I don’t like MundaneMatt. In fact, I think he’s a fake, play-to-the-middle-no-matter-what-I-really-believe, chump. He had a fun time when I got arrested last month. That’s all well and good, since I’m quite sure I would have had a good run if his FREE HUGS looking-ass had gotten popped. I think he better make sure his hard drives are well encrypted, though, if you know what I mean. He looks like the type who might have something to hide there in the ole closet. But, I’m not here to talk about Matt’s deviancy, as much fun as that might be. Instead, I want to talk about his verifiable transgression against…*drumroll please*…ethical standards.

Oh, wait, before I get into all that…speaking of verified. Enjoy some of these screens WildGoose dug up:

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Yea, we can tell you totally do not care about verification.

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me give this lame bastard some small about of credit. He did agree with me that the whole “muh harassment” narrative surrounding Palmer Luckey’s girlfriend was bullshit. That’s about the only time I’ve seen him be worth a shit in the last 18 months, though. Thus, I won’t go too crazy with praise, especially after he got caught with his pants down on this whole Candid app debacle.

In case you haven’t seen the video about all this from Harmful Opinions, do yourself a favor and watch it now:



To be fair, Mr. Jarbo was not the only person to shill this seemingly insidious product. Shoe0nhead and others backed this trash in exchange for cash. Of course, they all say they were using this app WAY BEFORE Candid approached them with a fatass check and paid them to hawk their product. Of course, we all believe you! I mean, after all, who would get on the internet and just tell lies?


This thing goes deep, by the way. Not only is the Candid app itself shady as fuck and possibly developing an A.I. that can be sold to other tech companies so they can censor us better. But it spun out of a company called MyLikes. They’re basically an outfit that works to place sponsored content on sites such as YouTube and blogs like the one you’re reading now (oftentimes making it hard to tell the content is sponsored). The reason I remembered the name is because MundaneMatt reached out to me after my Adsense was temporarily taken away with a suggestion. I should look into MyLikes, he said. I found this advice curious, since he had been one of the main ones trashing me in public in the wake of the Lily Feng gravestanding controversy. Maybe he was in line to get some sort of check out of the deal. I actually did look into it, but I decided it wasn’t worth my time, so I left. It looked cheap, like blantant shillery. I guess that’s why Matt enjoyed it so much. Blatant and cheap shillery is his modus operandi.

The funniest part is, Jarbo’s own fans have been having a feast on his unethical corspe. Take a look at some of the reactions…

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I also made a tweet about the number of dislikes on his pathetic response video, but the dislikes have went even higher since then.


I guess this is what happens when you’re revealed to be a massive fraud in front of the world. Enjoy, Matt! No one deserves this reward more than you do.

    1. Mundanematt sucks, but you’ve completely and intentionally twisted his intent. Hes saying GG shouldnt stoop to SJW levels. I’d be inclined to agree with him but its apparent by now that he only said it to look good and wasnt genuine, hes essentially totalfuckwuit

  1. I’m not even surprised by this. MM never had integrity. There’s also a seemingly arrogant part of him that’s absolutely sure he’s right on everything and wouldn’t hesitate to manipulate and control others without a second guess. He’s always been an opportunist and there’s not a single person who can prioritize opportunity above all else and still claim to have integrity. This is why GG being only about ethics is a losing battle. You can know and preach all the principles in the world, but what causes you to follow them is something else. I would even argue that ethics cucks intentionally wanted to force the revolt into that direction because it got too close to revealing how much they had in common with SJWs.

  2. I’ve seen the people I subscribe to shilling for this app.

    I didn’t download it. I watched a few minutes of the videos, saw it for the zero-value sponsored content that it was and clicked the back button. I bet most people did the same? Right?

    Hasn’t made me unsub or distrust the people I follow. It’s not something I care about really. When I talk about “trust”, it ain’t like I am going to blindly do anything that Shoe or Matt tells me to do! I don’t really trust anyone. I listen to their views and form my own opinions.

    People have to earn money to keep their channels going and so long as it is clearly declared as an ad I am ok. I disable ad-block on this site too as I have no beef with people getting paid.

