I fell asleep this morning while working on two stories simultaneously, but when I woke up, they both got jumped in favor of the skank. Let’s face it, her nasty ass brings in the views, especially when she’s exhibiting her patented high-level hypocrisy. What did she do this time, you ask? The Milwaukee Bucks?  I’ll have to look into that allegation at a later date. Today, we’re talking about her withdrawing the gag order she had out against Eron, just as it was about to go to appellate court. Coward till the very end, huh Zoe? 

In case you’re unfamiliar with this case, take a look at my reporting from last fall:

In a move that shocks no one, notorious developer Zoe Quinn is now using the courts to silence her critics. On Tuesday, a court gagged her ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, reportedly because of “intimidation.” This, despite the fact that Eron has never threatened Zoe, and has actually encouraged all of GamerGate to treat her with dignity, and respect. If only she would afford Eron the same courtesy.

Instead, she hires high-priced attorneys, and tells them to make her detractors shut-up. Lucky for us, and for the original Reddit poster (anonoben), we’re not Eron. And I don’t give a fuck about Zoe, or her lawyers. Free speech will always win out.

And of course, you can check out my bombshell from January, where the court dox Zoe was trying to keep hidden were posted here, in an exclusive reveal. Back then, I never thought about Ms. Quinn dragging this along for months and then just backing out at the last minute. But, I should have. This is classic SJW bullshit right here. She got to silence him for the better part of a year. Now she thinks she can just back out at the end and get away scot-free. Fucking pathetic.

Here’s Matthew Hopkins with some more explanation on what happened here:

Quinn has filed a motion to vacate the restraining order. In American law, vacate means – “to overrule or void”. That means that Eron Gjoni has won. It is all over now bar the screaming. We do not know what reason or explanation Quinn has given (yet) – she may have said it is too expensive to try to uphold the order. Appellate hearings are not cheap. Perhaps she simply says that the horse has already bolted and the world is aware of Gjoni’s views. Nevertheless, she has thrown in her hand.

The allegations of ‘harassment’ that launched a fleet of Guardian articles. All based on alleged ‘harassment’ of Zoe Quinn. The ‘evidence’? A restraining order that Quinn has just conceded.

Eron is still asking the appellate court to hear this, due to the possible precedents it could set for free speech in the state of Massachusetts:




Cernovich went on to say that he would be shocked if the appellate court hears Eron’s case. I would be too, but I hope I’m wrong. You guys know how the courts work, though. If they can avoid an issue somehow, they usually will. Zoe’s capitulation gives them that chance now. We can always hope that they’ll do the right thing, though. Maybe we will all receive a pleasant surprise for a change.