I’ve taken the liberty of throwing together a quick collection of GamerGate related videos. Including quite a few that most readers will probably have missed.

For the purposes of this article I’m going to assume that the reader has watched the original Internet Aristocrat videos, ShortFatOtaku and Cameralady’s Indie-Fensible series covering corruption in the indie gaming scene and at least some of the more important Sargon of Akkad videos. In fact Sargon’s done enough quality work (especially early in GamerGate) that I might very well do article highlighting the really key ones for people who were not involved in GamerGate during that time but that’s a topic for another day.

Going for a bit of a nostalgia vibe with this one, also focusing on shorter videos. There is a lot of GamerGate related content on YouTube but sadly most of it in the form of four to five hour streams. Not the greatest thing if you just want to get one or two points across, so I’ve made an effort here to keep things short here and respect peoples’ time.

That said let’s begin. Well after a brief trigger warning.


This article contains trace amounts of unbearable faggotry.

Viewer discretion is sarcastically endorsed.

Start here and get yourself pumped up! Grab adult beverages and/or herbal medication as required.

GamerGate A Reminder: (4:29)

Personally I think that the video speaks for itself and captures the emotional turmoil and determination that was GamerGate during the height of the mainstream media attacks in October. In fact you’ll notice sort of an unintentional theme to this whole collection.

It’s Misogyny: From /v/ the Musical (3:13)

From the musical prophecy that predicted #GamerGate I give you the ENTIRE anti-GamerGate argument! Also some very damn good evidence this whole thing has been building for some time.

I’m not really a chan person and quite resented being forced onto 4chan (and later 8chan) simply into order to get around the mass censorship that was happening at the time. Also because I’m such a narrow focus gamer I was not really current with a lot of modern hardcore gaming culture. So wanting answers I looked around and asked a lot a questions. What I found was /v/ the Musical and it’s fatter and more autistic cousin the /v/GA Awards. So what issues were being discussed? Why more or less the same ones that came up in GamerGate. Who’da thunk it?

The Evidence and History of #GamerGate. (13:50)

Moving on to more serious topics, here we have an excellent video covering the history (and prehistory) of GamerGate. More importantly the presenter explains the evidence and timeline of the early days in impressive detail while still keeping the video short. Highly recommended! Especially for  anyone who showed up late to the party.

#GamerGate in 15Mins: Emergent Protest (12:59)

One of the hardest things to understand about GamerGate is the leaderless nature of the whole thing and the complete lack of permanent hierarchies. Tabletop designer/writer James Desborough @GRIMACHU takes time and does his best to explain that nature to the viewer.

There’s also a good lesson about what happened to Occupy Wall Street tossed in for good measure.

But if you take nothing else out of this whole article, (that you’re probably just skimming over). please REMEMBER THE THING WITH THE BIRDS.

GamerGate Thoughts: What you do. (14:14)

Semi-related to the above video. @rhowlingcoyote gives his thoughts concerning the leaderless nature and sheer chaos of GamerGate and goes over some of the implications of GamerGate being a leaderless movement and what that means to individuals who are part of it. It’s a crazy sprawling rant but there’s a lot of wisdom in here… and Ralph gets named dropped eight minutes in. Enjoy.

(And yes this is that guy who spams Splatoon porn everywhere. Make of that what you wish.)

Jagos on the Quinnspiracy (6:43)

This video is amazing. Why? Look the the date. It’s August 25th several days before the hashtag. When everybody was still scrambling for answers. What does BASED Jagos talk about? Censorship. Gawker media. Who co-created Depression Quest? Connections. Indiedev cliques. EA. Truthbomb after truthbomb. Jagos damn near calls everything in WEEK ONE! Sadly he seems to have gone silent in recent months.

MundaneMatt’s Greatest Moment!!!

In response to #StopGamerGate2014 (14:09)

Yes it’s a Mundane Matt video. I’ll probably get shit for this one in the comments and at least three idiots ranting about ecelebs and their toxic influence but whatever. I was drawn into GamerGate as a battle of ideas (basically came back to internet) as a direct result of the Zoe Quinn DMCA. In fact remember watching the first half of the original video, deciding there was nothing worth bothering with and moving on with my day without watching the second half. I came back to Matt’s channel a few days later and found a massive shitstorm.

But enough about that. So what is this video? And why did I pick it out of about two dozen others I could have picked. Emotion and passion. This was an impromptu rant recorded in Matt’s car (probably after a long shitty day) again in mid October in the aftermath of the mainstream media assault on GamerGate. It starts out a bit slow but then builds into a rant for the ages.

Worth turning off that pesky adblock for.

An Ideologue’s Quiet Conversation: (14:51)

Last minute addition and hot off the presses.

Get some popcorn and listen to @LouisLeVan rip fatass Jim Sterling a second asshole so he can breathe better.

GamerGate Won’t lose because it can’t (7:24)

One of my personal favourites and a video that pulled me up when I was feeling down.  @thebechtloff Discusses possible scenarios about the future of GamerGate and what will happen to anti-GamerGate. Incredibly insightful (for Nov 2014) and it holds up pretty well to this day.

Note the casual name drop of Ian Miles Cheong and think about what Bechtloff says near the end of the video. Sort of poetic isn’t it?

No, Video Games Do not Need to Grow up (5:20)

What is one of the most common rallying cries of the Anti-Gamer? “Video games need to mature as a medium!” You hear this all the time from pseudo-intellectual hacks who talk endlessly about wanting thought provoking while of course refusing to play any game that might cause them to have an thought.

Happily for us @Gaminganarchist takes that “mature games” argument, and kicks it square in it’s tiny hipster balls. Best of all he does it in style.

The Fire Rises (5:11)

And finally I end this article the way that all articles should be ended. With a motherfucking Banepost! I believe this is one of the originals.