    1. I don’t have a beef with people getting paid. Obviously, I get paid for my work here, people have shown support with their patronage, etc. It’s the way he went about it, adding the SPONSORED tag after the fact, etc. Also, when you endorse a product you’re putting your name next to it and saying this is worth your time and in some cases money. If it ends up being a bad product, you have to own up to that.

      I think he would have been better off not even responding to all this if he wasn’t going to apologize in some way. This made things one hundred times worse. I don’t think it will kill his channel or anything, but people won’t forget it anytime soon.

      1. I dunno man, I follow you, Matt, shoe (and all the other big names) and just wish we could stay unified as we are already outgunned by SJW’s and their control of the establishment and mass media. So diluting ourselves with this drama is the last thing we need to do.

        Especially when the wrong-doing is trivial compared to what we are fighting against.

        I just sit here wishing people could settle their differences or just accept there are differences and have a truce over them whilst we fight a far more dangerous and powerful enemy.

        Let’s sort that out first and all have a battle royale amongst ourselves afterwards!

          1. Most of this goes on when I’m asleep here in the UK so I can’t say I’ve seen all the tweets as it’s hard to catch up with everything. But I’ve only seen shoe calling out the more ridiculous ideological nonsense from the men’s rights people.

            Not seen her disputing the facts about male rates of homeless, suicides, workplace fatalities and discrimination in court.

            The stuff I’ve seen her attack are the extremists who go full SJW style with cult-like behaviour and start smearing/hating on all women irrationally.

          2. She seems to have a habit of tarring everyone with the same brush, not being able to look between black and white and putting people into separate boxes, especially with MGTOW.

            One example of her doing this was in a YouTube comment discussion under one of 6oodfella’s (Scottish guy who sticks up for men) old videos about the issue of MGTOW or MRA (I cannot remember which).

            Also because she has a high number of followers on YouTube and Twitter, she certainly doesn’t seem to mind when her fanboys gang up and attack anyone who criticizes her on the issue.

            But of course, that’s based on what I’ve personally seen.

        1. Check my comment earlier – Matt has been undermining the Anti-SJW side from within for years. People like him are some of the most damaging to the Anti-SJW cause, because they make people ease up on SJWs when we should be going in for the kill.

          1. I don’t know which tactic is best. I understand the no-mercy tactic of fighting fire with fire. Totally get the reasoning behind that.

            I also understand Matts tactic of not stooping to their level or behaving in a way that leads neutrals to believe SJW lies about us.

            The former has been by far the most effective at talking down SJW’s but it’s also damaged us at the same time.

            I don’t know who is right.

          2. Amen! Never understood some of the GGers that was so striven for peoples acceptance. I said it before I’ll say it again…No matter what you do or say you are never winning over the SJW side.

        2. The problem is we’re so diverse that we clash alot. It’s a problem SJWs don’t have because all of them are white weirdo americans living in california. I really wish I could say I’m stereotyping here, but…

        3. Late comment, I know, but I gotta say that I agree with a lot of what you said: a lot of the in-fighting over trivial concerns pisses me off, and the idea that opinions can’t dis-align even slightly with everyone else’s, that we can’t see eye-to-eye with our opponents on at least some issues lest we be branded SJW-lites, or even straight up SJWs, makes us as bad as the brainwashed cult that is the other side.

          With that said, however, I do agree with a lot of the other replies. As much as I like Matt, he does need to be called out on his bullshit. I myself have never been fond of his overly moderate stance, his mentality of “we don’t wanna get anyone fired” despite the fact that these assholes tearing apart fandoms and utterly destroying society with their fear-mongering, race-baiting rhetoric because they can’t just do their fucking job with an ounce of integrity like they’re supposed to are probably the people most in need of being dumped on the street (keeping in mind that this is the same sort of society where war veterans and many over-all decent people end up homeless). Our opponents are, with few exceptions, ones that can not be reasoned with, that outright refuse being reasoned with when given the chance, and any attempt to do so just gives them further leverage as they continue to smear us as the great evil obstructing the way for their flawless, unquestionable ideals. I say this, not because I myself am taken in too easily by stereotypes, but because they have actually demonstrated such stances time and time again. Completely obliterating our opponents and ensuring they no longer have a shred of credibility really does seem to be the best option for going against them.

