TOTAL DRAMA: Bearing's Channel Bounced for Lifting Cartoon Bear Logo

TOTAL DRAMA: Bearing’s Channel Bounced for Lifting Cartoon Bear Logo

You never really know where you stand over on YouTube, particularly if you like to use other people’s material as grist for your videos. There’s nothing wrong with this practice and it’s covered by the “fair use” provision of the Copyright Act of 1976. But that hasn’t stopped some people from catching copyright hell whenever they dare to stand up for the right to criticize other people’s work. Bearing, a noted YouTuber on the anti-SJW side of things, is just the latest victim. Instead of just getting a strike, though, his whole channel has been terminated as of this posting. There are hopes that it’s a glitch, but we’ll see what happens on that front.


Sargon of Akkad, himself a recent victor over copyright claim thuggery, had this to say on the matter:


Hopefully this does turn out to be a glitch, but with the way YouTube has been as of late, who really knows? Something needs to change in regards to their copyright claim system, although I don’t have the perfect answer to that. But the current state of affairs is sort of abysmal. Bearing is a pretty cool guy and definitely doesn’t deserve the ax. I talked to him myself earlier this year, if you would like to peruse that conversation.


I’ll update this post as more information comes in. As for now, there’s a petition to bring Bearing back to YouTube that’s sitting at 9,000 strong at the moment.


UPDATE: Well, throw out pretty much everything I said up there. It looks like Bearing’s channel was suspended for a good, although still unfortunate, reason. The bear logo that he has plastered all over the place actually comes from a children’s cartoon series called Total Drama. I’m somewhat familiar with it because my ex’s niece loved the show and I saw it a couple times as a result. I actually enjoyed it much more than I do most kid’s cartoons these days. I didn’t realize Bearing was using the same bear, however. Not only that, he’s selling merchandise with that bear on it.


Still, even with those facts, I wish they would have given him a chance to clean up the channel. It would have been hard, given the amount of times the Total Drama Bear is used, but it could have possibly been done. Hell, just delete all the vids and start over with subs intact. I’m no longer sure that will be an option for Bearing, though.

Some of the reaction to this news has been merciless…

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Mr0303

    YouTube Heroes at work. If a large and non-controversial channel like Bearing’s is taken down then no one is safe from YouTube’s shitty copyright claim system. Recently Chris Ray Gun made a video detailing how easy it is for third party companies to steal away your revenue just by filing a claim. If the trend continues people will start searching for an alternative.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    I seriously doubt it was a glitch. Probably the best case scenario is that our first batch of glorious youtube “heroes” have finally subtitled enough videos that a cabal of them have the collective power to destroy a major channel overnight. If so maybe the ensuing shitstorm will convince youtube to rethink the still in beta program.

    I say that’s the best case scenario because the alternative is that someone working for google is testing the water, seeing if they can get away with this. In either case the solution remains the same and that’s to create such an ongoing shitstorm about it that youtube feels pressured to just reinstate the channel and spin some kind of bullshit excuse.

  • Mr0303

    In semi related news Alt Right youtuber EdgySphinx removed his YouTube account because the ADL pressured him. It seems that he’s deleted his Twitter as well so I’ll post a screenshot instead:

    • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

      He should have told them to go fuck themselves.

  • MKFenris

    If this is a case of youtube heroes, I move we need to establish people armed with singapore canes who are tasked with making people cease their faggotry.

    • Maelcimino

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  • Skin

    Bearing out of all people? I really like him, his commentary was mostly always funny without being directly insulting. I hope Sugartits doesnt get the same treatment. Youtube is quickly going down the shitter, and not just for becoming sjw-ish and there is no way of stopping it.

  • Kellen Joel

    Damn, that’s a shame. Between all the anti-SJW channels, you, Bearing, and Sargon are my favorites.

  • Matthias van Trigt

    So you mention that the takedown may be as a result of a copyright claim over Bearing’s avatar, but you don’t actually go into that? Seems legit.

    Of course, a story about MUH SJWs is waaay more exciting than some shit company pulling a ‘muh intellectual property’ move.

  • Silence Dogood

    They just mass flagged his channel since his channel is a MAJOR source of people going and down voting/leaving nasty comments (ie disagreeing) with the subject matter of Bearings videos. Basically Youtube thinks lying, hystrionic feminists and sjws should have free reign to say whatever they wish, with no push back, because muh oppresshun. Fucking sickening.

    • { CHR⏰NOS }

      Fucking conspiracy theorists, I swear.

      • Silence Dogood

        Have you at least tried the aluminum foil hat? It’s very fashionable. 😉 Dial it back a bit sally.

  • Vanni127

    maybe it’s because I’m not a youtuber…but who gives a fuck if the bear looks similiar? Even if his content is monitized…not a single person is going to confuse his content with a CN show. Also, people watch his content for his words, not the bear.

    I find this shit just retarded.

  • Cenobite

    Well unfortunate, but like you said legal. The solution is to get Bearing a new avatar, and logo. Something that can be his and his alone. Why not crowdfund an artist to come up with the character, logo and multiple animations. Then restart the bearing channel. Bearing: The Next Generation!

  • Chris R

    I think this is bullshit. How many Youtubers do you know who use either images they’ve grabbed off of a Google image search or fan art submitted by a viewer as their avatar? I mean yea, most try to use something that isn’t copywrited, but what’s to say someone couldn’t accidentally use something copyrighted? Bearing once stated that Sugartits made his cartoon bear avatar, and he isn’t exactly in the target age demographic of the show it was lifted from, so does it stand to reason that it could have been an honest mistake on his part? That he might not have known the bear was copyrighted?

    Furthermore, given the situation, I think YouTube should treat this as only one strike. It’s not like this is multiple occurances of him using copyrighted material, it’s one occurance. He used it as his avatar, which appears in every video he does. I think the most appropriate response would be to issue him one strike, take down all of his videos containing the bear, and request that he replace the copyrighted material before reuploading them.

    Because again, something like this could easily be an honest mistake, and I think the opportunity should be granted to rectify it. Especially given that there is an opportunity for abuse here. Some YouTubers regularly accept fan art and use that fan art as an avatar for a while. So let’s say I was an asshole who wanted to shut down Sargon of Akkad or TL;DR. They both use fan art as avatars, so I could easily just organize a small group of fellow haters to spam them with copyrighted material under the pretense that it is fan art. From there I’d just have to wait until they’ve used said copyrighted material in three separate videos and then the trap is sprung.