I’ve just kinda been sitting around and basking in the afterglow of the LIVE show from earlier. As someone in chat said, it it was truly legendary. I didn’t have much to do with that, as the subject matter itself was fascinating, and the panelists I selected brought the heat. Anyway, we’ll get to it in more detail later. First, an even bigger story has hit while I was sitting here wasting time. As it turns out, they are going to make a movie about GamerGate. The only problem? It will be based on Blowey Zoe Quinn’s yet to be released memoirs.

Yes, that’s right. They’re actually going to base this farce on the word of the lying bitch who helped to start the whole thing. As anyone with half a brain can tell you, Zoe Quinn has been exposed as a cheat and a liar multiple times. Now, the screenplay of a major motion picture will be based on her fibs. I guess that’s what happens with you roll deep enough with the social justice cult. Your sick fantasies can come true.

The funniest part about the whole thing? The clown actually thinks she would have a real career without GamerGate. Let me tell you something, Zoe. You should thank your lucky stars every single time you close your eyes to go sleep at night. Because without us, you’re nothing but some smelly hipster who wrote a shit game that’s less complicated that my WordPress blog. What does that make me? I guess I must be Hideo Kojima compared to your slutty ass.


I’m not surprised in the least that someone in Hollywood wanted to make a GamerGate movie. Hell, I expected it to happen a lot sooner than this. Yes, I pretty much always figured it would be biased. But I thought some shitbag SJW journo would be responsible for the base material, not Zoe herself. Now, it’s guaranteed to be a one-sided shit show. Oh well, I’m certian that there will be a lot of laughs to be had off this garbage. Here’s the original report, and even it’s full of lol’s…

Amy Pascal’s Pascal Pictures has won a bidding battle for Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself, a memoir by game designer Zoe Quinn that sold to Touchstone/Simon & Schuster and will be published September, 2016. The property was bid on by several studios and TV outlets, and several actresses are circling, with interest from Scarlett Johansson said to be keenest…

Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum are set to adapt. Pascal Pictures will finance and Pascal will produce with Rachel O’Connor, and Entertainment 360. The latter got the book proposal early on, and created the package with the screenwriters, who met while working as journalists at the Wall Street Journal. It was then shopped and Pascal Pictures stepped up. Pascal Pictures is Sony-based and that studio will get first crack; for right now, its development is being funded internally by Pascal. CAA brokered the deal. The agency and Management 360 repped the scribes, whose first project — the Tammany Hall-set feature An Extraordinary Man — has Anne Hathaway attached and is set up at Erika Olde’s Black Bicycle Entertainment…

Quinn perhaps best describes the potential movie and conflict in her proposal: “Gaming and internet message boards used to be niche interests, mostly for young men. In the past few years, however, they’ve gone mainstream. Millions of people — including women and other marginalized people — have taken an interest in the platforms, image boards, and discussion forums that once belonged by default to a much smaller population. Most gamers give zero fu*ks about this. Like the rest of us, they’re just here to play games. But a vocal minority are clinging onto the brand of Cheetos-and-Mountain-Dew exclusionary identity ‘hardcore gamer,’ muttering ‘fu*kin casuals’ under their breath.”

Holy fuck, the amount of bullshit in that excerpt is making my head spin. Well, that and lack of sleep. Before I do hit the hay, let’s take a look at Amy Pascal. In case you’re not familiar with the woman who’s funding Zoe’s flick, here she is, in all her glory:

Sony boss Amy Pascal is leaving the Hollywood studio to set up her own production firm – just months after The Interview debacle that saw her private and damaging emails leaked all over internet..

Pascal, 56, was targeted during a cyber attack on the movie studio ahead of the release of the Kim Jong-un assassination comedy The Interview, which saw a string of her emails leaked – including one in which she made an embarrassing jibe about President Obama.

As Pascal’s emails were leaked, the most damaging email exchange saw the Sony boss and producer Scott Rudin exchange jokes about  President Obama’s race.

In the messages, Miss Pascal allegedly asked Rudin for suggestions on what she should discuss with Obama at a ‘stupid’ fundraising breakfast hosted by DreamWorks Animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg, a big Democratic donor, in November 2013. 

Rudin, 56, whose producing credits include Moneyball, Captain Phillips, and The Social Network, asked whether he would like to help finance any films.

‘I doubt it,’ Pascal is said to have replied: ‘Should I ask him if he liked Django [Unchained]?’

Rudin responded: ’12 Years [a Slave],’ to which Miss Pascal brought up a series of other films starring African-Americans. ‘Or the butler. Or think like a man?’ 

‘Ride-along,’ Rudin said: ‘I bet he likes Kevin Hart.’  

This person would be smeared as a virulent racist if they weren’t rich and SJW’d up. Pascal is well aware of that double standard, though. In fact, she’s banking on it, quite literally. Don’t look for the rad fem press to talk about it much. Instead, they will discuss how stunning and brave noted cum guzzler Zoe Quinn is. Fuck it, I’m just gonna sit here and laugh at the absurdity of the whole thing. Remember SVU? This will be 1000 times better.




Let me know what you think about this somewhat stunning development. Yes, it’s real. I’ve had several people come up to me in denial about this, thinking it was some kind of joke. It’s all too real, though. I wouldn’t stress it. To me, it’s funny. This film, if it ever gets made, is going to do nothing but further strengthen our movement, at the end of the day. That’s just my take. I’ll be back after my nap with some thoughts on the legendary LIVE show from yesterday. Also, I’ll be putting up a shortened highlights version of that program sometime this weekend. So be on the lookout for all that, and more.