    1. We all sell out, at some point. The issue is to be honest about it. ‘Yes, I’m being paid to front for this product.’

    1. That fucking article. b-b-but how do we stop these sites from turning into dens of abuse you guys???

      Why should you?

  3. Most YTers have incredibly frail egos and a willingness to shill just about anything. They’re a bunch of opportunistic human trash who only love the sound of their own voice. They’re all DSP deep down inside. Emotionally frail and morally bankrupt.

    I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been blocked over the years by YTers for making simple suggestion about video quality, intro length or something similar…and if you want to see shills look at the CoD community on YT. Sweet Jesus! They’ll sell just about anything for a buck. Drinks, glasses, little grippy things for controllers…it’s pathetic. That corner of YT is filled with unethical shit.

    What Matt did is no surprise to me…he’s a fame starved fragile excuse for a man. Maybe someone should arrange for his carpets to get cleaned again.

        1. There’s a lot of childish shit that goes on behind the scenes…some of it spills out into the public. Most decent YTers I know gave it up years ago and they’re better for it.

        2. Youre right ralph its like a chore to od that kind of stuff plus its a joke if your channel gets pulled mine got pulled 2 years ago and google refused to tell me why or appeal my case. I stsrted watching mundanematt in 2013 but after a few months realized he was all about the $$$ over ethics always thought his middle approach instead of keeping it 100% like you was questionable

  4. If you can imagine what Hell would be like, you would have something like the above, alternatively mocking and virtue signalling but always hateful, disgusted, and annoyed for eternity.

  5. I tried this app out for a tiny bit, but I found it’s level of actual anonymity questionable. It tells you when facebook friends are posting things, and shows you what they post. I assume your friends see what you post as well. I can see this leading to people figuring out who’s who based on they way people talk and the stuff they talk about, which sorta seems to go against the totally annon narrative they seem intent on selling us. Seriously, sometimes I have shit to say that I don’t want everyone on my facebook knowing I said. I despise drama, and I can see this “feature” leading to that.

  6. IA / MisterMetokur is right about him. Nothing but a shill at the end of the day.

    MundaneCuck has made some pretty good anti-SJW/feminist videos in his time, and I used to enjoy his content a lot. Unfortunately he’s changed. I’m not saying he’s sided with SJWs, but it’s blatantly clear that he seems to be giving more and more inches to SJWs/feminists as time goes on.

    He is the epitome of a Moderate. And if that’s not bad enough, I believe he’s also an ‘ethics-only’ person when it comes to GamerGate.

    What happened to him? =(

    1. This is one of those rare instances where the two of us disagree – I never thought he made good videos, not even back when I was subscribed to him on YouTube during early GamerGate. He never offered any real insight, his compulsive moderation got in the way of any good message he might otherwise have been able to put out, and he was just boring as hell to listen to.

      Also, he showed himself to be a dickless cuck years ago, even before GG (turn that Pesky Adblock on!)


      1. Okay I have to hold my hands up now and admit I completely forgot about that video, that really is some absolute cringe-worthy cucking from him.

        I don’t even watch most of his videos – mainly only watch the ones that are related to GamerGate and SJWs. The ones where he outright bashes on SJWs were fun though. But yes, I always got the impression that there was a huge stink of Moderate about him, and it’s always tainted his anti-SJW stuff. His recent actions from the past year or so only concretes his Moderate status, which is something everyone knew… and it’s getting worse.


  7. Title needs to be change. It should be MundaneCuck or ShillMatt. TBH at first I thought he was doing mistakes like the Gamergate council thing cause he’s stupid, that’s all. I thought he’s just a nice guy who says very dumb shit, but now after this maybe Jim, I.A. MM (whatever name he has now) was right again.

    Contact BlackfaceKermit we need another “Turn off that pesky Adblock” moment again.

