A month or so ago, I heard some rumours that of an acquaintance’s brother was in jail for his involvement in an acid attack. I looked up the story and found that he had been sentenced to 7 years in prison despite not throwing the acid. According to the local newspaper, he had lured the victim there and then some other guy jumped out of the bushes sprayed acid in the victim’s face. The victim is permanently blind in one eye as a result of that attack. It seems as though the court wanted to make an example out of him so they gave him, what some would argue, a harsh punishment. The other two men who were involved in the attack are still on the run. The police are looking for a ‘tall, black man, in his early 20s,’ so let me know if you see anyone who matches that distinctive description.

So how does this relate to today’s story? Well, this young man received 7 years for his involvement in an acid attack where he didn’t even throw the acid. However, Emily Bowen, who poured drain cleaner into her victim’s viola case over a row with a boy, only served 5 months of her 21-month sentence. I’d argue there’s something to be said about the justice system there.

Bowen poured sulfuric acid based drain cleaner into 17-year-old Molly Young’s viola case after she started dating Bowen’s ex-boyfriend. The teen suffered burns on her legs when the corrosive liquid split onto her legs. According to the Daily RecordBowen didn’t express any remorse for her actions. It is believed that Bowen will live with her parents and will have a ‘home detention curfew.’

Women make up only 5% of the prison population in the UK, and according to a 2012 study by the University of Michigan, men receive sentences that are 63 per cent higher, on average, than their female counterparts. Hey, I just notice things and then I show you the things I notice.

Do you think the justice system too harsh on men or too relaxed with women? And another question I have is do you think prison does enough to rehabilitate prisoners?

Speaking of jails, our favourite felon will be returning from his state-sponsored vacation very soon. There will a stream on February 2nd to celebrate his return, and for you to get all your jail jokes out of your system. See you then.

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