I’m getting a late start on the day, but others have gotten their kicks in early. The #HeWillNotDivideUs “art project” has pretty much turned into a place where you can troll in real life. The other day its creator, Shia LaBeouf, was arrested after attacking someone who was on his own side. I guess all the trolling had him on edge. As far as I know, he hasn’t returned. But today, Sam Hyde, Pax Dickinson, and Brittany Venti did show up…ad much hilarity ensued.

In fact, it’s still going on as we speak, but I’m just going to pick out the choice bits.









The whole thing has devolved completely. The cops just showed up a minute ago, but I’m not sure if they actually arrested anyone. I do have to wonder what the Museum of the Moving Image is thinking about this project right about now. There’s no way this thing can actually last for four years, can it? I’m concerned that one of these cultish lefties is going to try to kill a shitposter or two before all is said and done.

Then again, they’re not exactly know to be badasses. The last antifa who tried to get rowdy got shot.

I’ll keep my eye on things as the evening progresses.