    “Turn of that pesky Adblock and download Candid. Turn of that pesky Adblock and download Candid. Turn of that pesky Adblock and download Candid. Turn of that pesky Adblock and download Candid.”

    1. Whilst his occasional jingoism completely ruins his image, IA rly is a smart cookie if you check his older videos. He literally fucking foresaw the whole SJW tyranny a good year or two before it happened. I don’t remember the video title but he said “And whilst we continue to focus on the seperation of church and state, these false racist/sexist allegations will become a major thing, its gonna sneak up on us and snowball out of control, just you wait.” He called it.

  8. If he kept his mouth shut and accepted criticism like a man this wouldn’t happen. The points that Harmful raised were quite valid and the youtubers in question were simply promotion tools. Matt could’ve admitted that he simply didn’t look into it or didn’t consider all the outcomes and it would’ve been reasonable, but his arrogant demeanour in that video is what made his audience turn against him.

  9. I quite like Matt’s content. But when these YouTube opinion vloggers rely on this bullshit as their sole source of income (as he frequently reminds us) of course shilling will become an inevitable part of it.

    I don’t care as long as there’s transparency.

  10. Jew Jarbo strikes again. doubling down, shilling intensifies! Matt is always angry hates been proven wrong and doesn’t have a shred of humility. The appeal to the middle shit is just an act , a facade to seem more “reasonable” There was really no way to spin this, but he tried any way to anyway to keep his ego intact. The obvious thing was just to mea culpa and to apologize to his audience.

    1. Yep, either make an apology or don’t say anything. The video he ended up doing was smug and talked down to people. It was a big miscalculation. I also agree with you that his appeal to the middle is mostly an act to make him more palatable to the masses.

  11. To be fair it seems like everyone was being paid to promote candid as an alternative to Twitter (and it’s not exactly bad since it let’s you anonymously shit post without worrying the feminazi’s and sjw’s will come for your job. Harmful Opinions seemed to be the lone voice against it, but then he enjoys being a contrarian so that wasn’t unexpected. 😛

  12. Interesting. I looked into candid after all the shilling taking place. What I was greeted with for sign up options was to use facebook, or my phone. I clicked right out of that shit because I wasn’t going to use FB like wtf what can’t I create a username and password? and I am not the phone app kind of guy. I do all my FB and Twitter on my PC, as little as I use both.

    Seeing this here just tells me candid is a fail before it gets off the ground. Such a shame. It has a catchy, ‘topple Twitter’ kind of name to it. Ah, well. Next!

  13. I’ve been supportive of Matt in the past, but he does have a clear pattern of shilling hard. I appreciate that when YouTube is your job, that kind of goes with the territory, but that doesn’t make it any more palatable. I’m not sure he has any actual opinions of his own that he wouldn’t sell out on immediately if there were some $ in it for him. Was he always Jarbo, or was he originally Jarbowitz? 😉

  14. Matt lost me with this in a few ways, and not just with his double-down. He also referred to people who had questions or concerns about this app as being “triggered.” I may have respected him if he had answered some questions.

    But it was also how he carried himself in that video responding to criticisms. He was acting like a teenage girl who was actively TRYING to piss people off.

    I recently unsubbed from MundaneMatt, Shoe0nHead, Armored Skeptic, The Amazing Atheist, Bearing, and anyone else who supports this.

    I even bailed on Blaire White for a comment on the apologetic video by The Amazing Atheist; the one where he dances around the issue for 13 minutes. His video was all about being sponsored and getting paid, and her contribution was a snarky, condescending comment that agreed with him.

    They were both missing, or AVOIDING, the point.

    The problem is not that they are sponsored. The problem is that they’ve attached their name to a horrific product in exchange for money, without vetting it, without concern, and without even caring about how ATTACHING THEIR NAME TO IT could have a negative impact.

    As I said on TAA’s video, you took the money without caring about how this would harm your reputation. That is THE definition of “selling your soul.”

    I am disappointed in all of these people going the way of Steve Shives. He made sense at one time, but latched onto something in a dogmatic way for money. They’re not all that much different, and they can go fuck themselves.

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