board and no shareholders. Even if they had kept it a secret and presented it to the rest of us in October, so what? What exactly was this plan supposed to accomplish? You can’t get people to stop using a hashtag unless they choose to, just as you can’t keep them against their will.

          4. These are not comic book villains. You severely overestimate the human capacity for making plans and keeping secrets.

          5. I think Ralph’s only mistake was not reaching out for comment before publishing.

            Personally, I think the plan was a little more than “retiring the hashtag”

            It quite literally conceded some of the Ghazelles more ridiculous claims (such as “anyone not proGG is antiGG” and “antiGG is not a side”) and contained quite a lot of generalisation.
            The parts of “the plan” that were reasonable had already been discussed in the past, as far back as last year, by both proGG and neutrals (think there was an article or two on Forbes about ending gamergate? TB has also said much the same: do everything GG demands about ethics and the “culture war” will sort itself out)

            The plan as Ralph released it, as it was apparently being discussed was ill advised, poorly written and pretty damn elitist.
            “leave nobody behind” except all the tens of thousands of anons that would essentially be pushed under the bus in the name of “declaring victory” and moving on. Despite the fact that changing hashtags would accomplish precisely dick all because the arguments would remain identical ><

            The sad part is, I likely agree more with cult of vivian on individual issues. She seems more of a bleeding heart than Ralph 😛
            I just cant condemn Ralph's coverage (only his angry outbursts and getting into needless beefs :P)
            As I've commented many times on this drama, Ralph's temper and unhelpful behaviour does not excuse the poor behaviour of those that constantly attacking him. However bad he got "targeting" people he has a beef with, I sincerely doubt it's as bad as the stuff he gets said about him that is routinely ignored "because it's about Ralph"

          6. Why is it that a week is not a secret plan but a month or longer is? A private discussion is one thing. It takes place….ONCE. When you go over that, and it leads into days, weeks, or longer, it becomes more than a private discussion. Call it what you will, but most are going with “secret plan”. Secretive talks. Whatever. It’s all the same.

            The only thing they can say is that they wanted the discussion to be kept from SJW eyes. Hey that’s a noble cause. Who needs an unbearable faggot like srhbutts hanging around being nosey.

            But you know what I think? I think they were just being stupid by letting shit go to their heads, like as if because they have their follower counts that they’re the spokesmen and women of this movement and that they’re going to do the cool kids club thing where they team up to get an agenda out to the masses to swallow up. Well, if that is indeed the case, the next time they want to bunch up in a group to discuss things in “private”, someone might want to man or woman up and remind the rest how what they are doing worked out for the journal bros.

      2. Oh yeah I agree. I think all in GG have the right to voice their opinion whether we all agree or not. So Ralph can keep doing what he does and Oliver can do his thing. 🙂 I wish there were a way to stop all the infighting but I guess, in a way, it’s a good thing as it keeps us non-complacent and always moving forward. It’s a good thing that we all air our opinions so I guess the drama is not all bad. I just wish people would not take it to heart so much or personally. We all want to fight this war and should not let differing opinions divide us, but I guess that’s bound to happen. I just hope we all move forward.

  1. That was easily the worst stream I have ever heard. I really like this site and you usually but I can’t believe what a bitch you were. I can’t believe no one has kicked your ass yet for talking like that and don’t blame it on alcohol. You were being a sensitive petty child who couldn’t take it. Grow up a little and do a proper apology without any excuses

  2. Like all of us, you’re human, and you’re going to fuck up from time to time. You apologised, which was more than you’ll ever get from these scummy games journalists. Don’t under estimate how hard it is for one to swallow their pride and admit they messed up.

    Perhaps you need a break? You’ve been at this constantly for over a year and everyone deserves a rest. Take some time and get things together!

    1. Gonna chill today and watch movies, probably play a little MGS. I’ll might write a couple short posts later, and I’ll have up a guest post or two as well. But I’m gonna relax a little bit this weekend, and stay out of Twitter drama.

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  3. That was some crazy shit last night, like a drunk stream without the drink. Nora said you did an all nighter…good to see you’re rested and refreshed. Don’t let the haters get to you, we all screwup from time to time.

    1. I’d been up for like 34 hours, yes. I was gonna go to bed way earlier, but the GamerGatePlus thing took off, and I was having too much fun. I loved the stream as well, and thought it was good, until like the last hour haha.

  4. There is such a thing as making the same mistake too often. You are often a overreactive hothead who raises a dramafest that you could have easily avoided.

