I ran a story a couple days back about Zoe Quinn deleting her private Twitter account in order to hide evidence related to her organizing the mob of SJWs who follow her every whim against Candace Owens and Social Autopsy. At the time, there was some question as to whether or not she actually deleted the account, but that has now been confirmed by none other than Zoe herself.


“Work with friends,” huh Zoe? I guess that’s somewhat accurate, since your work with friends has always included galvanizing a mob against anyone who dares to question your divine right to lie and smear with impunity. By the way, people were wondering how she would turn all this into a “poor me” situation. Well, she decided to tie all this into depression, which is about the most cheap and tawdry thing I can think of. People are actually struggling with real depression, but you use it for a social media talking point. It’s pathetic.


Oh, and she talks about private accounts and having respect for those, but in the past, she has targeted private accounts herself. I know, what a shock! Zoe Quinn is being a hypocrite…again.


Disgusting, but then again, I’m sure Ms. Quinn will top herself before long. Who knows what disease or affliction she will blame her malfeasance on next, but I’m sure it will provide us all with more amusement.

  1. If in doubt, blame it on depression. Maybe the reason she is depressed is that she knows the gig is up with this Social Autopsy gig and needs more victimbux to come in before they close her down~

    1. i think its more along the lines of shit i got caught red handed nuke the farm, then blame it on something so if i get criticized then the critics are bullying me.

  2. Curious but is the Ralph that recommended “The Wire” to her our own Ralph? If so she’s finally taking some good advice from GG.

    1. She can bench press 240,,,she got prison-hard from these many months of shoving Lipshitz’s flabby carcass off of her whenever a weak dribble from his flaccid inchworm signalled that he was finished and she could go hoist beer and chocolate with Harper,,,

  3. ZQ discussing weightlifting: “Lets harass this Weightlifter. here are his dox, this is his email.”

  4. Well, what did we expect her to say? She can’t admit her wrongdoing with a simple mea culpa. If she admits to any of this, if she acknowledges the truth, everything she and her inner circle have been working for is for naught. Their careers hinge on the narrative. Their future depends on the foundation of lies they’ve told.

    I eagerly await the day someone with good intentions and just enough media savvy finds all this and finally breaks their weak roots.

  5. Zoe Quinn looking for excuses and trying to pass the buck? Who’d’a fucking thought?

    That’s a thing I hate: blame the terrible things you do, your frame of mind when you do those things or your current situation on depression, anxiety, etc.

    When I see that sort of nonsense on Facebook, it’s just one big bowl of buzzword soup.

  6. I thought depression manifests itself when that isn’t the correct emotion to be feeling (e.g. there is no antecedent) not when it is the correct emotion to be feeling like getting caught being exposed as a fucking horrible internet bully when you made a career out of fighting against internet bullies. Is she actually diagnosed with depression for real or is it like how people say their OCD because they like their DVDs alphabetized?

    1. Correct. Clinical depression is likely what she’s diagnosed herself with, life depression because the hustle might be up is what she actually has.

      The 2 are pretty different.

  7. She doesn’t have depression, she’s an attention whore. She and her SJW followers are the reason why people like me with real depression and mental health issues are called liars.

    And she sure does like to show off her breasts, for someone who is a feminist. She doesn’t weightlift, or have any real friends, because they are all using each other to get to the upper tiers of social justice and victimhood.

    1. That’s how she gets her white knights on her side. Flash them your breasts, they won’t look at your face and they’ll fight for you for a pity-F*** and they’ll disregard all morals and common sense~

  8. i don’t appreciate this doubt Ralph . To achieve this saddened state, Zoe had to travel far and wide on a Depression Quest. that’s real.

  9. The only weightlifting she does is dragging that quivering mass of lard and bile she calls her body out of bed and round the house.
    Funny aint it….AGG constantly accuse GG of running multiple sock accounts to hassle people…yet they are the ones with multiple sock accounts used to hassle people.
    So poor ol Zoe is depressed? Well buttercup, the cure is only a bottle of cheap vodka and a bottle of sleepers away.

  10. Zoe Quinn expects a great deal from other people. She is a fish out of water when it comes to reality.

  11. She’s gotten away with every single lie she’s spread to the point where she has a book being published about said lie, and Scarlett Johansen wants to play her in a movie. Claiming to be depressed in spite of all those factors is an insult to anyone with actual depression. Or maybe her conscience is catching up with her.

    1. If she was smart she would have had Liftshits pay for a 28 day inpatient program. Noting in her life is real, not even her name, and she needs to be grounded.

      Sagramore is a grey knight.

  12. Has she ever thought of playing the AWARD WINNING MASTERPIECE Depression Quest to end her Depression.

  13. Depression, the door to being allowed to do ANYTHING and demand people apologize to you for the shit you have done to them.

  14. She said weight lifting was boring!?!?!?

    Sorry the weights don’t have blue hair and they don’t dox and harrass people and gossip about it. But you know what, they can be a valuable tool along with hard work and motivation. Hard work doesn’t involve asking for money and making awful games. So clearly, you’re out of your league Missy. Once a sleaze, always a sleaze.

    Stay disgusting ZQ

  15. “Private account to talk about boring crap”. You mean, like leaking Candace’s private email, so she can be bombarded with threats in order to false flag GamerGate?

    Doesn’t this twat already talk about boring shit on her public Twitter? Why would she need another account for that?

  16. I don’t want to turn this too DJT but imagine what the FTC, SEC and DEA are sitting on due to orders from the top. Expect to see Zoe back in Canada come January.

  17. Will this make it into the movie?

    I predict hasty rewrites. “We have to get in the part where she started a racist hate campaign against a black woman!!”

  18. depression can be a persons day-today but that is no excuse to launch attacks against other people for not sharing the same outlook on life/love/humanity

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