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  1. The way this is playing out it’s gonna be the final nail in the coffin of a youtube community that was already just about dead, the surviving girl isn’t even denying he killed the other one but rather trying to explain it as a result of a tragic bout of mental illness on his part.

    1. The fact that he’s male and identifies as a feminist and a skeptic at the same time is all the proof of mental illness one could need.

  2. my code is i hold myself to my standards and you to your own standards. so he should be treated in the same manner as he would treat someone he dislikes.

  3. The YouTube “Skeptic” community has a long-standing problem with violence they sweep under the rug. Yes, please do meme the crap out of this; those caught in this ideology of death need to be shaken.

  4. Is the accusation already proved? This will go wrong in multiple ways if he’s proven innocent after all this

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