I guess I’m going to have to get to #FullMcIntosh and the old Wu research later tonight (after a NJPW session). First, I wanted to bring you a bulletin on an interesting event that occurred earlier today. I doubt you’ll read about it on Kotaku or Polygon, since it pertains to how badly they suck. Not only that, they can’t laugh it away as easily, since it comes from a noted developer who has worked extensively on World of Warcraft, one of the most successful franchises in gaming history. 

First, let me show you the original tweets from Mark Kern, the dev I alluded to in the opening. They’re from earlier today, but like many others, I didn’t see them until later. I guess they just got lost in the frenzy:



This is exactly what we’ve been saying for months, so it feels good when I see a decorated developer echoing the same thing. I know it’s not easy to speak these uncomfortable truths in the face of such a corrupt media apparatus. So thank you Mr. Kern. And not only for the tweets! We also appreciate you coming on KotakuInAction and interacting with our community a little bit:Selection_999(246)


Hopefully more based developer’s will follow the Kern-Vavra model in the months to come. The gaming media has sold a raft of lies about our hobby to the mainstream, but now they want to act shocked and appalled? Give me a fucking break. It’s time they answered for their gross misrepresentations.

  1. I’m glad to see this happen too. Hope to see more developers finally come out and say what needs to be said.

  2. I seriously hope they don’t go after him like they have with Vavra and others for daring to speak out. If they do the folks at blizzard are about to get an education in crazy that will make the WoW forums look like reasonable, adult discussions.

    1. That’s exactly why I hope they DO go after them. Blizzard is Bli$$ard. They can handle those idiots if they try anything.

      1. Exactly and Activision are merged with them.

        So. Yeah good luck SJW’s if you guys try anything. They’ll properly need more than luck.

    2. Even though I’m an atheist, I will pray to God that these idiots pick a fight with Blizzard. They barely could hold down Vavra, Villena, Wardell, or Dawe – imagine how badly the Antis would get rekt trying to go head to head with one of the most powerful developers out there. You notice the Antis never go after EA and Activision, even though they make the games that they blame for creating/encouraging gaming’s “bro culture”? Because they know they would be blown to smithereens by their army of lawyers and PR agents.

      1. I hope they go after Blizzard as well. Blizzard is well known for their “we do what we want” attitude, so much so, that they take 2nd place in long-release times only to Duke Nukem Forever, lol.

    3. Well, they’re going after Ethan James Petty, and guess what? Nothing will come of it. It’s becoming increasingly clear how fringe and small a group they are, what a paper tiger they were all along, and after the SVU episode they’re an absolute laughingstock. The dam is broken, and devs are increasingly realizing that there’s nothing to fear and no financial losses to be had by speaking against them. They are already far outnumbered by the gamers and devs who are already awake, and they can no longer set the narrative, nor can they mount an attack on devs who go against them without suffering blowback of greater magnitude.

      1. Oh, that was so satisfying. Wu was all like, “THIS GUY PROMOTES HATRED OF WOMEN!”, and he responded by essentially saying, “You’re nuts and no one takes you seriously. If you think you can intimidate me by trying to get me fired, you’re crazier than I thought”.

        Once Wu realized that Petty gave -9000 fucks, she tried to appeal to Ubisoft directly about “meeting to talk to them about women in gaming”, which means she’s aiming to pull the same crap she tried with Milo and milk this for a free all-expenses paid vacation.

        1. All it takes is for one or more of the big gaming companies to get a few dozen female staff together and have them chat on youtube about their jobs. Instant fuck you to the Ghazi crowd.

          Sadly this is what should have happened in the first place but the narrative of ‘gamers/game companies hate women’ has been allowed to replicate in the click bait world sullying the reputations of millions of people who happen to share the same digital hobby.

    4. Kern left after WoW/SC2 initial development cycle. But he’s got his name on a lot of Blizzard products, so yeah he’s a big name in the industry. So really they can go after him all they want, but if he decides to “call in the favors” from people in the industry shit will hit the fan.

      This is good, and it means that the more public large name devs that come out the more the little shit rats who were whining about “evil GG” and all that will shut the fuck up.

  3. I wonder how inflamed Chris Kluwless is now, knowing one of the people behind a game he’s so closely tied to just called out Antis like him for pushing the “gamers are evil raping terrorists” propaganda these past 6 months.

    Also, Oliver Campbell tore the Antis several new assholes on Twitter for their role in spreading the “gamers are raping women out of gaming” clickbait.


