I’m shocked to learn this news about YouTube, shocked I tell you!

YouTube last year stopped hiring white and Asian males for technical positions because they didn’t help the world’s largest video site achieve its goals for improving diversity, according to a civil lawsuit filed by a former employee.

The lawsuit, filed by Arne Wilberg, a white male who worked at Google for nine years, including four years as a recruiter at YouTube, alleges the division of Alphabet Inc.’s Google set quotas for hiring minorities. Last spring, YouTube recruiters were allegedly instructed to cancel interviews with applicants who weren’t female, black or Hispanic, and to “purge entirely” the applications of people who didn’t fit those categories, the lawsuit claims. 

To be fair to Google/YouTube, even thought they aren’t very fair to people like us, a spokeswoman went on to deny these claims. But there’s also this, from the Wall Street Journal report

People familiar with YouTube’s and Google’s hiring practices in interviews corroborated some of the lawsuit’s allegations, including the hiring freeze of white and Asian technical employees, and YouTube’s use of quotas.

No one should be surprised to learn of this development. Just look at how the big tech giants, including Google, have been acting as of late. They’re attempting to squelch freedom of speech on their platforms, they’re openly hostile to conservative and alternative media, and they openly support both progressive candidates and policies. Hearing that they actively discriminate against white males is just another piece to that pernicious puzzle.