One more reader submission for today. I just got back from seeing The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and now I’m doing a wrestling podcast. Even though the guy who likes to cover up rapes, Arthur Chu, spoiled a key plot point, I still enjoyed it. I’ll likely write a review later, after I write some a couple of more serious pieces. I’m also considering reviewing a comic or two per week, so if you have any suggestions, put them down below. This column is just about some YouTube finds. There’s a GamerGate vid in there, so it’s not totally off topic.


Ladies, gentlemen and weird things from Tumblr. I have a confession to make. It seems that and I can no longer deny that I am a YouTube junkie. I find myself staring coldly into the abyss that is the vast sewer of internet video. For example the other night I spent two and half hours watching videos on lock picking. Clearly this is time that would have been better spent masturbating to sub-par anime or arguing with mentally disabled people on Twitter.

Needless to say I watch a lot of horrible unfunny comedy videos, badly remixed AMVs, incoherent Let’s Player’s screaming about pixelated zombies and very stoned men reviewing children’s movies. IS there good content? Yes. Is it easy to find? Hell no! This is why despite this dark shadow of addiction that lingers over me, I am choosing to share these picks with you in hopes that you will find something entertaining.

-The Greatest Moment in CFL History. (0:55)

Let’s start things off with a bang. Or rather a lesson in the danger of hubris and overconfidence.

Pro tip: Train yourself to think of this video every time you hear or see the name Chris Kluwe. This will greatly improve your mental well being and quality of life.

-The Importance of Determination in Combat (6:16)

Matt from Schola Gladiatoria uses an historical account of a 19th century attack by Chinese pirates in order to deliver an inspiring lesson about the importance of determination and discipline.

-Police Training Film on Illegal Gambling (20:30)

Ok this video is just a lot of fun. Especially for anyone who likes gangster movies or older police dramas. This FBI training film appears to be from the early 70’s and opens with a portrayal of a ‘businessman’ that can’t help but be iconic. Oddly the actors portraying the criminals seem to be slightly more talented than the ones portraying the cops, which are stiff and wooden. The real star of the show however is the Narrator who seems convinced that he is in a 1930’s radio drama. Overall this short film is a great glimpse of a sleazier yet more civilized time. As an added bonus there are also references to blue boxes and other illegal electronics that may be of interest to very old anons.

-Robocop Rap (10:00)

This is actually what it looks like. The original Robocop movie condensed into a ten minute highlight reel and overlaid with a very badass rap song describing the whole thing. The beauty here is how well put together the whole thing is. Highly recommended.

-Don’t be Ashamed to Like Professional Wrestling (5:00)

This is an absolutely priceless rant on wrestling fans (and people in the wrestling business) being ashamed about their particular form of entertainment. What catches my attention is the offhand comment about people in the wrestling business not defending wrestling from outsiders and letting the mainstream media walk over and mock the entire form of entertainment. Don’t suppose that reminds you of anything, does it?

-Das Explains the Australia Tax (21:19)

Das24680 is my favourite Let’s Player (I do watch quite a few) but it’s very rare to see him do any sort of editorial or opinion piece. So the mere fact that he did a non-LP video caught my attention. Why would he do such a thing? Well it turns out that all is not well in the Land of Dropbears and Dingos. For Australian gamers are been plagued by a phenomenon best known is the Australia tax; where games costs noticeably more than in other countries.

This effect leads to the spectacle of a normally calm and rational man trying to carefully explain a complex issue that has him PISSED THE FUCK OFF. This is almost the reverse of a normal rant video, where the speaker is exaggerating their outrage for dramatic purposes. Das calmly talks over the issue, gives multiple theories and identifies the most likely culprit, with only the occasional pause or stutter giving hint of how angry he was.

Yes I’m being a little biased here but just the style difference between this and the usual ‘gamer rant video’ makes it worth checking out.

-Gaming Anarchist’s Response to the Gamers are Dead Articles (36:22)

Here’s a true classic for the ages. Little on the long side but you’re going to want to get some popcorn for this one. This video is Sickboy (Twitter handle @GamingAnarchist ) sitting down on Sept 3rd near the start of #GamerGate and giving an account of how things stood. It’s clear. It’s concise and it perfectly captures the spirit of the times. (Much like that police training film from the 70’s) Many topics important to the early history of Gamergate are covered making this is a very good watch for people who were late to the party and missed the drama filled events of those early weeks. Old hands can have a good nostalgic laugh at the usual suspects like Movie Bob getting name dropped as a sidenote.

At points this rant/editorial/speech? crosses over into sort of a gamer manifesto. Questioning whether gamers even need the media. Challenging common criticisms against gaming and brushing them aside. Discussing points about creating stories and having characters that people can have an emotional attachment to. All done in a single stream of consciousness manner delivered by an angry British man who doesn’t give fuck, is willing to explain why he doesn’t give a fuck and expects you to not give a fuck either.