Almost one year ago to the day, I went to RavenCon here in Richmond, Virginia. I had been promoting my appearance on Twitter all day as a sort of publicity stunt. Would Brianna Wu grant your intrepid editor an interview, I asked, knowing full well that Wu would do no such thing. I thought it was funny and it was. Not everyone agreed with me, though, including RavenCon security…


Long story short, I went and was tossed out, as the video shows (here’s the full panel recording, by the way)…


Now, why have I given a short rundown of what many of you already know? Am I nostalgic for that somewhat cold April night where I laughed my (then bigger) ass off and even went to eat Arby’s after the whole thing was over? Well, yes. That was pretty hilarious and it’s definitely a cherished memory. But the real reason I’m talking about it once again is because of a young man named Noah Francke (@FranckeNoah). He went to a panel this past weekend at PAX East and caused quite a storm. It reminded me of the one I caused, only his might be even better.

Here’s the panel he attended…


Yes, if you’re an SJW, this is harassment of the highest order. Paying money to get into a public event then showing up to a public panel and filming it (which is in no way against the stated rules of the PAX East convention) is now some sort of borderline criminal act. Is this all starting to sound a bit familiar to you guys now? How long before you get arrested for this sort of thing? I can tell you for sure that they were itching to arrest me last year, as you can see from the tweet I highlighted in the opening. This treatment is an assault on our free society, not to mention the citizen press.

After I heard about all this earlier, I reached out to Noah. Here’s what he had to tell me…

To make a long story short, I was listening to a certain right-wing podcast and they explained that, as seen in the #TheChalkening, the very name of Trump could be invoked as a sort of battle cry to trigger SJWs. Seeing an opportunity to have a bit of fun, I chose to go to the “Diversity in Gaming” panel because it seemed to be the most pozzed out of all of them. I kept my Trump hat in my backpack until I was in the theater. Then, I donned it.

My original intent was to just sit there and trigger the panelists. But after the introduction, said panelists, which consisted of two half-Puerto Rican transsexuals, a gay white dude, and some mystery meat thing, started to formulate the most insane string of buzzwords I have ever heard. The opportunity seemed too good to miss, so I pulled out my iPhone and started filming. I got 28 minutes of footage before my phone ran low on batteries. By then, the panelists had noticed me, and had referenced me a time or two. so i just left the theater.

To be honest, I didn’t think this would become as big as it is. But in hindsight, I think I made a good decision, as I have not only triggered SJWs in the panel, but across the internet (or at least in a niche part of Twitter).

Indeed, Mr. Francke. You have done a hilarious deed here and you came up with it all on your own. Hell, my ex-girlfriend gave me the RavenCon idea, so I can’t even take full credit for that one. Be very proud of this one, man. By the way, Noah called this “shitposting in real life,” which is a great way to describe the whole thing.

When all it takes is a Trump hat to trigger special snowflakes, taking them up on the offer is simply irresistible.

  1. MAGA hats are basically a portable, never-ending trigger to SJWs. That’s certainly a reason why I want one.

  2. Beautiful. Reminds me of that guy who trolled Randi Harper during that failure of a panel at SXSW.

    And, as with this instance, the person who caused such egregious offence didn’t actually have to do a damn thing.

    Liberals needs to scream and abuse people to get their point across. GGers just have to show up and smile and that sends them into a spiral.

  3. LOL. Watching all these babies wet themselves in terror over some guy with a hat filming them like every other attendee is priceless. I’m surprised they didn’t call in a SWAT team to take down the hat, worried that it was going to rape and murder all the trans people!

  4. This dude is the man.

    MVP of the week?

    Glorious irl shitposting, triggering sjw in real life and through the internet all at once.

    And the panel description is funny if you read it knowing really what SJW mean.

    Translation from SJW nice speak, to reality of what they are saying:

    there’s money in gaming so we want to take over.
    To do that we will discuss creating controlled spaces by force, where all speech that deviates from our narrative is punished and removed, we will take advantage of a bunch of groups of people as scpagegoats to justify our attacks on everyone else
    this panel will be under the iron rule of Butterfly and Vballinchick

    Yeah, they’re not creepy, at all.
    No wonder they don’t want their meetings on film either, they’re a cult.

  5. This is some epic level trolling. The best part is he didn’t do anything. When you troll people by merely existing you are truly high level.

  6. IMO every panel should be recorded in these events, not like youtube lacks the bandwidth. The hat was a nice touch to bring the truth to the “Equality for all (except people we dislike)” tag line.

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