More news from the stream as it comes, but the headline details the big one so far. Milo Yiannopoulos is planning to sue Simon & Schuster for $10 million, while also starting up his own publishing company. The book they canceled is also apparently going to go on sale in 10 days time (can’t confirm the sale date, but the rest I saw live).

(I’m assuming the Jared is for Jared Kushner, but that’s just a guess.)

    1. I miss you on twatter, I miss Jim being active on the twatter, I miss the twatter being even remotely usable.

      1. btw I’m not Mykeru
        also Jim is slowly becoming more active on twitter @wewuzmetokur

        I miss Sam Hyde on twitter as well

        1. Yeah I know Jim’s new twatter handle, also that’s just confusing why are you doing that?

  1. Good way of fighting their divide and conquer tactics. Though with a Twitter ban, removal of Brietbart, and character assassination via pedo accusations he has still lost most of his presence and influence.

    1. I suspect he’s going to reclaim a lot of his fanbase though. There’s a number of folks (myself included) who regretted how he got hammered. It was a hatchet job, PARTICULARLY in light of how the media whitewashed similar remarks made by George Takei.

      1. Basically he had to jump on the grenade to protect Bannon and Breitbart, because they had to be protected in order to protect Trump. What amused me was just how loudly and openly the entire MSM was cheering his political assination, tells you just how much he’s wrecked muh narrative over the years throwing monkey wrenches into their social engineering ops.

  2. I laughed out loud when he revealed the name of that snake. I’m guessing Milo doesn’t approve of the Jared faction in the Trump administration.

  3. Milo is the best, but that stream was cancer – I was barely able to hear what he was saying because of all the cheering.

    Him opening his own publishing company while suing Simon and Schuster is a brilliant move. I’m definitely buying his book when it becomes available. His new tour will surely provide plenty of keks along the way.

    1. Because if they broke the contract it’s easy money, moreover if they walk into the courtroom and say they broke it because he’s allegedly a pedo he can then come out swinging and set the record straight on that front.

      I played enough WoW and watched enough hunters flop over feigning death only to spring up and open fire again to understand what I’m probably witnessing here.

  4. While we’re on the subject of books, two others worth picking up:

    ‘Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign’. Despite being written by a pair of leftist partisan hacks (seriously; one of them was writing for Vox, FFS), this is actually a fairly interesting book, particularly for what it doesn’t say. Hold your nose through the usual tired screeds about ‘Dem Russians hax0red the election!’, and enjoy the spectacle of Clinton’s trainwreck of a campaign and her inability to grasp why people didn’t like her. And keep that quote from Ho Chi Minh in mind: ‘Cherish your enemies; they teach you the best lessons.’

    ‘Days of Rage’: This is a tale of the radical left and their bombing campaigns, late-60’s to early-70’s. If you’re poor or just want the highlights, Status 451 posted an excellent synopsis on the book at . After reading through much of it, my opinion of the current ‘modern’ left has dropped even further. Why? Because compared to these motherfuckers, the Resistance is a bunch of pussies. Worth a read if you need some background into how brain damaged the left is.

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