I’ve talked about the new Ghostbusters film here on the site a couple times and I’m on record saying it looks like it’s gonna suck. Still, I’m cynical enough to think it might somehow make it’s money back, but that opinion has started to change for me over the months. Why? Well, I’ve rarely seen a movie get this much negative publicity before opening. I won’t say never, since I was alive during the Waterworld disaster (yes, I’m 30 and feel old as fuck after writing that last sentence).

But what’s been happening a lot as of late is SJWs and their cucked male support team sliming every white male who comes down the pike and says they’re not interested in the reboot. That’s happened again today with the release of the Angry Video Game Nerd’s (James Rolfe) new YouTube video entitled Ghostbusters 2016. No Review. I refuse.


“At least [Harold Ramis] didn’t live to see this shit.”

I couldn’t have said it better, man. Apparently, a white guy stating his opinion in such a blunt manner is now equal to misogyny. Nevermind the fact that he gives many reasons for not liking the film, none of them having to do with it possibly being utter shit. The fact that it’s named Ghostbusters instead of New Ghostbusters or something similar is indeed a shameless ploy to squeeze every last dollar possible out of this garbage fire. He talks about the complete lack of fan service along with the boneheaded decision to have some of the old cast members come in for cameos…playing different characters. I didn’t even know that was going to happen until I saw his review. I have to agree, completely stupid.

Still, even if I didn’t agree, it wouldn’t be enough to make me go after this guy. Then again, I’m not a psycho SJW hellbent on crushing all dissent to this supposedly feminist outing.

The Daily Dot had a snarky post and so did Fansided. But so far, out of all the hits I’ve read, Death and Taxes takes the cake for most unhinged and just flat out misleading takes on all this…

Granted, most of those words describe how this 35-year-old man looks like he’s sitting in a wet diaper. That alone tells you everything you need to know, but then Rolfe spends six minutes explaining how the sanctity of his childhood has been threatened because a studio rebooted a film that originally featured a giant, murderous marshmallow in a sailor outfit and a ghost who gave Dan Aykroyd a blowjob.

“‘Ghostbusters is something we all grew up with,” said Rolfe. “And we wanted to see the original cast back together one last time, while they were still alive, and then maybe introduce a new, younger cast. Work them in. Win us over. And then pass it on for a new generation.”

Kind of interesting how he lets the original cast off the hook, particularly Bill Murray, for continually passing on “Ghostbusters 3″ and thus preventing it from happening before Harold Ramis passed. Instead, all of his ire is directed at the team behind the new movie.

The last point is just complete hogwash, because if you watch the video all the way through, you see that his next vid is going to be entirely dedicated to the failure to produce Ghostbusters 3. Therefore saying he let them off the hook, while true in the case of this video, is complete bullshit. He’s not done yet.

The reaction on Twitter weren’t any better, but they have made me laugh at how goofy these radical are being over one guy’s vlog about a movie that hasn’t even come out yet…




Since when has Rolfe been an MRA? What the fuck lol?


He literally said nothing negative about women taking over the main roles, the guy just pointed out how ill-conceived this entire project really is.


Oh, now it’s because he’s white. I guess I should expect a quote like that out of a BuzzFeed reject like Donna Dickens (pretty sure she is appropriately named, however).

No. That’s not what he said at all. It’s almost like these people didn’t even watch the video! That’s couldn’t be it…

Self-hating beta male? Check. There was at least one person who got it, though…


And many more who laughed at the angry rad fems who are on the warpath…




White males aren’t allowed to have strong opinions about anything ever again if those opinions differ from the SJW party line. And even if it doesn’t, you’re motives will be questioned. You literally can’t win.


UPDATE: Script leak from the new film (lol)…


  1. “You’re guaranteeing me I can sit in a theater with no geeks.” … Ghostbusters, in any form, is a movie made for geeks. I’m certain that person has to be a rad fem who is in favor of excluding people not in their bigoted little clique from whatever space they happen to be in. For fuck’s sake, these people are genuinely clueless. It’s like claiming comics books fans going to see anything from the Marvel Universe or Watchmen lessens the experience when those movies were made EXCLUSIVELY for those fans.

    1. Geeks are one of the reasons we are where we are at for tech….I say disconnect them from the net permanently. They are appropriating my culture.

