Things have been getting very delicious the last few days, haven’t they? First, we had Zoe “Five Guys” Quinn getting assblasted and now we have Butchy Brianna Wu getting turned on by her supposed allies once again. I understand taking fire from your own team, believe me. But this is why you should just do what you want and let the chips fall where they may. I don’t give one single shit over who turns on me because of what I say or do. My true allies and supporters will always be there, no matter what. That’s why loyalty is so important. It’s literally my most valued trait when I look for people to support and befriend. Of course, there is no loyalty among SJW thieves, as most of you already know.

We’re gonna take a look at a small sampling of the beating Wu has been receiving over the last 24 hours, but first, let’s see why it’s happening…


I don’t really see too much wrong with what Wu said there, not that I agree with it. I guess since Broanna didn’t totally renounce capitalism, there’s some kind of problem? That tells you all you need to know about these ideologues. It’s not just about their pet radical feminist issues. They’re full-blown fucking Marxists. Anyway, let’s explore the beating now. It’s still happening, by the way. 32015-12-28_13-29-27 22015-12-28_13-28-50 12015-12-28_13-28-09

I highlighted one of these, because it was such an epic burn…

Brianna is of course hilariously trying to spin all this. The cringe can’t stop, won’t stop

Some retards even try to blame GamerGate for their collosal error in supporting a fraudster…

Before I go, here’s some more SJW-on-SJW violence. Man, today can’t get any better.

Oh, wait. I guess it could get better…


I’ll be back shortly with much more. The #BritishRalph trip is also imminent!

    1. And you know that it would be funnily ironic if capitalism was brought back, because it would actually make things equal for men.

      Considering the so-called ‘equalist’ advocates such as feminists and SJWs are all actually bigoted supremacists who want inequality themselves through a false mask of “equality”.

  1. Did… did Arthur Chu just advocate that SJWs and Rad Fems stop using Twitter because it serves capitalism and (by extension) patriarchy? Yes, Arthur, you and you kin would best serve your cause (and everyone else’s sanity) by getting the fuck off of Twitter for good.

    1. “Yes, Arthur, you and you kin would best serve your cause (and everyone
      else’s sanity) by getting the fuck off of Twitter the planet for good.”


    2. the world would become a little better if the SJW’s and radfems pooled their resources and bought a island (or small archipelago) and moved there and destroy the ships they came in on, hell they could even allow “minorities” to freely immigrate to grievance island (or archipelago) where the normal “white man” lives as a slave because privilege and they could build their utopia
      (the smart bets on 90% of the population dying within the first two & a half weeks with the really fat ones being dead around the end of the month)

    1. You are correct, sir. It was Wu’s husband’s family’s generosity that allowed Wu to open Giant Spacekat. They saved $2200/month by not paying rent, apparently with no end date. I did the math, and after 7.5 years, that will have amounted to $200K! But Wu isn’t privileged.

  2. That is priceless, especially Wu’s reply to Arthur Chu:

    “I think the only feasible way to move past capitalism is through technology. And that will happen by investment.”

    “I think the only feasible way to move past capitalism is through technology. And that will happen by capitalism.”

    Damn that vicious capitalism circle for the unaware!

    1. At least she has to admit that capitalism can only disappear in a post-scarcity environment. As a capitalist pig myself, that’s a step in the right direction. Too bad she’s still occupying the lunar left and cannot seem to see past the insane SJW dogma, and is a godawful human being to boot.

  3. Have fun in the UK, Ralph. I’m glad you will not be on the same continent as Wu and on the same island as Milo, Nora and Sargon.

  4. The “GamerGate made us do it!” cretins are just beyond belief.

    Not an ounce of self-awareness in any of them.

  5. That is exciting, that you’ll be meeting with Milo and enjoying a pint or five I hope. England is one of my favorite places on planet earth. So much in fact, I had to bring a husband home with me! The ultimate souvenir. Send postcards!

  6. Brianna Wu is shit, she deserves what she’s getting… and fuck the assholes who are blaming it all on us. Pretty much every Twat she Twatted there is a fucking lie. “I have literally been homeless living in my car” BULLSHIT, you have been posting pictures of your husband playing games on a big screen TV in a room of the house you actually live in, dumb bitch.

  7. Isn’t anyone who owns a company pretty much a capitalist, or at least hoping capitalism will work for them? So how is any of this surprising to them?

    It was okay if Wu made money by cyberbegging but not okay if by selling a product?

    I know we’re all happy to watch Wu-bashing for hypocrisy but Wu’s only redeeming quality was actually creating something — an ugly failure of a game, but more of a viable game than DQ or The Last Princess. But I guess that’s reprehensible to this crowd.

    Notice how Chu bashes techies, most of whom are SJWs but I guess since they are just “huge shits” who benefit from capitalism (if you call companies that have never turned a profit capitalism). As if he’s not part of the system? Does he think Jeopardy is a charity?

