I was watching Twitter early this morning, and someone alerted me to a news story that was pretty interesting. Instead of running to type it up, I sat here and wasted about three hours, because that’s what I sometimes do. While I waited, another outlet went ahead and published a story with even more details than I originally had. It turns out not only did Apple pull Ultimate Generals from the App Store, they also took down the Hunted Cow Civil War games. In fact, it looks like they took down anything that had a Confederate Flag on it, or in it. To say this is a tad bit disconcerting, would be an understatement.

I’ve played a number of games where you could play as the Confederacy, including the fantastic Victoria I & II. Real-time strategy classics like these are now in danger of being censored, one would imagine. How long until the Nazi symbols from these efforts come under attack as well? In Hearts of Iron, there are all kinds of historical references, Nazi insignias, etc. Are these games now too problematic? I certainly hope no one starts giving a fuck, because that’s going to alter some games I love in a negative, unrealistic way.

Here’s the tweet announcing the move from the Ultimate Generals account (and link to story):

It’s looking like Apple has pulled everything from the App Store that features a Confederate flag, regardless of context. The reasoning Apple is sending developers is “…because it includes images of the confederate flag used in offensive and mean-spirited ways.” We just spoke with Andrew from HexWar Games, who have released many historical strategy games. He insists, “We’re in no way sympathetic to the use of the flag in an offensive way, we used it purely because historically that was the flag that was used at the time.”

I doubt Valve (Steam) or Paradox Interactive, the makers of the games I mentioned above, would go out like Apple has here. Paradox is based in Sweden, so I think we’re good. But you never truly know nowadays. Step the fuck back, SJWs. Don’t mess with my historical simulations.


UPDATE: Some Twitter reaction…





    1. No porn either – it’s objectifying – and no real woman wants to work in it unless she’s got internalized misogyny.

      I’d suggest black gay porn, but that’s too patriarchal.

    1. It’s probably safe to say that biased, aGGro, garbage documentary will most likely never reach its funding goal. Because it was still at that $2,000+ mark 13 days ago and has only gone up by a couple dollars since then.

  1. So, how long until we have history books that replace all pages for years 0 – 2000 with coloring book pictures?

  2. The Hearts of Iron games have always substituted the German WW2 flag with the tricolor version used prior to the war. It’s somewhat annoying, but I think it’s due to laws restricting the use of the hakenkreuz in some European nations.

    1. I believe it’s specific to Germany. They have some VERY stiff laws regarding the depiction of Nazis and Nazi iconography.

      1. Damn, I guess Hellsing Ultimate sucks ass in Germany, then. They’d have to edit out half the series.

      2. Yeah, the hakenkreuz is illegal in Germany, though they’ve recently relaxed that law somewhat to allow for games which are in a historical nature to have it present in their media. I believe the only condition for that is that nothing is done to “Glorify” it. IE you don’t play things from a Nazi point of view.

  3. This will be the same like with hatred:
    1: These games get pulled
    2: GabeN comes out and apologizes.
    3: Games will be put back on steam
    4: Social justice whiners cries again.

  4. I find it funny that people think that a flag will somehow magically fix racism in this country. What are they going to blame next when something like this happens again; books, the rap music, heavy metal, the violent movies?

    1. Heavy Metal has already gotten blame for suicide attempts and drug use, why not make it a trifecta?

      1. they also said the same for movies, books, art, hell anything that is entertaining they always try to stamp it out.

    2. “The flag is a symbol of segregation and hate, plain and simple, and
      removing it from public spaces like government buildings is a good step
      in stopping the tacit support that is implied in leaving it up.”

      Oh, fuck off. If it is a symbol of hate and racism then so is the US Stars and Stripes, the British Union Jack, the Australian Defaced Ensign, the Sun of Japan, and almost every other fucking flag in existence.

      Learn some American history, the Union was not near as righteous or color-blind as some historians like to pretend it was before, during, and after the Civil War, just so they can demonize the South. Most Southerners, as in 95%+, did not own slaves, and despite the rhetoric of some of the rich fucks people like to quote, those non-slave owning Southerners went to war and died for their States and Principles.

      And for many people in the world, including in the USA (hello Mcintosh!), the Stars and Stripes are a symbol of hate, oppression, and imperialism, so does that mean we need to remove all references to it? Of course not. So, again, fuck off.