    2. I imagine that one will get the chance to have a whole theater to themselves, no geeks or anyone else for that matter. They better hurry and see it opening weekend though because it’ll be gone pretty fast.

    3. “those movies were made EXCLUSIVELY for those fans.”

      I disagree on this point but I agree with everything else. These movies should cater to their old fans while bringing in new ones. The best comic book movies cater to the comic book fans while also making it more accessible to newcomers. For example, I have been reading the Deadpool comics and I thought that the new movie was great(minus some inconsistencies). I watched it with my brother that knew absolutely nothing about Deadpool going into it and he also enjoyed it.

    4. How about the other red-haired atrocity – “Ghostbusters was a part of MY childhood. I own the VHSs, the DVDs, I have toys too, but you don’t see me being a petty pissbaby.” = “How do you do fellow Ghostbusters fans?”.

  2. Ghostbusters has a soul. This ‘remake’ doesn’t get it. Ghostbusters was a loving tribute to New York, to the blue collar man, to that time and place. This new film doesn’t understand any of this and it is a shame it calls itself Ghostbusters. I believe somebody described it as a clown dancing around in your dead father’s clothes.

  3. Is the Estrogenerator broken?
    Don’t cross the Grrl power beams.
    What the XX?
    GB 1984 v.s 2016 – Big Sister is watching.
    Reboot? Remake, Recycling as in trash.

    But I would like to see the sta-triggly-puft marshmallow woman.

  4. Even worse, these chucklefucks noticed that James is married, and shit on his wife simply because her husband has an opinion they don’t like. Nice to see these brave defenders of women resort to ragging on ladies who have nothing to do with what their husbands are doing.


    1. They don’t even know who he is. They seriously have no clue who James is. It proves the point really that these people just don’t understand the fucking culture that they’ve decided to invade.

    2. SJWs do go for the family. Reminds me how feminists complained to Janet Bloomfield’s husband about her activity online.

  5. Just watched James’ videos. One of the most even-keeled but still sharp criticisms of the film I’ve yet seen.

    I fucking hate SJWs.

    1. I fucking hate SJWs.

      Throughout the years I’ve seen many pathetic ideologies and cults in society, but SJW-feminism is the absolute fucking worst of the lot. Because unlike the others, they’ve got the complete backing of mainstream media, news media, news outlets, academia, TV, advertising, organisations, politicians, campaigns, and activism. Even the government.

      That’s what makes them a genuine threat.

      Not only are these people misandrists, racists and sexists, they are authoritarians who advocate for and actually get laws passed that are designed to benefit women and take away the rights of men. All while hiding that false mask of “equality” and “victimhood”. The anti-male law courts, workforce, academia and society speaks for itself.

      Milo Yiannopoulos may be whimsical, arrogant and brash (in the good way) on how he does things, but I cannot emphasize how absolutely vital he is to winning the war against these feminist pricks who have taken over every facet of society.

      Still, it’s funny though on how it’s taken an overly flamboyant gay man to stick up for men.

      1. Is delicious irony or just depressingly sad that this “social justices” dupes are fighting so hard in defense of a corporate product made by leeches who only care about getting their slimy suckholes into everybody’s pocket?

  6. So criticising the movie automatically means you’re a sexist, misogynist, woman-hating and a member of the MRA?

    SJWs and feminists acting like utter pieces of shits again. Shock horror.

    1. Also, I’m going to be honest here.

      Not only does the movie look like shit judging from the trailer, but it is also so blatantly obvious that this is feminist political agenda forced in and shoved down everyone’s throats. And the director implies this as well.

      The SJW-feminist political agenda pushing is what I’m against…

      …plus the lack of sexy women in the cast. Hah.

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    2. Consider me all of the above then and proud as this new reboot looks crappier then the Micheal Bay remake of Ninja Turtles.

    3. It’s the best thing about dealing with feminists.

      No one has to do anything and they get more people against them of them all on their own.

