I ran a story a couple days back about Zoe Quinn deleting her private Twitter account in order to hide evidence related to her organizing the mob of SJWs who follow her every whim against Candace Owens and Social Autopsy. At the time, there was some question as to whether or not she actually deleted the account, but that has now been confirmed by none other than Zoe herself.


“Work with friends,” huh Zoe? I guess that’s somewhat accurate, since your work with friends has always included galvanizing a mob against anyone who dares to question your divine right to lie and smear with impunity. By the way, people were wondering how she would turn all this into a “poor me” situation. Well, she decided to tie all this into depression, which is about the most cheap and tawdry thing I can think of. People are actually struggling with real depression, but you use it for a social media talking point. It’s pathetic.


Oh, and she talks about private accounts and having respect for those, but in the past, she has targeted private accounts herself. I know, what a shock! Zoe Quinn is being a hypocrite…again.


Disgusting, but then again, I’m sure Ms. Quinn will top herself before long. Who knows what disease or affliction she will blame her malfeasance on next, but I’m sure it will provide us all with more amusement.