      For fuck’s sake, when will you moral authoritarians remember that free speech exists exactly for speech you dislike, not speech you like. If you are not willing to defend speech and symbols you despise you do not deserve to have speech and symbols you agree with protected. Even Noam Chomsky got that very simple concept.

      1. I’m with this guy. Calling flags symbols of bigoted oppressors is both pretentious and banal. The very nature of banners since their inception was to identify military units and to physically establish the claim of territorial dominion where the flag could be seen. The US was flown over Japanese Internment Camps, it surrounds to this day the now very limited reservation territories of Native Americans and was the flag they fought against, and even now many black Americans see that flag as the flag of a government and police force that wage a race war against them with support of most facets of modern media, which is why we had all of that “Walk on the flag” video nonsense occur. The Union Jack is easily a dozen times worse, as it is the flag of what was once an honest to god Imperial power that colonized and oppressed peoples in so many parts of the globe that the sun never set on said empire. It has the blood of every skin color, of ethnic groups that most of us can’t even name or pinpoint on a map, and of Americans upon it.

        Flags and banners are instruments of military, territorial, and cultural domination, period. To defend even one of them is to be proud of the conquest and bloodshed conducted beneath them.

    3. I’m just upset that they removed it from a video game and act like Germany today when it comes to 1939-1945 type of games. The more we try to hide from our past the more it will come up to remind us of it. Bringing down a flag from the capital is one thing, trying to whitewash History is another and I feel like this is trying to put a band-aid onto a gunshot wound.

    4. Oh yeah, censor my hobby and my favorite music too (Heavy Metal)! It’ll happen, just watch. Rap music… *sigh* okay, I do like a bit of Rap, but I agree with my father on this Rap is actually pretty evil and it should be stopped. But there is SOME good Rap out there that can be good to listen to, but it’s very rare.

      I am a Metalhead, if they censor Metal I will fucking riot! 🙁

    5. Illegalizing dissenting points of view do not remove those points. Illegalizing symbols of those points of view do not remove those points.

      The KKK uses the symbol of the cross in their activities more often than they do the flag. We should stamp out the KKK. No more crosses, of any kind, for any reason. They should be removed from churches, the people wearing them should be arrested for suspicion of KKK affiliation, and anyone who dissagrees is clearly a racist and a KKK sympathizer.

      Makes a crap load of sense, don’t it.

      I don’t care if you don’t like it. free speech isn’t for you to like it. I don’t have to agree with what every one says (thank god) and I don’t have to even listen to it (as I’m fairly certain half of the people that agree with you aren’t listening now) but I DO have to accept that you have the right to disagree with me.

      I’m not a big confederate flag-type person.

      But I -am- going to my local flag store and buying one, for three reasons. One, I’m supporting local business that isn’t so beat-dog tempered that they ran for the hills to burn down their place for it being tarnished with the flag. Two, because I’ve always thought it was a nice design, and I’ve always been interested in Civil war history. and three, because it will stick in the craw of reactionary victim enablers who, instead of blaming the man who burst into a church and gunned down nine people -to start a race war-, are blaming a scrap of cloth.

      In the photos of Roof, I’ve seen the stars and bars twice. Once on a pole, and once as a sticker on his truck.

      He thought enough of the South african flag to have it put on his coat. Should we outlaw that flag too?

      Free speech isn’t just for the ideas you agree with. Illegalizing a flag is illegalizing a symbol of an idea. Not only will that do -nothing- to discourage the idea, (as people will just find another symbol) but it wears away at -your- right to disagree with anyone else as well.

      So protect your own rights, by not stripping anyone else’s of theirs.

    1. Christ. You think the Germans would be honest enough in game design to at least use the Aquila on the flag instead. It was just as important as a symbol to the Nazi regime.

    2. Just FYI, I’ve been talking to a German recently and asked them about the Nazi propaganda censorship. It seems things like movies that are historically accurate get a free pass where as fantasy like Wolfenstein get censored. Maybe it’s so that what’s been made up doesn’t get mixed in with what’s factual. So at the least, common sense did not escape them when writing that law.

      1. Don’t tell me. I am austrian. Central europe gets the same censorship. Austria, netherlands, poland, germany, switzerland cuts swastikas out of games, comics, books and cd covers.

