Another interview tonight on Niche Gamer, and some more money quotes. This time, the developer that goes by the name “Xbro” for anonymity purposes, unloaded on IGDA Seattle treasurer and SJW fear monger Sela Davis. Her Facebook post today took several shots at Xbro, and was just a mess in general. Here’s a post from her statement, so you you will be familiar with it before we get to Xbro:

“I am hesitant to say anything under my real name in fear of earning the ire of this group “Xbro” so proudly claims most of my coworkers support, a group in every way synonymous with gendered harassment in our industry. While “Xbro” may claim to oppose harassment, he and other passive supporters of this movement benefit from the actions of this “vocal minority” [6] who engages in such behavior. It is this “minority’s” terrorizing of marginalized and dissenting voices that allows people like him to say such things unchallenged, for fear that those like me – who want so badly to speak up – will end up in the crosshairs. Yet here I am – because I will no longer allow myself the indignity of this association. It is easy to dismiss GamerGate’s horrific track record when you do not live in fear of being their next target, or when the true cost of this campaign remains invisible to you. This fear is something I do not wish on him or anyone else.”

Here’s the rest of her garbage, in case you want to read it. She’s so hysterical, that it makes her hard to take seriously. OMG, you might work with people who disagree with you about GamerGate! Apparently, that’s the end of the world. You’re also worried about being targeted, but no one knew who the fuck you were before your ludicrous statement. If I were more cynical, I’d say you’re just trying to set yourself up like one of the Literally Who’s, so you head out on the SJW speaking circuit later on. But nah, surely you wouldn’t do that…

Regardless of her intentions, Xbro responded to this bullshit moments ago:

“Miss Davis, I believe it’s time to act professionally and stop this pathetic fear mongering propaganda that, all of a sudden, women have become big targets. Welcome to the internet, *everyone* is a target when you have an opinion. And in 99.98% of the cases, that means trolls will say mean things about you, or curse at you, or make you feel bad. This has been going on for over a decade now, and it’s not going to change soon.

If people want to turn internet victimhood into a profitable circus show and career, so be it, but I will not let them attack the people which I go to work in the morning for. And by my side stand my friends, family and colleagues, and I will not be afraid to be their voice.”

The whole interview is pretty great, but that was my favorite section. It just totally obliterates Ms. Davis’ propaganda-like Facebook post, one that seemed to have almost no grounding in reality. Xbro has been solid throughout GamerGate, even if some have tried to dismiss his testimonies because of his anonymity. If he was a special SJW snowflake demanding anon, he would be “brave.” But that’s another story altogether lol. For tonight, I just want to thank Xbro for speaking out once again, and I encourage others like him to do the same.