  8. We need MORE people like Brianna Wu! Now before everyone starts screaming at me lt me explain

    If we had more stupider than rocks people like her there would be an almost constant degrading of the SJW line than there already is. We actually need more idiots like this talking it’ll cause them to lose credibility that much faster. Not that they’ve got all that much anymore

    1. We HAVE more people like Brianna Wu. A never-ending supply – until the next serious economic depression hits.

  9. “Any person in a marginalized group that succeeds…”

    First, you must actually succeed.
    Like Milo.

    Sometimes it is a small success, some minority will really like a 3rd rate game if it has something unique, but not something like Depression Quest by Typhoid Zoe which was totally manipulated and started the whole kerfuffle which is still paying dividends.

    On the internet, you can design, code, and publish a game under a totally neutral pseudonym, and it will succeed or fail on its merits. Most people don’t give a rat’s X about the personal proclivities of authors or creators, only the quality of the work (side note – there are those who do, mostly the SJWs, but some of the reaction has been to favor mediocre anti-SJW instead of something good or great).

  10. This is fucking delicious. The Kool-Aid drinkers are catching onto the fact that Wu is serving them rat poison, and are trying to escape BrianaTown. This is a person that was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth and given $20,000 to start an animation company, offered a $11,000 reward to catch Jace Connors, and is able to afford running a game company with a staff of at least 6 people. There is no way she’s some poor unfortunate soul barely getting by like she claims.

    Looks like she’s in full damage control mode now – deleting a lot of her tweets and claiming that she’s the victim of a disinformation campaign.

    1. I’m speculating that Wu’s entire reason for inserting himself into GamerGate was to get notoriety that he hoped he could monetize.

      He did manage to use it to get his crappy mobile game greenlighted on Steam, but instead of the abuse he had hoped for, and even tried to fake but forgot to log out first, people on Steam were just laughing at the absurdly low production values.

      The lesson to be learned is that SJW’s love to talk about games, but they do not actually buy any. So while Wu has managed to get Patreon welfare, his plans to sell a lot more R60 games, seem to be going nowhere.

      1. Did Wu ever finish porting it over to PC yet? Last I heard, it was slated for October, but hasn’t manifested yet.

    1. marxism looks great on paper, but it never factors in reality, and since these loons cannot be to blame for their great idealistic dream not coming true in must be the fault of that other “guy”. if sjw’s where a warhammer army they would be like a incompetent race of skaven (without the numbers but all the sound and fury).

  11. It took a year and a half, but they are finally collapsing in on thenselves like a neutron star.

    And the best part is we get to watch, and archives ensure future generations will be able to enjoy all this delicious salt.

    “With God as my witness… My pretzels shall never be plain again!” -Unknown (remarking on salt levels)

    1. Must say I like how they attempt to blame gamergate for the shitty people they propped up. gotta wonder who is going to be the next sjw star for the sjw crock pot

  12. Thought #GG was about truth or openness where SJW was idealistic/dogmatic loyalty?

    If this has all been about kicking out those who don’t agree/think as “we” do, as apposed to creating an environment where those who want to manipulate the industry/system can’t operate or be easily called out on BS, then what’s the point?

  13. I like the tweets of sluttybitchcock. Especially the “Anita Whoeverthefuck”. See that Skankeesian? Even some SJW’s don’t give a fuck about you!

  14. On a serious note: What did Wu/Flynt expect? She was adopted into a rich family shortly after birth, lived as rich white guy for 30 years and married a rich asian guy after sex change. When rid people tell middle class or even poor people how “baaaad” there life is, the people will rip his or her ass wide open.

    Wu is almost a bigger crybaby than Emma “give your money to women” Watson and Jennifer “I’m the highest paid actress of all time and still oppressed” Lawrence.


  15. Maybe the Left finally realised how shit these SJWs are and have disowned them entirely, which will mean they will get left out in the cold with no place to call home?~

  16. my favorite reaction of this:
    gamergate made us fall for this terrible person’s scams! they just wanted our money all along!

  17. laughing at wu’s marginalised group post, when people of a “marginalised group” “accomplish” something they get a round of applause, when people of not marginalised groups accomplish the same thing they get nothing. Because what they are doing is usually seen as reaching where the standard has been set (or in wu’s rev 60 case not even scratching the standard)

  18. I think that many who complain about “Capitalism” ruining things have never studied economics.

    After all, you’d never hear someone who studied economics say “we need to regulate Capitalism”. It’s just such a hilariously flawed statement.

  19. Brianna Wu says something partway reasonable (that capitalism is flawed but good can come out of it), and gets screamed at for it.

    It’s almost like SocJus is purposefully manufacturing Wu’s insanity.

    Also “Broanna”. I don’t know if that’s just a typo or if that was done on purpose, but if it was accidental, it was the most brilliant accident I’ve seen in a while.

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