        Indiana jones movies = uncut, Games = no swastika,
        Hellboy movie = uncut, Comics = no swastika

        Here are the things I played or read:
        Censored Games:
        Medal of honor, call of duty, wolfenstein, broken sword directors cut,

        Censored Comics:
        Justice league, hellboy, fables

        Heres a site that compares stuff like that:

  5. “We never learn from history, we learn from Horrible History”
    Teary Deary, author of Horrible History books.
    This is about to be proven wrong if this crap happens with everything.

  6. See, this is the problem I have with “safe spaces.” Because they never use them, they want to distort the entire first world into a safe space and ignore the real injustices in the rest of the world. Fuck these people.

    1. This. We libertarians have been bitching amongst ourselves about this shit for some time. I’m thrilled to see people of all political persuasions noticing and calling out the bullshit.

  7. To paraphrase Smosh:

    Apple used to be a company of ideas and innovation. Now they just produce gimmicky crap for rich people.

  8. Yeah as someone who actually lives in the south, good fucking luck getting rid of the confederate flag. Just going down the highway I’ll see 5 of them on 5 separate pick up trucks. Southerners can be incredibly stubborn. Not to mention it is on a shit load of merchandise. So does this mean Dukes of Hazard is going to get banned for eternity. While we’re at it why don’t we also ban the American flag as well. The founding fathers owned slaves and an entire nation of people was almost driven to extinction under that flag. So why not?

    1. Dukes of hazard has already been pulled from several large outlets.

      There is also talk of doing similar things in regards to Washington, etc.

      I forsee the Confederate becoming illegal to display in my lifetime – these people are EXTREMELY unlikely to stop unless forced to do so unfortunately…

    2. If we ban the Stars and Stripes, the marxists will run out of national symbols to defecate on.

      In the other words:YES

      It’s time the world see them for the (literal) shitstains they are >:)

  9. OK, pulling the Confederate flag from stores and government buildings, I can understand. But pulling games that use the flag in a historical context? What next? Banning classic movies like Glory and Gone With The Wind?

    1. Since you asked, yes…


      In case anyone still thinks that the radical American left *hasn’t* been infested with SJWs, there’s your answer. Take something that most people generally agree with (not flying Confederate flags at government facilities), and watch them go full-speed retard with it well past potato and straight into turnip territory.

      1. I’d have to agree with this.

        I personally believe that flying the Confederate flag at government buildings is wrong, but not really anything I’d give the same weight/urgency that the SJW crowd has.

        As far as the symbol being displayed anywhere else, that is 100% up to those that choose to do so.

        Do I think it’s a little insensitive for the general public to fly the Confederate flag today?
        Maybe, but I don’t think that my opinion is enough of a reason to to limit others from doing so AT ALL.

        Once our society (the US) starts down that path, it won’t be long before all kinds of things are banned and it will likely never end…

        1. I support and encourage all neo-confederates, KKK, and white supremacists in America to proudly stick the Stars & Bars on everything they own so everyone knows what they are.

          Easy to avoid them then.

      2. Of course, this is true with any group. Once you get the committee mentality, it’s not too far of a jump to get to mob mentality.

    2. There’s already been calls for Gone With The Wind to be banned.

      A NY film critic made the statement within the last few days I think…

  10. This is how it starts. As a Liberal, this saddens me. For people that supposedly champion the idea of free speech, they’re doing an awful lot to stamp someone else’s out.

  11. Let’s clear the air here and talk just a bit of history. This will likely piss off any SJW’s who read it, and may even piss off the regular commenters; but it has to be said.

    First off: The “stars and bars” also known as the Confederate Flag, or, more properly the St. Andrew’s cross….wasn’t actually used by the confederate army. The flag there was more properly the “Navy Jack” or in other words, flown by the Confederate Navy. The actual confederate flag is much simpler, being a flag with a blue field on the upper left, a circle of stars, and three horizontal bars on the right side, red, white, red. That’s the first flag of the confederacy, and was used throughout most of the war. It did change somewhat, with two other variants popping up, but generally speaking that flag is the true Confederate flag.

