Certain thing are supposed to be off-limits in politics. One of the things that people with any sort of limits lay off of is criticizing the children of the president, or any other politician, for that matter. If they’re somehow involved with the campaign, office, or administration, then of course they are fair game. But if not, there’s zero reason for dragging them down in the muck. This goes double if the child in question is ten fucking years old. I can’t think of any possible excuse to spew hate towards a child that young.

Then again, I’m not scum of the earth YouTuber Jesse Cox. His hatred for Donald Trump is so absolute that he can’t resist proclaiming his hate for Barron Trump as well.

So much love and tolerance is coming from the left these days!



What a disgrace. I don’t even know how to properly react when hatred is thrown at a little kid. Then again, they’ve been going at Barron pretty hard ever since election night. I don’t expect it will stop anytime soon, if ever. Shameful.