    1. You know that washed up jock douchebag is probably sobbing into his pillow right now even though Mark only seems to be directing his ire at the game sites. I highly doubt he will call out individuals but he is entirely correct. They are responsible for this but you know egomaniacs like Kuchera and Alexander will never own their fuck ups.

      1. Kuchera pretty much demonstrated his lack of self-awareness by commenting how the gamers in the episode “couldn’t tell real life apart from video games”.

        Ms. Megaphone ignored reality and acted like GG was salty over the episode, instead of laughing at how ridiculous it showed what the Antis really think about gamers.

    2. I’d upvote your comment with 10,000 likes if I could! But sadly I can’t, so guess one will do. Man, I wish could see the stupid smirk get wiped off clean on that shit for brains suck-ass punter Kluwless’ smug face. LMAO!

    3. Apparently, Chris was crying not too long ago, I assume about this very thing. Perhaps he is starting to realize just what a nasty human being he has become.

      1. Pfft, you know damn well that that the case. He was most likely crying because he thought what he was doing was good and he was being bullied.

        Remember: you can’t fix stupid.

    1. No. Making headway would be, “See, this is how silly and over the top the largely feminist argument against the gaming community is, but *This* is how things really are. And *This* – a segment of the gaming media treating what is suppose to be their job as a social cliche instead – is what all of the fuss is really about.

      I mean its all well and good if the general public or SVU fans come away from the episode seeing how overblown the presented argument is, but finally seeing the other reasonable side of it is would be better.

        1. Still, there’s making headway, then there’s stating a fact for an echo chamber.

          The likes of Polygon and Kotaku have just been exposed for the sensationalist sites that they are. Is it going to effect their traffic, or is it just going to stir a chorus of nodding heads?

  4. I so much want to make a ‘Gaming Journalists Tears’ mug to drink hot chocolate out of while I watch all the shit hit all the fan. That opening scene for SVU was the only part I watched, I knew I wouldn’t be able to abide the rest of the episode, and judging by the reaction, it appears to have been just as fucked up as I thought it would be.
    I also have a ‘Feminist Tears’ mug to use when I binge YT vids of Feminists cry about their first world oppression.
    But on a serious note, if people start using the words ‘Gamer Apologist’ I will personally poison all the tea. That’s right, ALL THE TEA!

    1. I so much want to make a ‘Gaming Journalists Tears’ mug to drink hot chocolate out of while I watch all the shit hit all the fan.

      Google “custom mugs” and you’ll find a lot of places that do that.

      1. I know how to do it, I was expressing the desire to do it before I actually do it, like ‘I so much want to drink a glass of water.’ I unabashedly enjoy exclaiming things.

  5. I wonder. Remember the Mike Morhaime blizzcon speech? I wonder if he is actually pro or neutral about GamerGate? Now this has happened, I wonder if Blizzard secretly supporting Gamergate cause we know a few AAA devs are in secret. Well from what some people have said on youtube like mundane matt, they have gotten emails by devs.

  6. If they only knew how bad it’s going to get, they’d apologize immediately and back down. Doesn’t bother me, I’m going to enjoy watching them get shredded to bits

  7. Oh yeah, it’s nice when someone like a WoW Dev speaks up against these self righteous pricks. Granted it is easier to blast people when you’re so unassailable at the top of the gaming hierarchy as far as successful franchises go. Regardless, it’s glad to see that the Games Journalists are bearing the fallout for the “normies” reviving horrible stereotypes about video games and gamers thanks to their bullshit antics.

  8. Wait, you watch NJPW? How about that last PPV huh? I really didn’t expect things to play out that way. I wanna avoid spoiler but…dang. Bullet Club is tearing it up. So glad I signed up for New Japan World.

  9. My cat died last week. I’ve been depressed for a long time.
    This just made me very happy. Maybe the personification of their abuse against us will turn the tides better than I thought

  10. I can’t believe the level of hypocrisy these morons have exhibited over the SVU episode, considering the fact that the episode was ripped straight from their slanderous narrative.

    1. Could you please expound upon that? I’ve seen this claim a lot the last few days, but aside from an even tempo’d and mildly idiotic Kotaku article plus ZQ equating herself to the main victim and taking offense to the ending of the episode, no one has provided a shred of evidence of a would be breakdown over the SVU episode.

      1. Check their twitter feeds. These people wrote all that shit on their gaming websites and when the mainstream media makes a carbon-copy scenario out of their narrative, they go on twitter blasting it and then have the gall to again, blame gamers for it. These people are nuts.Check Anita’s feed and that of leigh Alexander.

  11. I am always amazed at the courage of those with much to lose, who would risk it to stand up to corruption and lies. Mark Kern, I salute you.

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