    During the war, a second flag was developed for the armies. The so called “Battle” flag. This too went through several changes, with the first battle flag being a St. Andrew’s cross in a square on the upper left, with a large white field. Problem was, the flag kept being mistaken for a flag of surrender, which created a whole host of problems for the fledgling CSA. Problems like the fact that troops might think you were surrendering, only to panic when you started shooting at them. So later, if you DID fly a white flag, they’d be as likely to shoot the guys surrendering as take a chance they were serious. This flag was quickly modified with a red vertical bar on the end, and while it worked, it wasn’t as popular. Truth be known, the damn thing was heavy. Now, no one is quite sure WHEN it happened, but at some point some bright sod (likely a flag bearer tired of carrying that heavy ass thing around) cut the white portions away, leaving the perfectly square St. Andrew’s cross. This version became widely accepted as the CSA Battle flag, and was used from roughly 1864, to the end of the war.

    So how does it become associated with Racism? Well I’ll get to that. First I need to touch on the KKK. Let me state that first and foremost, there were two “Klans” through history. The first, founded by Nathan Bedford Forest, and the second more “modern” Klan that dates from the 1920’s. (that later date will be important.)

    The first Klan founded by Forest wasn’t about racism, or really anything along those lines. They were a social club. Little different from college frats when you really boil it down. They used wild titles like “Grand Wizard,” “Klavern,” and “Imperial Potentate” for their ranks. If you looked at the early Klan, and compared it with modern groups like the VFW, or the Masons, you’d find many similarities. Things began to change though, and not for the better. Forest distanced himself from the Klan, feeling that they were going in the wrong direction by centering around racism. He himself said at a later date (paraphrased) “There has been many cruel things said about me, which if you asked those who stood with me, both black and white, they would tell you that those statements are lies.”

    The Klan pretty much stayed a small time thing (with numbers barely in the 1000’s) until the 1920’s and the introduction of a movie called “The Birth of a Nation.” Remember when I said the 1920’s would be important? Well in that movie, the director has his “Klan” go out and terrorize black people, and be the saviors of a small white town. (It’s an odd movie at best, and can be found on youtube.) Here’s the thing though. When that movie was filmed, the usual confederate battle flag that I noted above, didn’t look…imposing I suppose, on film. So the director inserted instead the Naval Jack.

    The Naval Jack showed up well on the film of the time, seemed imposing like he wanted (as opposed to a white flag), and the rest is pretty much history.

    After the movie came out, the Klan saw a resurgence, and following the movie, they adopted the white robes, pointy hats; and yes, the Naval Jack. Which of course means, that in every way (even their actions) they were little better than raving fanboys who do everything that their “idol” does in a movie.

    So there you go. The above is the history of the Naval Jack, and how thanks to one moron with a video camera, it became something that it is not. It’s not the “Confederate Flag,” and never was. Yet everyone recognizes it as that, and good luck on telling people the truth.

    1. Thanks for the wicked sharp history lesson, one far too few know anything about.

      But it was a battle flag in major armies earlier than 1864, Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia was using it by the time of the Battle of Sharpsburg.

      Few know that Griffith’s film was the one that popularized it though, good show.

      1. I could have gone even more and noted on the myths that the war was to free the slaves, but I already expected to be either flagged for the post, or thumbed down into oblivion with what little history lesson I was offering.

        1. Sorry didn’t get back to you, but the reality is that while the south may have fought the war to protect slavery (which they undoubtedly did to a great extent, even if men like Robert E Lee had no interest is maintaining slavery), that does NOT mean the North fought to overthrow slavery.

          In fact, the last thing the average northerner was interested in initially was emancipation. They were interested in stopping the growth of slave culture though. The Emancipation Proclamation is rightly seen as a military means to an end. The border state slaves who remained in the Union also remained slaves. However, attitudes toward slavery, at least amongst the northern soldiers who weren’t strikers shirkers, did harden in the last year of the war.

          Civil War history is fun though, I don’t think you would have been downvoted too hard for simply being right, or having a better informed opinion on contentious interpretations of history.

          1. It is something to think about, or discuss, when you look at the popular history in regards to the Civil War, when compared with the actual history. Heck, the whole thing that caused it wasn’t so much slavery, but more an argument in regards to the way in which new states were to be admitted to the Union.

            The Civil War started because of uncompromising differences between the free and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in the territories that had not yet become states. Prior to the war, several territories were considered for statehood. At the time, it was established that a census would be taken and if the number of slaves and slave owners were greater than the number of those who were opposed to slavery, then the state would be a slave state. Naturally, the whole idea worked the other way as well.