    I dont think you are always wrong and I think tou have done rigth more than once. But you have used your blog to settle your personal disputes and as personal hitpieces too often.

    I understandant you can do whatver you fucking want (you say that often enough) but nobody has to endorse your bull. Theres such a thing as one time too many.

  5. Fuck them. If they don’t like it, don’t go on your stream, don’t go on this site. Since when did we have to worry about hurting the ‘fee fees’ of people. The last thing I want to see is you going politically correct because poor fucking babies can’t take the heat.

    1. There is a difference between needlessly crossing a line, and being politically correct. King of Pol has been accused of being a holocaust denier before, and as I recall, something along that particular subject came out during one of his big recorded moments in early GG, and it absolutely crushed his reputation.

      I don’t know the validity of the accusation because the guy has never been on my radar, but I imagine that one way or another, he doesn’t like having the subject brought up.

      Ralph is owning a needless burn he leveled on a buddy who wasn’t doing or saying anything to deserve it. This is called owning your mistakes and being a man. This is not political correctness.

        1. As I said man. KoP and the holocaust thing is way beyond my base of knowledge. I’m only taking what little I know plus KoP’s reaction to what Ralph said about the man last night, and drawing the only conclusion I can: Ralph knows he crossed the line with the comment, and as such is apologizing.

          It’s the honorable thing to do. It’s why I like Ralph, and use this website for most of my GG related activity. Despite his abrasive nature, rumor mongering, muck raking, and occasional bullish bullshit, the man has a core of decency and good character beneath it all.

          1. Yeah, the guy’s not perfect, but he’ll give people a platform here even thoug he disagrees with them and he’s gonna listen to people

          2. Only speaking the truth, boss. Real character is usually buried in layers beneath people these days. I’ve never seen a truly just or honorable person who wasn’t riddled with a handful of minor flaws that comes from being a bruised up idealist and real mother fucker in a world full of fake folks playing at having decency that they don’t genuinely possess.

            You have my loyalty, far more than most of GG’s big names do.

  6. We gotcha back Ralph. We have to stick together we have the SJWs on the ropes, we can’t just throw it all away. Also we can’t let a small group of people think they can dictate to the rest of us how Gamergate should go, its a leaderless group for a reason.

  7. Ralph, i’m going to be bluntly honest here, I don’t hate you in anyway, but I do not like you very much (Please don’t take that as an personal attack), I come here for Gamergate news and laugh at morons like Brianna Wu (She’s the type of person I hate, disrespect). Now, am I going to stop coming here and reading these articles that you write everyday? FUCK NO, i’m still going to come and read and have a laugh, but I do think we all should calm down… gather ourselves up and respect one and another, yes… some people have different opinions, that’s okay, we should allow different views come in and help GamerGate out, not attack them like SJW’s do.

    I hope you read this sir, I am sorry for getting angry with you yesterday, I hope we can just forget about it and accept each other like human beings should.

    P.S. How the fuck do I change my damn avatar? This isn’t the correct avatar I want, and it’s annoying me to no end! 🙁

  8. Good on you ralph, and people shouldn’t just stop with the squabbles because of GamerGate, but because internet drama usually is a stupid waste of time

  9. I enjoy the site, and your writing. I missed the stream, but I’ll take your word for what happened on it, and say, “Good on you, sir, for owning up to your errors. It’s a rarity these days.”

  10. You will forever be my secret waifu, Ralph. Keep being based and I will always support.

    Just don’t tell my RL waifu, okay? She is super jealous.


  11. I knew you were gonna apologize, because tho you might be abrasive from time to time, and a true dick to the sjw (as you should be) you are a decent guy, and above all, man enough to admit when you’ve made a mistake or crossed a line. There is a reason I respect you, even when maybe I don’t fully agree with you or think you are too harsh in some things. You may not always be right, but you will always be honest. Sometimes it means that your opinions or feelings about things/people will be harsh, but it also means that you will honestly admit a mistake. And I would rather respect a person like you, then a person who I personally deem “always right”. You are a person of character, sometimes not a pleasant one, but you do have a hard principle, and you have honesty. And you tell the unpleasant truth about others, but you are also man enough to tell the unpleasant truth about yourself if something happens. This seems like a little thing but so many people today are so hypocritical, not being one of those people does take guts.

    1. Here here. Let us drink to the health of such honest men. May the venom in Ralph’s words be the antidote for our troubled times.

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