  7. have an opinion, disagree with the feminist narrative, get branded as a misogynist by those lunatics

    that’s how it works

    it’s guaranteed and it’s the world we live on

    either you pretty much expect it and don’t care, or don’t say anything, period

    and as a bonus imagine if the sexes were reversed

    if a female youtuber got this sort of reaction, everyone would be “abusing her”

    if classic all female movie suddenly became a victim of hollywood’s urge to milk franchises with mediocre sequels and had an all male lead staff the media would want the people involved unpersoned

    double standards everywhere

  8. I must confess that I was going to give this movie a chance until I heard that the director lashed out at the people who did not like the trailer and it really put me off when he posted a Tweet asking people to donate to Feminazi Frequency

    By the way Paul if your going to be an SJW puppet you better watch what you say online because they might just turn on you and if you don’t believe me just ask Brianna Wu and Will Wheaton

      1. I forgot about him.. Thank you for reminding me and at least he had the forsigh to distance himself from them witch is what those two could have done

  9. Let’s hear from another bastion of MRA thinking… Angry Joe!


    Yeah. This movie’s gonna tank hard. They’ve failed to replicate ANY of the chemistry between the main actors, and the movie can’t decide if it’s a reboot or a sequel (at least judging from the trailer).

    1. That’s the key phrase- “Based on the Trailer”. As far as anyone knows there’s a legitimate reason for the Ghostbusters to be all female. We know from the trailer breakdown that time travel and possibly parallel universes are coming into play. I like Paul Feig’s movies. Spy is the most I’ve laughed in a theater in years and he doesn’t shy away from material that many SJWs would consider offensive.

      As far as I can see, all this outrage, trolling and presumption is doing is making these idiot SJWs sound right. If the movie really has no redeeming qualities after people have actually seen it, then fine. Making all these assumptions before hand is just feeding right into the narrative these fascists are trying to spin.

  10. “White men” is something that bothers me. If you are discussing an important womans issue like ghostbusters reboot casting and you want to point out what the critic doesn’t have in common with women in general or the leads, being a man qualifies. Being white doesn’t. A Maori man doesn’t look at a white chick and think “she knows my struggle. I’m Maori and whatever that entails for me and she has a vagina thats basically the same thing”

  11. Wasn’t there a female led remake of the Thing? Remember how much praise it got? Remember how feminists called any critic of it a misogynist? Remember how it tanked in theaters, and at the box office?

    1. Actually you are completely wrong. The movie from 2011 is a prequel to the John Carpenter original from 1982. In my opinion it is a very good movie and is in no way a feminist movie simply because a woman is the lead character. The one from 82 had no women at all and the 2nd movie only has 2 women in the cast. The movie probably did poorly because it relied on fans of the original. The movie brilliantly ties together the 2 films at the end and fans of the original should give it a chance if they have not seen it yet.

      1. I am a big fan of the 1982 The Thing. I tried watching the 2011 movie repeatedly, but it just didn’t click with me beyond pissing me off. Too much CGI for my taste, even before I learned they actually had practical FX they decided not to use…

        …and I just couldn’t shake the feeling it was a reboot posing as a prequel.

  12. I’ve been a die-hard fan of AVGN for almost a decade. This is something he has always truly felt passionate about and i knew when they were remaking it that he’d likely have something negative to say. As soon as i got home from work last night and saw it, i knew he was gonna get a wave of backlash, but i also assume he was probably expecting it. Watching the video, you can even see he was trying to carefully avoid accusing it of being a progressive remake to appeal to a certain demographic, entirely sticking to the point of his complaint that they’re trying to cash in on the name and rewrite the canon of one of the most beloved movie classics of the 80’s. He only mentions the female cast once or twice, and never uses a negative tone when referring to them, but in the end, there’s no escape from the SJW Cycle of Hate.

  13. I wouldn’t go to this movie if someone paid me to. It’s going to be feminazi brainwashing for the younger masses and an attempt to erase the decent 1980’s movie.

    F*uck off feminazis.

  14. “I won’t say never, since I was alive during the Waterworld disaster”


    I will see your Waterword and raise you a “Heavens Gate” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven's_Gate_%28film%29) … the film that almost took down United Artists and its actual director in one fell swoop.

    The only way to win the hand chum is to throw down that “Cutthroat Island” I saw you stuff down your sleeve a hand or two ago.

      1. Gotta agree mate – I love pirate flicks. Cant understand why it bombed either as its a good fun watch.

        Oh…hang on. Female lead? It must be THE PATRIARCHY!!!!!!

        1. I even liked her character, I liked literally everything about that movie, it was always the first movie I bought when a new format came out. And Dog was a much better villain than barbarossa, Davey Jones, Calypso, and whatever else ridiculousness Disney will throw at Johnny Dep.