            After (and I may be incorrect on the number) one or two states were admitted which were slave states, a measure was enacted by the US government which stated that slaves would only count for one third a vote as opposed to a white person which would count for the full vote. Since the majority of slave owners had less than twenty slaves (with the mean average being five) this heavily skewed things in favor of states being admitted as non slave states.

            Whether you agree with the measure or not, it’s worth noting that the entire measure was actually illegal. Slave states balked at this, since it effectively meant that it was impossible for new states to be admitted as slave states, and to the southern landowners and slave owners, it was tantamount to the government stacking the deck in their favor. It didn’t help that Lincoln had run on a platform which promised to keep slavery out of the territories. In protest to the administration’s action, seven states seceded from the Union.

            There is an interesting caveat to the story though. It’s a little known fact that the confederacy outlawed slavery near the end of the war. Furthermore, while the union army was segregated; with black soldiers being paid roughly a third what a white private was paid, the Confederate army was fully integrated, and black soldiers were paid the same wage that white soldiers were paid. rofessor John Stauffer of Harvard has recently done research on just this subject, and estimates that there may have been a bit over 3,000 black soldiers formed on the Confederate side. In addition to these early-war instances of black soldiers serving with the Confederates, the Confederate congress authorized the conscription of 300,000 black soldiers in March of 1865. The confederate congress’s authorization noted that every conscript who served with the confederacy, would upon conclusion of the war (in the south’s favor) be given their freedom, land, and property (IE: effectively title), as well as an equal vote.

    2. I own “The Birth of a Nation” on bluray. And while the movie has a very bad reputation, everyone interested in movie history should watch it.

      It is a movie and not a documentary, and arguing that it is not historically accurate is really besides the point. Griffith was not psychic, he could not possibly have know his movie would revitalize the KKK.

      Cinema is a tool, and like a hammer can be used to build a house and kill someone, so can movies be used for good and bad things. Just as it has given us “Casablanca” and “A sound Of Music”, so has it given us “The Birth of a Nation” and “Triumph des Willens”.

      But I will much rather spend an evening watching a well made movie with an evil message, than a badly made with a good one.

    1. >.> We should all start putting the second one up and see how long it takes these uneducated idiots to realize what we’ve done.

      Then again, I was raised partly in Virginian farm country, and even the folks there who fly the Navy Jack with pride seem to think it was the big flag of the confederacy. Certainly features a lot in the local artwork,

      1. Yeah, most people really don’t realize the differences between the flags. As a side note, the reason the Jack was so bold and bright, was simply to make it easier to distinguish at sea. The original flag of the confederacy, which predated the second one, had the blue still; but the field on the right was all white. Meaning that people would often mistake it for a flag of surrender. Which made things difficult, since if you looked like you were surrendering and then suddenly opened fire, the moment you DO try to surrender, the enemy probably won’t stop shooting at you since they didn’t think they could trust you.

        1. The flag you’re talking about, though, was predominantly flown by the armies of Northern Virginia and Tennessee. Oceanic vessels didn’t fly them until after they were already established as Confederate battle flags.

  12. If I remember, the movie “Glory” had a shot or two of the Confederate battle flag. It also featured Denzel Washington getting whipped as punishment, and several dozen utterances of the N-word. Wonder when it’s going to be pulled.

  13. Why do all you assholes have such a problem with this? Now that we’re finally willing to remove a flag (that has connotations far beyond merely racist representations if you are willing to actually have at least a minimal high school history education), it means an end to all gun violence and racially motivated violence! HURRAH!

  14. And a other very good reason to avoid Apple products and Apple products Users

    Still thinking u are living in the land off the free?

    “to believe the American dream u have to be asleep”

  15. Give them time and they’ll try to erase the Confederate Flag from history, a la Ministry of Truth.

    Also, the swastika is a symbol that dates from the neolithic, and multiple religions consider it a sacred and auspicious symbol. It just so happens that the Nazi Party had a similar (i.e. inverted) symbol as their logo.

    Come to think of it, something similar has already happened regarding the swastika: https://www.thefire.org/the-george-washington-university-tramples-free-speech-ignores-context-in-suspending-student-for-indian-swastika-posting/

  16. Companies should sue Apple for lost income over the days their game was not selling on the store.

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