          1. Again, agree entirely mate – I think it worked to see an Anne Bonney type lead pirate for a change, and Dog was triple bad….even down to the sawblade sword…..and I liked the way it was very much like the classic old pirate flicks of the 40s and 50s like The Crimson Pirate – a proper swashbuckler. Fun plot, great effects and set pieces (like the dockside chase). I guess it was just not the right time when it was released.

            Still, I do love me the POTC series as well….especially the first one.

    1. You and Ralph are making me feel old, ffs. :p

      And since we’re talking about movie disasters due to studio blindness, pandering to the non-fan demographic, and agenda-pushing in general, I humbly submit Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within as an example.

      It was a disaster so bad the “Final Fantasy” part of the title had to be excised otherwise the entire franchise would be tainted, and almost took down both Sony Pictures & Square, that the latter had to “merge” (read: bought out by) Enix to form Square-Enix as we know it today.

      1. oooooo noice play. One…a total bomb…..two…probably one of the very small number of films with Steve Buscemi in it that utterly sucks.


        I’ll see your Final Fantasy and raise you “The Conqueror” (1956) and “The Golden Compass”.

    1. I would love to put every one of these cunts in the public spotlight and ask them to explain on why they’re smiling, laughing and gloating about discriminating against men and excluding men from their area of work.

      1. At the time that pic came out as a response to people legitimately hating the film solely bc it starred women. I give them a pass on that pic. Pretty much everything else deserves to be shat on. Check out midnights edge on youtube they do a PHENOMENAL breakdown of what an absolute shitshow the development of this was.

        1. legitimately hating the film solely bc it starred women

          Not in my opinion. The people who “legitimately hating the film solely bc it starred women” is far from the case. Saying they did because of this reason is a very narrow and blinkered view, and is exactly what the SJWs and feminists do.

          Instead, they hated the fact that the movie pushes and shoves the feminist political agenda down everyone’s throats, this is 100% true if you looked at Paul Feig’s antics. And turning the cast into women is a by-product of this. Remember it’s not the women they hate, it’s the feminist political agenda.

          But of course there are some who do genuinely hate the movie because the cast are women alone, but from what I’ve seen on forums, social media and comments, they are in the minority.

          Most hate the feminist agenda, the loss of nostalgia and traditionalism, and the fact that the movie appears to be a load of shit (judging from the trailers).

  15. they couldn’t sell the movie by making it funny so thy will try to market it with shame instead

  16. ” I was alive during the Waterworld disaster (yes, I’m 30 and feel old as fuck after writing that last sentence).”

    Eat shit ralph, you young punk. Wait until you’re staring down 40 and tell em how old you feel.

  17. Lol, producers are going to one day figure out that pandering to women doesn’t move merch. Today is not that day.

  18. Apparently Hillary Clinton is going to join the Ghostbusters cast on the Ellen Degeneres show. That ought to give the struggling film just the boost it needs.

  19. I wanted to believe that the new Ghostbusters had potential so, so, SO badly.
    But the more I learned about it, the more annoyed I got with both the movie and the people who support it.

    1. They went for a hostile takeover of a beloved franchise, weaponized it and are now quite busy ripping the existing fan base a new one while failing to pander to the cleansed, new, much better replacement fan base they thought would absolutely love it.

      Reitman, Ramis, Murray – they’re not the only victims here. The whole movie-going public is. It’s a shame.

  20. that script leak seems like an improvement, I up voted the original trailer in the hope that the reboot won’t suck but the hope is rapidly disminishing as more of the people tied to the movie sperg out.

  21. All the butthurtedness and massive amount of projection coming from these bloggers because someone dare not watch another shitty reboot of another 80’s movie really petty and childish. They need to get a life.

  22. Yes call everybody who dislikes the trailers sexist pigs. That will definatly sell tickets.

  23. Lol always have mixed feelings with James. Positives with Avgn, the new lets plays and streams with Mike. Negatives with his terrible AVGN movie, the ebegging and the Irategamer drama.

    Now he’s gone way up in my opinion and I fully 100% with him. And I would add its bad due to an all female cast cause of the force feeding SJW agenda. I hope he doesn’t apologies for his opinion cause it’s spot on. Well played James.

  24. Finally, a journalist with common sense on the subject! Nice to see somebody not resort to the SJW motives.

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